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Could this possibly be what's going on? It seems way too early, but my boys have a lot of the symptoms. . . excessive drool, fussiness, and mainly the fact that they are often soothed by getting to chew, gnaw, and chomp on a finger. Is this just another baby phase, or could they be teething? They were three months a week ago.



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I was getting on here to post the exact same message What's up with this? My other 2 didn't get their 1st tooth till their 1st birthday!! I know not all babies are the same but 3 mos. seems way too early. Sorry no advice here, but I'd be interested to know what others say.
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lex it is possible - my ds1 got his first two teeth at just 4 mos and was teething for a couple of weeks before they came thru (boy were they sharp) - check their gums esp lower middle for a ridge that's paler than the rest of the gum
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My ds had 2 teeth at 2 mos and 4 teeth at 4 mos and all his teeth by 14 mos.

It is possible.
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It could be! My ds#1 got his first tooth at 8 months, dd got her first at 4 months, and ds#2, has had the symptoms since he was about 3 months, but no teeth yet, and he'll be 6 months on thursday.
Every baby is sooo different.

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Oh yes both my boys had two teeth a few days after they turned 3 months. DS#2 is now 10 months with 10 teeth.
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Gavin started teething a bit before 3 months.

He's been drooling massively since. He's now almost 5 months and has yet to actually have a tooth break through, but I can feel all of his top molars and see the teeth through the gums, so I'm just waiting for the day when they finally pop out.

Go figure, however, the "first teeth" are still well hidden in the gum - can't feel his front teeth on the top or bottom.
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Very possible - my DS got his 2 bottom middle teeth when he was 3 months old. He had them for a while before he recently got 2 more, on either side of them. Still no top teeth, though.

Hyland's teething tabs work great, especially for little ones who may not have the coordination to manage teething rings and such. Don't use baby Oragel or similar - that stuff is nasty. Cole liked it (still likes it) when we would put that rubber finger toothbrush on and rub his gums ad let him gnaw on it. It's great for you too because it provides your finger a little protection from his chomping, LOL.
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isaiah had 2 teeth at 2 months, 8 teeth by 5 months, and 13 teeth by 1 yr.

aidan had 2 teeth at 4 months

ephraim is seven months olds and has five teeth

it is often hereditary and dh was an early teether. isaiah was born two weeks past due date and was the earliest teether and ephraim was born ten days "early" and was the latest teether at 5 months. COULD BE YOU ARE NOT CRAZY fro thinking that although everyone will tell you that. IT TAKES forever for the teeth to actually sprout though. isaiah was teething since day one and it took two months...same with the others..several weeks of lots of pain. good luck
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I was going to ask the same think. DD is 3 months old, drooling up a storm, and is a little monster!!! She use to be so quiet, now...I just don't know how to soothe her, so I am hoping this is teething.
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My dd began drooling, got a diaper rash, was fussy, and started chomping on everything she could get into her mouth at 6 weeks ! A tooth on the top broke through - just the tip - at 10 weeks, then a couple weeks later, another one on the top and one on the bottom. All three went back under the gums, and she had bouts of teething off and on for months after that.

What really helped the fussiness was Boiron's homeopathic "Camilia" teething drops. They're little vials with one dose of the remedy. Sometimes one dose would do the trick, sometimes two or three. It helped when nursing was painful for her (the suction of nursing causes pressure inside the mouth which makes the pain worse).

She didn't cut anymore teeth until the day she turned 11 months, and then all four front teeth came in at once. So your boys could be teething, and the teeth may pop out soon like some of the other babes or they may take many more months. Apparently, the teeth moving around in the jaw cause discomfort for some babies. My dd was really bothered by that, but when the teeth actually came through the gums, there was no swelling, she wasn't up at night, not a lot of fussing - she was just a little whiny one day before. Whew!

Keep giving them stuff to chew on - sounds like you're clued into what they need. And try a remedy if it gets really bad for them. Don't think too much about the timing - some babies are BORN with teeth . We're just conditioned to think that babies get teeth at 8 months cause that's the average - the normal range is gigantic!
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It's totally possible. I had my first tooth at 4 days, and the second at 10 days. My DD had hers try to come thru since she was born, but at 6 weeks, they still haven't broke thru yet, but they do give her alot of trouble. She's too little to chew on teathers, so she chews her hand or mine. Right now she has one on the bottom that I'm hoping comes thru soon. I hate to see her in pain.

Oh, my ped. said early teething is common in Native americans, and is hereditary. He has only seen 3 babies with teething this early. We had him check hers at 4 days old, and he agreed that is was definately a tooth trying to come up.

Hope your little ones feel better soon!
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OMG! I was gonna post and decided to do a search first.

My 9w ds has a spot on his gum that feels like a tooth and as soon as I touch it he starts gnawing on my finger. He has several pale spots on his gums. <gulp> He is nursing a lot and drooling everywhere! My dd started at 6mo and had 14 teeth by 14 months old. Got her 2y molars somewhere between 18mo and 2y (I wasn't brave enough to stick anything but a toothbrush in there at that point! LOL). She averaged 2 teeth a month.

I'm not ready for this! Hyland Teething Tablets here we come!
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Kaeleb is 4 months old now and has been teething since he was about 9 weeks old. I wish I could say "anyday now", but my daughter did the same thing and didn't cut teeth until she was over a year old....pure hell for her, poor baby
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