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When I read the title of your post my first thought was "Only 4 times a night" I would have given my eye teeth for my kids to only wake that little at night. My dd woke anywere from 8-12 times a night to nurse till she was 2yo and my ds was almost 2 before he went longer than 2 hours without nursing.

I would either side car the crib or co-sleep. That way you wont have to be picking him up and laying him back down and disturbing his sleep. A baby at 4mo needs to nurse at night still for the nutrition.

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My DS is about the same age and he is up 4-5 times a night.

I was talking with the pedi about a possible reflux problem and told her about his sleeping. She said that 4 times a night is completely NORMAL for his age. And, that he is way too young to self-soothe and to definitely not CIO or do any sleep training (which we aren't anyway, but was good to hear). So much is going on with them physically, socially, and mentally - no wonder they can't sleep!
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If it makes you feel any better, my twins were sleeping really well for about a month. One of them was sleeping through the night and the other one was only getting up once. Now they are both getting up 3 to 4 times a night each so I'm up about 6-8 times a night. For them, it really seems to be developmental. They are working on learning to crawl and are having a blast with toys and I think that they just sort of forget to eat and forget to come cuddle so they want to make up for it at night. We are also getting pressured to let them cio but we don't. I don't know what to tell you as far as making it better, but some day when you dc is a little older they will thank you for being so understanding and responding to their needs, even if the need isn't for food but simply comfort.
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Originally Posted by wflcpw View Post
I just wanted to comment - What a cutie pie!! He's a big, strong, happy,boy and you should be very proud of yourself! This too shall pass. I can't help you, my 7 month old wakes up 4 times still. I have learned to live with sleep deprivation, although my dh thinks I am just a bear, I think I do okay. Ds is my 4th and only one was a good sleeper. I just kiss him when he wakes up in the middle of the night and realize, This too shall pass, because with my other 3, it has and I miss them. They are 13, 12 and 8. Hang in there!
Awww thank you! :

This thread is making me feel better, I guess 4 times is not that horrible when I read some of y'all's stories! : It's just that everyone keeps asking me if he's sleeping through the night and it makes me wonder if he's supposed to (I didn't think so). My sister's DD however (who was born on the same day as DS), is sleeping through the night! : But she believes in CIO and I obviously don't.

Well here's what I did the last 2 nights: When he first goes to sleep at night, I put him in his crib. Then when he woke up after his long stretch of sleep (about 3 hours) he didn't want to sleep in his crib anymore (he kept waking up as soon as I put him in there, I tried like 3 times in a row after nursing him to sleep!). So I kept him in bed with me, way on the other side of the bed and both of us actually slept pretty good! Last night he only woke up TWICE. Well, twice he only woke up a little and fell right back asleep without me having to nurse him, and twice I did have to nurse him. So that was pretty good. Maybe I'll just keep doing that, if he doesn't stay asleep in his crib after his long stretch. Oh and I told DH that if he gets up before 6am, he can fix his own breakfast and lunch (I prepare most of it in the evening anyway).
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