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I know a lot of people delay solids for allergy reasons, but does anyone delay them out of laziness, too? :LOL

I have to admit, my DD is 7.5 months and hasn't had too many solids, and we don't feed them to her with any regularity. It started out due to family allergies, but now a lot of it is my laziness. I make all of her foods and I've just gotten complacent with replenishing her stash. I do hope to get back into making more and introducing more things, but I hope I'm not damaging her somehow by taking my slow, sweet time with this whole thing.

FWIW, she's been BF since birth and the solids she's had are applesauce (her grandma makes the best!), sweet potatoes, carrots, yogurt, squash, bananas, green beans, a wee bit of white potato and oatmeal (separately!), and cheerios.

Any advice or can anyone relate?
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uh, I thought 'lazy' was an approved method of starting solids
The boob is sooooo easy.

Actually, when my 4 yr old was around 6 mos we decided to try solids...long story short...she didn't dig solids until around 10 months or so. She was healthy & happy, so we just relaxed.

I'm not rushing solids with my 6.5 mo old either. I don't know why folks do! At lunch & dinner, if the whole family is eating together, I'll mash up something for Mr. Baby. Sometimes he really eats & sometimes not.

Keep going with the flow. Follow her clues & don't sweat it! You know if yor babe is happy & healthy!
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well i am very lazy about it too, but dd doesn't seem to want solids so i don't push.
so far she has had some egg yolk, and some watermolon.
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ooooh yeah. sooooo lazy! my ds is almost 10 mos old and rarely eats anything substantial for solids. a big reason is that he won't have anything to do with anything that comes on a spoon -- finger foods only, please! We do cheerios and rice puffs regularly, and table food when it is appropriate (minestrone, rice & curried veg, etc) but they are functioning much more as entertainment than as nourishment. he sometimes likes fruit in his baby safe feeder, and likes anything that he can get (literally) out of my mouth.

He is growing well and healthy, so I don't worry about it
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I've been a lot more laid back this time around. I think it's b/c it's easier to just offer her the boob. LOL I keep meaning to get her on a little meal schedule..but life happens.

Lately tho, she's been SOOOO interested in what we are eating. Last night I was holding her and getting myself some soup. She took one look at the pot, spit her pacifier out and started grunting for the food. LOL!!!!

So far she's had:
rice cereal
green beans
sweet potatoes
graham crackers
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I was pretty excited to get started on solids. For the record I ff (long drawn out story), so tecnically solids shouldn't have been that much of a leap....I do notice my laziness, lack of attention (?) on the weekends...DS has far more bottles than during the week, usually we are on the road running errands and it is easier....Right now I don't feel too badly as infants under 1 should get the bulk of their nourishment from the breast or formula.
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Whew! After reading the replies, I don't feel so alone with not giving DD solids very quickly.

I'm usually ok with my choices, even if they stem out of laziness, but last week my grandmother was seriously getting to me about this. I was talking to her on the phone, telling her how much DD loved her yogurt that she had for breakfast that morning, when my GM asked about what else I give her for breakfast. I told her that usually it's either yogurt or applesauce (I left out the part that mostly she'll get breastmilk, because my GM is seriously anti-BFing). She told me that I should be giving her more "real food" and not crap like yogurt. : I played her game and asked her what I *should* be giving DD and GM got very defensive. When I saw her later in the week, she mumbled something about me still nursing her at 7 months old. I just : she couldn't see me, of course.

I realize how silly the conversation with my GM was *now*, but at the time, it really bugged me. BTW, she finds something to say about DD's eating habits everytime I talk with her.
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Our strange conversation was between my dh and went like this...."oh and btw, I forgot to feed the baby"...

some eavesdroppers about swallowed their tongue!!

we are doing better now but we are at 9 months.....LOL!
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Oh yeah, that was me. Ds is 2 now, and I still miss the days of exclusive breastfeeding. He too wasn't interested in solids at all until 8.5 months, didn't really start eating much until he was a year old, and I couldn't have been happier about it! I never understood parents who were anxious to start their baby on solids - what a pain! My SIL kept pushing it with her dd because she thought it would be fun. I really dragged my feet. I am soooooo lazy!

LeShea - I used to tell dh I was worried that ds's first words were going to be "I'm hungry!"
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With my son he wasn't interested in solids until around 10 months and we really took our time - with my daughter, who is 7 months, we are totally letting her take the lead and we are in no particular hurry - the boob *is* so much easier, and portable

I got a pretty cool thing recently, it's called the baby safe feeder and you can put fruit and veggies in it and then baby can suck on the food without having to worry about choking - also it allows her to be in charge of feeding herself which she seems to prefer - Here is a link:
it really is a cool little item!
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Well my 7 month old doesn't take any solids at all! She just isn't interested. Can't say I blame her, a nice soft breast is a much nicer delivery system. I am in absolutely no hurry to get started. I may start offering her finger foods at 8-9 months but until then I'm not worried about it!

Shawna, married to Michael, mommy to Elijah 1/18/01, Olivia 11/9/02, and Eliana 1/22/06
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I kind of am but I am trying to get better. dd is borderline anemic. She's never liked anything or taken more than a few bites so I never pushed it. In fact I rarely offered anything.
It seemed like such a pain to have to be so careful until they are a year old with all the allergens so I figured I'd put it off until she was a year. Now she's a year and she doesn't want anything to do with solids of any kind or flavor.

Mom of a 7 yr old, 4 yr old, and 1 yr old. Wow. How did that happen?
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