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Does anyone have this travel system: Graco MetroLite Travel System in Delancy Print

Do you like it? Hate it? Any other travel system that you like better?

I know that some people use slings and do not use stroller, but for health reasons I do need to use the stroller and I am looking for one.
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Although I use my sling more than anything, my family bought me this system since my sister has one and loves it. I must say that it is really nice and extremely light and easy to use. I've been happy with it but again, have only used it twice. If bulkiness and weight are an issue, you should like it though.
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I don't know about this particular one, but I found our travel system a waste of money. I realise now I wish I had've bought an infant seat and stroller seperately. They just have nicer options...
That being said, if I were to buy one, I really like the one that Quinny makes. That's the one we decided on!
Good luck finding one
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We don't have the Delaney print, but have it in another. We've only used it a few times. The carseat part was a total waste for us, DS hated it. Finally gave up and bought a convertable britax. I feared it would be a big fat waste of money but the tears stopped - holy moly.

Anyway, the stroller part. I don't have anything to compare it to, but it's OK. DS still feels too small for it, we only use it for evening walks when he's tired and it's clear he needs his own space but is sick of our home. I wish the canopy were longer to block out the sun more. The space underneathe is too small to hold much, but that's alright since I can just hang my bag on the handle.

It is very convenient to store! Folds and opens easily once I figured it out.

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There are so many better options for strollers than a Graco. I had one with my first and I found it a complete waste of money. I do a lot of walking and am out and about walking everywhere and the Graco steered poorly and literally fell apart. Our stroller that has *really* gone the distance is our Maclaren. We also have a Quinny which is really sturdy.
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My in-laws got this for us, and while I sling DD most of the time, we've really liked it the few times we've needed it (she gets pretty fussy if I'm trying to sling her and walk around outside on a 90 degree day! ) It opens and closes very easily, and with the new wheel design it turns much more easily than the older models (my sis had one about 10 years ago). The cover dos come off easily to wash, and I can fit our Lands End Do-It-All Diaper Bag and my mom's purse(HUGE!) in the storage bin in the bottom.

If you need a stroller and are working on a budget, I think this is a good stroller. If money were no object, I'd go with the McClaren, only because I've heard such wonderful things about that stroller.

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Yep, we have it. We love it. I don't use the stroller much, but with the teeny back seat in our car and my bad back, the base and car seat were a life (er.. back) saver. Never used it much for attaching the bucket to the stroller, we mostly slung her, but on the few days her reflux was acting up, I couldn't justify waking her, so I attached it to the stroller and just packed the sling underneith for when she woke up.

It was also bought for us, as everyone said it was one of those things we just HAD to have. We like it, but if we had to spend the money we would have gotten the britax and a sepperate stroller from the get go.

I have no complaints about it tho - easy to fold up, light, easy to use and install, no problems with workmanship, etc.

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We have it. It's worked out fine, but what I WISH I would have done is get an infant seat and a Snap and Go stroller to use at first, then decided on which stoller I wanted later when DS outgrew the carseat.
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We have the exact system and I love it. I use a combination of ways to travel with baby--two baby carriers (the moby and the sutemi pack) and this travel system. The dual carseat and stroller system is great if your infant falls asleep in the carseat and you don't want to wake him/her up--you can just move baby in carseat and attach it to the stroller. Nice and easy and you can go walking or shopping, etc.

My DDs 7 months old now and I don't plan on getting another carseat or stroller for her anytime soon.
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We have the Metrolight (bought almost 2 years ago) in another print, but its the same thing. We LOVE it!

I have scoliosis, and have to use a stroller when my back acts up. I use my MTs and RS otherwise. That said we probably use the stroller at least daily.

-How light it is.
-Dh can fold and unfold with one hand. I can't because of my bad back and frankly never had to use one hand only.
-The basket part really does hold a lot despite being so small. I have a Lands end backpack as my diaper bag and the basket can hold that, plus my shoulderbag purse! Balanced on top that is...
-The stroller is really easy to turn and turns on a dime.
-Its also much smaller than other strollers I've tried. I can get it through narrow parking spaces and store isles.
-The shade is larger than most stroller shades and covers a lot. When both carseat and stroller shades are up, the baby is entirely enclosed.

Don't like:
-When you have the back down, eg. when you have the infant carseat in the stroller, the basket is inaccessable. Its a pain when you want to get something out. Basically you'd have to take the carseat off, put it down, get whatever you want out, and put the carseat back on. That said, I preplanned what I wanted to have out, and so it wasn't a problem, I just hung stuff off the handlebar in a bag. The inaccessability also served as extra security in that I was pretty sure stuff from my basket wouldn't fall out accidently.
-The stroller does feel a little bit rickety-er than other strollers, eg. Peg perego. However, Dd's now 19mo and we've used the stroller almost daily and its not given us any problems. It is mostly plastic with aluminum parts.
-The brakes are only on the back wheels (like most strollers) and operate independently. That means its a 2 step process with your foot to put the brakes on, and sometimes you will forget one side. Not a biggie, but its a pain sometimes.
-The front wheels have to be facing a certain way to get the stroller to latch closed easily. You can do it with the wheels facing the other way, but it just takes more force. Again, not a biggie.

All in all, if I had a choice between the Metrolight and other fancier more expensive strollers, I'd still pick the Metrolight because it was in the right price range for us and had the features I wanted. I believe we picked our up (in Oregon) for $169.00 on sale.

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