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I need some help from you moms out there. Maybe other first time Mothers feel the same, I don't know. I am due in August and and planning to cloth diaper my baby and go about parenting as simply and naturally as possible. My question to Moms is; What are the bare essentials for a new baby and family.
I refuse to shop at Babies R Us and I don't like the commercialism associated with baby products. But everyone tells me different things. I mean do I need a baby monitor, I don't think so. Do I NEED a co-sleeper, how many strollers, baby carriers, high chairs.... I feel overwellmed and don't want the extra junk. Can some of you Mothers give me a list of "must haves"
Thank you
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a comfy rocking chair (majorly important to me....I spent 6 months in my lazy boy rocking the peanut )

soft blankets and sleepers (I liked gowns because they were easy to change during the night)

we did have a cosleeper and loved it and are planning on using it with #2

a sling can be good although I didn't use mine much with dd#1 because she didn't like it. I just held her forever and got nothing else done ahhh the good old days!

boppy pillow or some other nursing pillow

california baby or some other gentle baby soap

a baby tub. I didn't feel comfortable with her in the big tub for a LONG time, we went from baby tub to kitchen sink with one of those foam pads under her bum and didn't move to the big tub until she was splashing 15 months or so!

personal care stuff for you for bfing, like lansinoh, pads, etc....

IF you give birth in the hospital, get at least one extra snot sucker--the good big brownish orange ones. The ones you buy at the store do NOT work! (I have <ahem> 4 and kept one in her room, the bathroom, the diaper bag and by our bed)

If *anyone* offers to help, have them bring you dinner or make some things ahead of time for the freezer...

That's all I can think of off the top of my head, but if I think of anything else I'll
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You need a car seat - whether an infant-only seat that you can detach and carry, or a convertible seat that starts out rear-facing.

My DS personally loves his stroller - we usually go for 1-2 walks/day, sometimes in the sling, sometimes in the stroller. But, it's not a must, I suppose.

Mama to Aaron, 1/26/03
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Originally posted by kofduke
You need a car seat - whether an infant-only seat that you can detach and carry, or a convertible seat that starts out rear-facing.

My DS personally loves his stroller - we usually go for 1-2 walks/day, sometimes in the sling, sometimes in the stroller. But, it's not a must, I suppose.

Mama to Aaron, 1/26/03
Yes, when Riley was just really fussy for no reason we could find a spin in the driveway in her stroller worked wonders.....she still loves it!
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nursing pillows don't work for lots of people. Especially if you have a short torso. I found a regular pillow worked better for me.
If you really want to go simple, don't register for a lot-just what you really know you need. People often don't buy much off your registry anyway. Then, when baby comes, buy on an as-needed basis. You'll realize when the time comes what you need and don't need a lot better.
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some type of sling/carrier

bfing pillow - i love my boppys!

breast pump if you'll need/want to be out of the house on a regular basis and avent bottles are nice b/c you can use them as ebm storage bottles, pop in a nipple for a bottle to drink and later use them for homemade baby food

car seat

for cloth diapers - what system you going to use? if prefolds, a dozen or so infant and at least 8 covers (bf poops are explosive!) if fitteds, at least a dozen of those and 4-6 covers, if AIOs, at least 2 dozen - go to the diapering forum for help, they are awesome!

for clothes - love the gowns, easy for changes which you'll do a lot of if you're cding, buy big onzies or go w/t-shirts.

i did/do use a baby monitor b/c as baby naps, it's nice to have so you can go out and get some yardwork done or just be in another part of the house.

a bouncy seat or swing is nice if you plan to put them down like when you're making dinner (harder to cook w/a sling on and worry about burning babe or spills of course!)

lots of blankets if you'll see cold weather and burp clothes as both tend to get dirty and used a lot.

you can wait on a stroller - find out if you like slinging, if you do, you can probably do w/out. 'course they are nice when shopping b/c you can use the basket for bags of purchases

you can do w/out a changing table - floor works fine for us! and lots of people do CDing out of a laundry basket, but you might want to be more organized.

you can do w/out a baby bath - my dds have all showered w/us or been in the bath w/us. if that's your route, you'll need a bouncy seat to set them in as you get in/out and dry off yourself.

if you're co-sleeping, you'll have to decide for yourself. i've never had a co-sleeper. dd1 and dd3 sleep w/us in bed and dd2 sleeps in the crib and always has.

a nice camera and/or video camera if you don't already have one.

that's all i can think of now. HTH

WOHM married to SAHD, living the dream w/our: 3 girls (14,12,10) and 3 boys (7,5,3) and tie-breaker due Jan 2014

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Well, if you breastfeed, do elimination communication, co-sleep, and the weather is warm, you don't need anything except nourishment for yourself! :LOL Okay, seriously, you really don't NEED anything, but there are lots of things that make it easier. I heartily second asking for food. Cooking gets a little challenging in those early days. Also, if you are comfortable and they are comfortable, have them throw in some laundry, do a load of dishes, take out the trash, etc.

You'll need something to catch your flow, whether cloth or disposable, possibly burp rags and/or breast pads for leaking and spit up. (You won't know this for sure til it happens, everybody's different). It's nice to have a few dozen diapers, depending on your set up and how often you do laundry. I started with a bag of Tushies both times to make things easier those first days and because the meconium is so sticky. I have about 3-4 dz diapers and do laundry about twice a week or so. I like to have about 5 covers in whatever size we are using. Of course, if you buy all in ones you won't need covers. I also like having several of those square rubberized flannel lap pads for the changing table in case she pees while I'm changing her I don't have to change the whole thing. You'll want at least one diaper pail with a handle and some gentle laundry detergent. The first time I used diaper doublers for my flow and laundered them. This time I went thru about 8 dozen disposable pads! I have about 1/2 dozen burp rags. (I think they are also called cloth prefolds.) And I like the cloth cotton reusable breast pads.

I agree about the bulb syringe. Be sure to bring home at least one of the ones from the hospital. The ones from the store are pathetic. If you homebirth your midwife can help you find the good ones or you can try a birth supply company, like Cascade. Little nail clippers and/or emery boards are nice, but you can also tear little nails off with your teeth. You'll need some way to get your baby clean. Again, something you may not be able to figure out til baby is here. Its easier on your back if you can do it up high, like in the sink or on the counter in a baby tub. I lined the sink with a towel for #1 and for #2 I have a little tub. They can also come in the shower with you, or get a sponge bath on a mat anywhere that is handy. You might like some baby washcloths and/or towels for this, but your own old towels you already have are nice and soft from lots of laundering. Some type of babywash is nice to have, too. We use Healthy Times. A little scrub brush is good for preventing cradle cap. They may give you one at the hospital. If you know anyone who does surgery ask them to snag you one of the brushes they scrub in with. Those work great, too. Speaking of cradle cap, oil is good to have, too. You can apply 15 min before bathtime to loosen up the flakes. It also works great for massage, lotion, and a barrier on the bum. Its good to keep meconium from sticking. Its very hard on little bums to have to scrub that stuff off! A bottle of extra virgin olive oil that is used for cooking (but dedicated to baby!) works great. I'm using my leftover belly oil. I also like Weleda's calendula oil, and Burt's Bees apricot oil.

Studies are showing it is better not to use anything at all for cord care, but if you do want to use something you'll need something to apply it. I used Q-tips and goldenseal root powder. You may like to have a pump and/or some cabbage to deal with engorgement, but someone can always run out to get those if you need them. You might also like to put together some sitz bath herbs. Someone mentioned Lansinoh. I never used that, but its a godsend if you do need it. And it can be used to re-waterproof wool covers/puddle pads later.

I also liked the gowns for easier diaper changing. I have about six or seven. Bodysuits are nice. They help hold the diaper on and they stay down, so you're not always tugging on them. Baby could just wear those if its hot. When #2 was tiny though she drowned in the gowns, so I put her in union suits til she grew a little. You may not need socks at first if its hot, but the bootie kind, with the scalloped elastic stay on best. You may also like to have some type of hat.

For co-sleeping we use a wool puddle pad with a blanket over that and a toddler bed rail, but there are tons of different arrangements that work for different families. I do have a baby monitor, but my parents live downstairs and I bring it down with me to their house. I have a bassinet which is nice but I could manage just fine without it. I also have a bouncy seat. I like having someplace relatively safe to put her while I'm showering or cooking. When she is bigger I'll use an exersaucer for the same purpose. I love my slings and when she is older I'll probably use a backpack again. Of course, we also have a carseat. I prefer the infant bucket seat, so I can use it as a carrier if need be, plus little babies get swallowed in the convertible seat, and I'm not convinced they are safe for tiny babies. I've found I really use blankets a lot. For bolsters, swaddling, covering the puddle pad, draping over the carseat to keep out the sun and weather, etc.

Okay, this is a book! :LOL but I hope it helps!

Single mom by choice to Sophia, age 18, and Eleanor, age 12, and mother hen to too many nursing students to count!
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I felt the same way going into the whole baby thing. We're totally averse to the consumer model of baby raising. I think the advise to get what you need, as you need it, is good. Here's what I think, off the top of my head:

breasts (check!)
diapers (cloth)
thrift clothes and blankets

We never unpacked the crib. My daughter slept with us. When she started rolling, we put the matress on the floor. It's still there and works great.
We did use a changing table (2nd hand). It was nice when the rolling started, but I think you could just as easily use the bed.

My daughter shares our room, so that's about all we have, really. Now that she's 15 months, we have some toys, although she just loves tupperware and kitchen stuff. You really can get away with just a few baby things.

Good luck! And enjoy the journey. It looks like you're doing it with your eyes open.

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I agree with the posts that recommend you get what you need when you need it.

I also bought some tushies for the first two days (and made sure i put olive oil on the babes bum for easy meconium removal), and then cloth from a service.

My also stocked up on tushies wipes but then my midwife said just to use a facecloth damp with warm water ... and that is all we use ... it was funny how i didn't think of this ... just reached for the wipes ... although i do occasionally use them when there is no water about.

Same goes for baby wash/shampoo ... our boy is 8 months old now and we have only used water to wash him (except for the first 3 weeks ... but then i did a search on these here boards and learned that water is the best!) ... we have never had a hint of a diaper rash etc.

so in saying this stock up on little fash cloths, breast pump was useful especially in the early days, slings are perfect ... although i used a snugli/bjorn type when the babe was really wee ... and now we use the sling everyday.

I also find that the baby usually alternates between 3 outfits ... so alot of the clothing we were given was barely worn ... so really you don't need a lot of stuff ... rocking chair is nice!

sorry i am babbling now ... basically we only used 1/3 of the stuff that we were given for the babe so ... there you go ...

wishing you a happy birth,

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I go along with all the other stuff and...A couple of things I realized:

-I had 3 dozen diapers and 4 covers, but foudn that we needed another dozen and a few more covers. Mostly because DS gets crabby if there is the tiniest bit of pee or poop in his diaper, so we are changing all the time and i got sick of doing laundry every day.

-At my baby shower I got about 60 baby washcloths and thoguht we would never use them all. We DO! We like them better for washing his butt off and for spit up. You can't have too many.

-Don't get too manyu clothes for starters. DS grew out of his first sleepers at 4 weeks (he is very long!)

-We had a pack-and-play that we set up next to the bed, but he didn't like it so we just have him sleep with us. However, it works great as a boppy and pillow holder at night!

-We have a two story house and I got sick of needing to nurse and not having the boppy handy, so I got another one for upstairs, because carrying baby and boppy is too much of a handful!

-I love my Dr. Sears baby book.

Congrats and good luck!
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All you really NEED is two arms and two breasts. But...some other things will come in handy too.

I think everyone has covered it.
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THe other mamas made some great suggestions, so I wanted to add some things that I didn't expect that we would need:

--for you, lots of clean flannel or cotton button-down shirts for breastfeeding and if it's cold cardigan sweaters (non-wool because some babies are sensitive to wool)

--set up a "nursing station" or two *before* you leave for the hospital. it will likely be the first thing you need when you get home if you are bfing. you can do a search under "nursing station" for a previous discussion on "things to prepare before birth for bfing"

--portable changing pad. I thought this would be optional but found that the baby would much rather be changed on a warm bed rather than on the changing table in the corner of the room (relatively cooler, which means uncomfy for a newborn). I like the one I got from

--newborn side-snap Ts for the first weeks before the cord falls off. usually friends with older babies have gently used ones they could give/lend you.

--gowns are great, but you do need some footies for the ride home and trips to the ped because the baby will be going into the car seat. our favorite by far is a sleeper with a zipper that is protected at the top with a tab (so it doesnt scratch baby) from carters, which we found at babycenter. it has bear appliques on the feet. diaper changes are much faster with a zipper than with snaps!

--definitely get your carseat checked at a local firehouse or police station--call ahead to see if they have a cps technician there. the one who helped us made about a dozen adjustments that we would never have figured out on our own...

--you do need 2 nursing bras--once your milk comes in, your breasts will need the support, otherwise the milk "pools" at the bottom of your breasts...

good luck!
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Hi there Maizy!

My first babe is due in July and here's what I've put together so far. Of course, I won't know if it's essential or not until after s/he is here, and will likely forget some things and have to run out for them, but here's my list as I'm nesting I'm also a single mom, living in a 1BD apartment, and will be on a tight budget.... frills are not my style. I've collected these things before getting pregnant and throughout my pregnancy.... spreading out the $ damage... whenever I had a "baby hunger", I went shopping - but mostly at my trusty neighborhood 2nd hand store, Once Apon A Child.

Changing Table - I have a bad back, tons of cloth diapers and find them so much easier than changing diapers on the floor all bent over. A changing pad, but NOT a changing pad cover - I intend to wipe down the pad after each change. I bought a used one, sanded it down and painted it to match a quilt I got as a baby gift using paints I bought at Joanne's Crafts & Fabrics. It's beautiful, if I do say so myself, LOL>

Cloth diapers - prefolds mostly and wool covers (most natural fabric for covers that exists and I think the nicest). I did splurge on the covers. One package of newborn disposables because I do NOT want meconium on my nice cloth diapers, yuck. I do have a few fitteds and a few AIO's. Check out the diapering forum here for excellent advice!

Homemade cloth diaper wipes & homemade diaper wipe solution/ butt wash in a basket right next to the table and in a spray bottle. I also have some watered down Bac-Out wash in a spray bottle to spray on poopy diapers. Why spend money on storebought stuff that is alot of alcohol most likely? I know exactly what is in mine.

Tide Free or All Free & Clear detergent for my cloth diapers. Euclan wool wash. Liquid lanolin to re-waterproof my wool covers. Bac-Out as mentioned above.

Several slings. I have two 2nd hand Maya wraps and I am sewing a couple more in fabrics that I like - denim and natural cream colored cotton fabrics.

A bunch of nice, colorful infant toys that the folks who attended my Blessingway & baby shower gave me. Some nice wood toys. Eventually, when babe is older, I'll invest in some nice wood blocks, a pile of Legos (even though they are plastic, they will encourage open-ended imaginative play), dolls of all sorts (colors, genders etc), homemade playdough, art supplies, toys like that. Who needs all the noisy plastic cr*p? I have already told everyone that I do not want toys that are plastic, require batteries, are Disney associated or are gender specific. Well, I can try I keep the toys in a sturdy reed basket in the living room for babe to help him/herself to.

Some board books, some nice books, also in a basket. But I think I'll really appreciate my library card the most! I bought some "classics" and "favorites" because I'm a reader and *I* wanted them, lol.

Baby shampoo from California Baby. Be careful with infant products, they absorbe through the skin so much more than adults. I'm only planning on the best quality, hopefully organic products, even if they cost more. I make my own rash cream out of olive oil, beeswax and essential oil. I'll look for Mustella brand sunscreens later on. Trader Joes unscented lotion & creme.

Clothing - I shop primarily 2nd hand. Baby clothing is practically new at some 2nd hand stores - it's not like babies wear down their clothing, like preschoolers do. I also buy receiving blankets 2nd hand. Why spend $5 a blanket when I can get them for $1? And there is the added benefit that they have been washed at least a few times, so they are already "broken in" and softer. Wash in your own detergent before dressing your babe in them. I have bought mostly 3 - 6 month onsies, since cloth diapered babies have big butts. One piece outfits so babe isn't cut in half by tight elastic. Lots of overalls for fall & winter in gender-neutral denim. Sun hats for this summer. Socks that all look alike so I don't have to waste time matching miniature socks out of the dryer. A bunch of 2nd hand gowns for those first few weeks. I will get a sleep sack for this winter, instead of using blankets - much safer imo. But really, a few basics and I think it'll be fine.

A good carseat. I am a carseat safety freak. I bought a very good infant seat, and can't wait to get a Britax for Christmas when my babe is around 6 months old. Splurge here. Safety and comfort count. My old car may look like doodoo, but my carseats don't

Are you co-sleeping? Or using a crib? I'm using a crib jammed between my bed and the wall (I have a bad back so I must use pillows to prop myself - not a safe sleeping place for a babe). I'm using a 2nd hand-me-down crib & mattress, so there is no "offgassing" to either of them.... yet the crib is new enough to be safe (slat width etc) and sturdy. I'm using an organic crib bumper. I think a moses basket would be cool, but not essential at all. I may buy those plastic rail protectors to save baby teeth from teething on the wood crib side.

A rocking chair/glider. I think this will be wonderful! *I* sure like it, and right NOW babe likes it S/he always wakes up when I rock (not exactly what I intended but kinda fun, for now).

A boppy pillow - just to help me in those first important months of breastfeeding while we get the rhythm down. Why not get all the help you can?

A cheap bathrobe to wear to discourage visitors from staying too long if I get tired or they are annoying post partum NOT white! I'm tie-dying mine in dark blues. Hehehhehehehe....

A second-hand baby bath tub. I think my sink is gross, so I will use a bath. I think I'll also use it as a seat for babe when little, so as not to have to get a bouncy seat, which seems redundant. Or maybe one of those foam pads.

I do admit I have a swing. As a single mom, I KNOW I cannot cook dinner while carrying a baby. Too dangerous and I'm sure it'd take twice as long.

A few sealing dishes, like tupperware, for future crackers & cereal snacks.

A backpack diaper bag. I know there are tons of strap diaper bags, but in my experience, they fall off your shoulder and WHACK your babe! Backpack bags are easier on your body, too, and are just as nice and easy to find stuff in. Plus, they are usually better made AND can be used until the kid is a preschooler and not look dorky or baby-ish. I am getting the "High Performance Backpack Diaper Bag" for $80 at One Step Ahead ( It looks awesome and they have good quality stuff.

I am getting a stroller as a gift. It's a portable one that rolls up really tight that I can use for traveling. I expect to use the sling for most of the 1st year, though. This is toddler business.

Health & Safety Stuff - snot sucker (the bulb syringe), syrup of Ipecac, a digital and a rectal thermometer, nail clippers, a brush, a comb, some Hyland's homeopathic medicines, 2 baby Tylenols (one for home & one for diaper backpack).

I am a laundrymat user due to apartment living, but I am also buying a Pressure Handwasher from Lehman's - - so I can wash outfits as needed, rinse out poopy diapers so I don't have to do two washes at the laundrymat, and take care of alot of my post partum ickies at home (using cloth pads). The Handwasher is $50. I suppose it's extravagent, but I will appreciate it alot!

Um, that's all I can think of for now! I'm really having fun getting things ready for the baby, without going overboard or wasting my money on extravagances that I likely won't use. Once I have the essentials, I'll wait until after the babe is born to see if I want/need anything else. After all, all a newborn wants is a dry diaper, a full belly and to be snuggled. Everything else is frosting on the cake

Good luck, mama and have fun with your future little one!!!

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We started out with the bare essentials:

Moses basket (for co-sleeping)
car seat (checked by fire station)
baby monitor
nice playmat with a lambskin feel (that thing is SO comfy)
boppy (God bless the Boppy!)
little flannel washcloths (for baby bum)
cloth diapers
bouncy seat (so that Mommy can cook dinner!)
Dreft (I swear by it)
snot sucker
ear thermometer
Maya sling (1 regular, 1 mesh)
baby backpack (for Daddy)
receiving blankets
diaper rash ointment

For diaper bag:
portable waterproof changing pad
pack of pre-moistened wipes (much easier to travel with)
gallon size Ziploc bags (for poopy diapers)

For Mommy:
breast pads
Lansinoh (proof that God DOES love us )
a breast pump (I had an engorgement problem- my breasts were
button-up pj top (much more convenient)
nursing bras
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I felt much the same way you do before I had my baby...I ended up using a lot more stuff than I thought. If you have a shower or people are willing to buy or give you stuff - don't refuse it! You'll be amazed how much easier it makes your life.

Having said that, I think bare minimums are:

CDing supplies - diapers, covers (buy as you go along), cloth wipes, diaper pail (i have a metal one that has a bucket which comes out - it works great for bringing dipes down to laundry - got it at Walmart.)

some type of stroller is great to have - even if just a cheap umbrella stroller

sling or baby bjorn - I would borrow these at first if possible. Babies often like one or the other & there's no way to know ahead of time

diaper bag
baby blanket or quilt
baby monitor - I use mine a lot but if you have a small house you might not need

breastpump - I like the Medela electric - its about $70 I believe

Nice to have some type of device to put baby down when you need put baby down to cook or shower (didn't think I'd want one, but I did!) - bouncer or saucer or swing

Things you don't need, IMO:
co-sleeper - always slept with us until @ 6 months we transitioned to a crib

breast pads - never bothered with these

nursing pillow - you can use a regular pillow, I had a bobby & nerver used it

I think everything else was covered by everyone else! Good luck!

"We shape the clay into a pot but it is the emptiness inside that holds whatever we want" Lao Tzu
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I asked this question when I found out I was prego; but, we lost our baby. Here's what I compiled:
(I'll need it for #2 in a little while though! )

12-14 diapers a day for a breastfeed newborn ( they rec. fitted, bf blowouts...)

2 doz organic prefolds for leaking and spitup

4-6 diaper covers (10 even better)
(Ihave several different sizes. I find I can't use newborn size for long so have some smalls on hand too! You need newborn size because the baby's legs are so skinny at first. When baby just wets you don't need as many diaper covers but once baby starts pooping you'll need more! Trust me! ;o))

diaper wipes

1 diaper pail

(Check you local thrift stores first! Beware the Diaper Genie which can't be used very well for cloth diapers!)

1 Dirty diaper bag

Diaper bag/cloth tote

2-3 envelope style shirts
(I don't like onesies with cloth diapers as the onesie always gets wet since it pulls on the diaper wrap and allows the diaper to wick urine on it.)

gowns (more than 3)

(I use these forever! Some of the ones at ecobaby are sized larger so you can use them for a year!)

socks (lots because thet get lost)
(Some stay on better than others and it varied among my kids so you'll have to try different styles. Generally speaking the cuffed ones stayed on better)

Blankets (one to keep in the cars)
(You'll need receiving blankets and a warmer one. We cosleep but I find my newborns like to be swaddled when in bed next to me.)


Baby/mom toiletries
(You don't really need much/any but I like to have a tube of Autumn Harp UnPetroleum Jelly on hand as well as a tube of Lansinoh for me. I use the same soap on my babies as I do on myself since it's not harsh.)

I also like to have a new nursing nightgown for myself after each baby is born; it lifts my spirits to have something new and clean and pretty to wear!

nursing bras

waterproof pads for your bed (the "crib pads" at the stores are hot and uncomfortable, so I'd try the ones that sells)

nursing pads (organic cotton/wool)

wipe warmer
Carseat with 5pt harness

breast pump, (someone rec Avent Isis)

washcloths, towels
nail clippers
comb and brush

cosleeping, bfing, and cding call for different stuff than the mainstreamers doesn't it! seems to cost less, well.....not sure with organics; but, u get what u pay for. *But* you have higher quality and less gadgets! Enjoy! I'm making plans to for "#2, so I checked my list against this thread! I added some things to the original! Now, to decide on what sling I dipes....just wait! Choices are good! But decisions, decisions! It was so overwhelming to me, I decided to start early this time!
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Skimmed through the other messages quickly and may have missed this, but wanted to add that you will need LOTS of sanitary napkins for yourself, whether disposable or cloth. LOTS. You will bleed for at least two weeks, maybe lots longer.

We have needed lots of diapers- and wipes haven't made the transition to cloth yet.

Also, little t-shirts since it is a little chilly and none of her clothes fit her properly, and some blankets to keep her warm, too.

So far all we have used at all are the above and her car seat for the trip home from the hospital.

We were lucky- tons of people treat this little girl as their own and have been more than generous. I had three baby showers for her and got more than she could ever use. I plan on passing most of her stuff on.
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MM, I forgot to add that....I use the unbleached/organic ones? I know some use the mama pads. Will a super, I would guess, (which is what I used after I m/ced work?) Is there a diff btwn the bleeding of a m/c and a f/t birth? You may not have had the misfortune of that experience; but, I just wanted to make that those would be allright.
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I think you have got some great suggestions! I was suprised at how many burp rags we used, and my baby doesn't have colic or anything, I just need them when BFing. I put one on the boob that is not being nursed on so I don't get soaked. Also get 4 nursing bras! Baby will spit up on them, leak milk out the side of thier mouth, you will leak, ect.!!! I feel like I'm constantly washing bras...

Also, I did get a baby bathtub mesh seat thing. I put it in one end of the tub while I take a shower, keeping the water in the tub. When I'm done, I wash baby... Much easier!!!!

Good Luck!!!
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Hi, Madison! How's it going, Mama? Not too long now! It never ceases to amaze me how much alike we are!! It sounds like you have an awesome setup, the changing table, quilt and basket of toys, in particular, sound lovely. I was wondering if washing down the changing table each time might get a little tedious for you (seems like I spend at least half my time there : and the other half in my nursing chair :LOL Just kidding!) and it is nice to have a nice soft cloth to lay their sweet soft little heads on. I have a couple of changing table pad covers I'm not using that I could send you if you like. They are nice and soft and broken in!

I thought of a few more things I wanted to say, so here's the sequel to my book. :LOL My all time favorite parenting book is "Whole Child Whole Parent" by Polly Berrien Berrends. It's more of spiritual guide than a parenting book. She writes about how you can know what is needed by knowing what is essential. For instance, a baby needs to be nourished, that is what is essential. So, when you think about how you will do that you will know what is necessary (Breasts! ).

That being said, I did think of some more things that I thought were nice to have on hand with a new baby. (Oh, and in regards to the post above about breast pads not being needed, I *wish* that were true for me!) People have mentioned having a nursing station and/or a rocking chair. With dd1 I had a rocking chair, and with dd2 I have an arm chair with a slanted wooden nursing stool. I keep a burp cloth draped over the arm and there's a little table next to it where I have the phone and I can put a drink or whatever there. And also related to nursing, I knew I was going back to work so I had bottles and nipples, a basket to hold them in the dishwasher, a small cooler and reusable ice packs (which you could also use for engorgement, but frozen peas work better, they mold! ).

I agree with Madison about board books. I started reading right away (in utero, actually) and later baby can use them as teething toys! :LOL Lullaby tapes or CDs are also nice to have. I also liked having extra film, camera battery, etc. on hand as well as a baby book and/or diary, keepsake box that kind of thing.

For the "medicine cabinet" I have syrup of Ipecac, the poison control center's number, arnica gel and tablets (these are great for both mama and baby after birth), Rescue Remedy, a digital thermometer, diaper cream with zinc oxide, baby Tylenol, and homeopathic teething remedies. I like the philosophy of not assuming you'll definitely need these, but I prefer to have stuff already in the house, so that if I do have a problem it's not compounded by having to acquire a needed item, kwim?

I like having a separate laundry basket (or it could be a bag) for baby's things and I wash them separately, just a personal preference. A nice, sturdy, dark colored diaper bag of some kind is a very wonderful thing to have. Those vinyl pastel ones just fall apart and show the dirt something awful. Plus, some dhs don't like to carry them. For in the diaper bag a changing pad, extra butt cream, tissue, wipes, change of clothes, extra binky if you use one, pain killer for Momma, etc. For my cloth dipes I bought one of those clamshell type cosmetic bags and labeled one side "clean" and the other "dirty." They zip shut and are perfect for short outings when I'll only need one or two dipes. For longer outings I bring along a large ziplock bag. Sorry so long. I like to share, can you tell?

P.S. edited to add that I had little babies and they did wear newborn size onesies for a few months, even over their big butts! However, often well-fed NFL babes are bigger than my li'l seven pounders! I really like my foam sponge for bathing baby. She likes to lay on it in the big tub while I wash her and her sister!

Single mom by choice to Sophia, age 18, and Eleanor, age 12, and mother hen to too many nursing students to count!
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two slings (one for when the other is in the wash) and not the ones they sell at toys r u... maybe a maya wrap or a rebozo

we don't use any soap for dd, babies basically don't need soap or shampoo until much older

a nice car seat... i hear great things about the britax line of seats


we use simple cpf and fleece wraps as a back up when we use diapers.... wanna talk about bare minimum for baby gear look into elimmination communication... (it is awesome, it's basically like bf'ing on cue only it is for pee and poop on cue)

a bobby type pillow can make positioning easier (i've only used mine like 5 times though)(same with the rocking chair so far)

good luck
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