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Kate_72's Avatar Kate_72 02:34 PM 10-20-2006
My 6 month old makes this complaining-type noise. I'm starting to worry. It's kind of like a whine, like a creaky door, that makes me wonder where to apply the WD-40. It has gone on for months (on and off in the first few weeks, then constant since July), and he can do it consistently for 8-10 hours a day, whenever he isn't distracted into laughing or silence. He hardly ever cries, but it is not a happy or contented sound.

Is this what they call fussing? I don't know anyone else with babies. I've tried helping him sleep more, and considered gassiness, but he still does it. I'm starting to worry about autism or some psychological problem, or chronic pain.

Does anyone else's baby do this?


Sahmami's Avatar Sahmami 03:18 PM 10-20-2006
Hugs to you.

When I saw this post - I noticed that there hasn't bee no relies yet.
Didn't want to just read and leave cuz I don't know - am not sure what is wrong. But I hope that you'll get some responses quick enough.
becoming's Avatar becoming 03:26 PM 10-20-2006
I have not had experience with this but didn't want to read and not respond. If it were my baby, I would ask a doctor. Like you, I would be worried, particularly about autism.
JamieCatheryn's Avatar JamieCatheryn 04:12 PM 10-20-2006
Well to calm any fears about autism, is he developing normally? Making babbling sounds, good eye contact, sitting up, that sort of thing? If so then odds are that's not it. Just in case, if you're vaccinating I'd delay them til you find what's up with him, because links have been suggested between vax and autism. Have you noticed any tenderness if you touch anywhere on him? Maybe massaging him may reveal something. Babies do fuss like that, but almost all day for months sounds extreme. Is it more when you aren't holding him or he has some other complaint, or just always?
Kate_72's Avatar Kate_72 06:13 PM 10-20-2006
The doc said he could be hungry (I showed her a video of him making the noise) and she said to try some formula. He didn't go for it, so I tried switching sides and encouraging longer feedings, which led to an oversupply problem and a 2 day nursing strike. That was at 4 months. I did let him start having solids at 5 months, and I noticed yesterday that he hasn't gained any weight on the bathroom scale for a couple of months...hmmm.

I guess I could scan the feeding threads.

Just got the internet at home yesterday - finally - so that's why I only had the ped to listen to.

You're right, it doesn't sound like autism. He laughs and can sit and tries to crawl, but makes the funny noise even when he's playing with a toy.

He doesn't seem to have any painful spots, but he started up the noise in earnest after a horrible, painful test at the hospital, which makes me think it could be an injury from the catheter, or emotional trauma.

I just want the sweet little precious guy to be happy. Poor thing.

Thank you all for taking the time to read and reply.
dylan's Avatar dylan 08:09 PM 10-20-2006
Can I ask what his birth was like?

My initial thoughts were similar to what's been said, but when you mentioned your thought of emotional trauma, I wondered if it's him manifestation of an expression of birth or prenatal trauma...did you have much prenatal testing? What were the circumstances around him joining you in your family? wanted? Planned? anything difficult in that for you?

These are just questions that may help to ask further questions...get a fuller picture about his psychoemotional life....

And I am sending hugs to you, what you describe isn't something I have experienced.

But remember, you aren't alone with it anymore!
2 in August's Avatar 2 in August 08:20 PM 10-20-2006

louloubean's Avatar louloubean 08:36 PM 10-20-2006
sounds like you are listening to your little one! they sure are trying to tell us, and if you can observe what kicks off the behavior, you may discover what it is.

hugs and patience to you
hang in there
SarahA's Avatar SarahA 10:16 PM 10-20-2006
What do you do when he starts to make the noise? I am wondering if it has become his way of getting and sustaining your attention? I agree with the others that's not typical autism behavior and at only a couple of months old it would be to soon to dx. Good luck mamma
Kate_72's Avatar Kate_72 12:26 AM 10-21-2006
As to how I react, I started out just instinctually trying to soothe and comfort, to no avail, and then became exhausted with distraction techniques, because that would offer him temporary relief. Then after reading the No Cry Sleep Solution and other books, I thought maybe I'm too in-his-face and learned that he was sleeping way too little, about 8 hours of 24. So it helped some to get him more sleep, but not much-

oh he needs me I'll be back with his birht ands tuff asap
Kate_72's Avatar Kate_72 10:25 PM 10-21-2006
Sorry bout that, Finn woke up in the middle of my post and needed comfort nursing for a looong time.

Interesting that you mention pre-natal testing, dylan! I was forced to have twice-weekly ultrasounds and NSTs from about week 30, because the routine ultrasound showed hydronephrosis. (the midwives at the birth center wouldn't let us birth there unless we did - grrr). Do you know of any ill effects from that?

It was certainly stressful having the tests, along with the fact that we had to plan a move cross country when Finn was 6 weeks old, which involved a 2 week separation from papa, then the hospital trauma.

And his birth - wooo- I still haven't written it up, but he was posterior, we had PROM, but from when the contraction started - that's not a typo, it was one long contraction until he turned during transition- it was only 3 hours until he was born. The nurse said he was screaming before he was out. And he was so loud, I couldn't hear what the midwife was saying. I hope I didn't traumatize him by pushing for basically the whole labor - they couldn't convince me it was labor, I thought I had intestinal trouble (sorry tmi).

Anyway, sorry this is so long, it's just so great to get this all out because I've had no women to talk to since the birth - you guys are the best!!! I really mean that, thank you for caring!

Hugs to you all,