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My nephew is almost 10 months, and for various reasons I prefer not to get into, he is not breastfed. Don't ask, b/c unless I personally breastfed him, it is not possible (and right now I barely have the milk to feed my own baby ).
Anyway, he has recently started refusing formula. He was on the soy formula, so we tried the milk-based stuff, and he won't drink that, either. My mom is one of those "it worked for you guys, it'll work for them" kind of people; she started all of us on whole milk at like 6 months, so that's what she's been giving him, figuring that he has to drink SOMETHING. She takes care of him, and I don't know what else to do, so I haven't said anything other than expressing concern for his nutrition...
He also has been barfing anytime we try to feed him something with cereal (rice or oatmeal) in it. Like as soon as he takes a bite, he throws up.
I'm worried that he's not getting enough nutrition, and wondering if he should be taking some kind of vitamin. Also, I know I probably won't get much help from experience on this, but is there any way to get him back on formula?? I've tried mixing it with the milk in various increments, he tastes the formula even if it's only a tiny amount, and refuses to drink. What should we do?
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Can you try different kind of formula? I don't have any experience with this, but I've heard of people who have to go through many different brands so maybe that's it?

Could you maybe pump and get a few extra ounces of BM for him? Even a few ounces would be beneficial, I think.
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This is something that I think you should be talking to his pediatrician about. If your mother won't call then call yourself.

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A baby his age will be malnourished if only given cows milk. You need to get him into a doctor and work something out from there.
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try all different brands. Enfamil seems to have a preferable taste for many babies. I think formula fed babies can go on a "bottle strike" similar to a nursing strike, and he's right around that age when strikes commonly occur. Formula is still very necessary at this age for iron, amongst other nutrients that a 10 month old just doesn't absorb too well from solids. You could also try putting the formula in a sippy cup instead of a bottle. And like a nursing strike- don't offer other liquids. If he fills up on milk, which probably tastes better to him than formula (who wouldn't?), then he won't want to drink it- but if he gets thirsty enough, he will most likely accept the formula. Of course, I am not advocating letting him get dehydrated, but it would take a while for that to happen, watch the diapers.

I agree that it sounds like something strange is up- refusing food/drink because you hate the taste is one thing, but vomiting? he doesn't need cereal, though. just fruits, veggies, maybe some yogurt? will he eat those things?

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Moving to life with a babe.

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If he just had a preference for milk over formula I would think he just knows which tastes better and to keep trying to get him to swich back. However, since he is throwing up so much there is probably something wrong and he should see a doctor. Even if there isn't anything wrong vitamins till you can get him switched back to formula are a good idea.

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He's had milk and he likes it so he's decided that formula is for the birds. There is a toddler formula.

Other than that, I'd start mixing the formula and milk and then slllooooooowly cutting down on the milk and adding more formula

As for gaggin on the cereal, it's probably the texture. That stuff is FOUL, it smells awful, and there's no real nutritional value.
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If you look here:
there is a way to make your own formula using goat's milk. Maybe he would prefer the taste over regular formula?
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