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When does teething hurt the most?

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I can feel DS's tooth coming through. It feels sharp. So if I feel the actual sharpness of the tooth, does that mean it has broken through the gums already? When does teething hurt the most? Because so far he has been just fine.
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Generally speaking, all kids are different so you can't really say what one will do from another.
However, I have noticed in my 7 month old DD, that she is in the most pain as the tooth gets really close to breaking through the gum.
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My DD never once complained about teeth...my DS however seems much more in touch with the pain. You may jsut have a kid who doesn't notice them.
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DD1 is a happy teether and if the ped hadn't mentioned it, I'd have no clue. DD3 is a horrible teether and when the teeth just start, she is drooling, fussing, rashy for months. Then 2 days before they cut, she is unbearable and screaming. DD2 is somewhere in between except for the 2 days before she cuts and then she is also in pain. She is also a slow cutter and it seems like it takes forever before they finish poking through.
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Yeah, I agree with the other posters. Some kids it seems to bother a lot, some not much at all. DS it didn't seem to bother until he got to his molars. His one year and two year molars both really hurt him, though the one years were worse.

DD is 6 months and just got one sharp tooth poking through. She's been fussier than normal for the past week, so I guess that's what has been bothering her.

I've *heard* that the canines and the molars can be the worst.
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