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goodcents's Avatar goodcents 11:36 PM 06-10-2003
Hello Mommies,
My husband and I have decided pretty quickly that we will most likely be going to Egypt to see his family in two weeks. Baby is six months old now and I have read the posts I can find by searching about planes and travel.

I guess I have three questions.

1. In your experience did flights attendants let you wear your sling or bjorn during take off and while seated (we dont think we can afford an extra seat - flights are very very expensive at the moment.)

2. What was your experience with your stroller on connecting flights. I have read that most airlines let you keep them up until boarding and then stow them. What happens after you land from one flight and go to connect to the other? Do they keep the stroller and put it on the connecting flight? Do they meet you at the gate of the first flight, let you keep it for a few hours, and then recheck it as you get on the second flight?

3. Have any of you given tylenol as a pre-emptive strike against the ear pop-ing issue? If you waited until after baby was fussy to administer it - how long does it take to kick in (I have never used it) Any homepathic remedies recommended? I know about nursing and sucking - but what if that is not enough?

Any other suggestions for long international flights are appreciated. One flight is 6.5 hours, a three hour lay over and then another 5 hour flight! Thanks in advance!

Chelly2003's Avatar Chelly2003 01:54 AM 06-11-2003
I traveled to Africa when my son was around 22 months. He sat on my lap for take off's and landings, I did have a travel vest type thing for him, I can't remember what its called, but it has loops which you thread your seat belt through.

I didn't take a stroller, I had my son in a back-pack for the hops between flights, it was tough as he was really heavy for me (I traveled alone with him so I had no back-up)
I think you can stow your stroller as you walk in the plane - but check with the airline before you leave. (take a cheap one in case you need to dump it - I actually left my back-pack behind for my return trip, it was easier to just carry my son than to get his fat little @ss on my back) :LOL

I did not even take tylenol with me, my son used his "binkie" and never seemed to have a problem (but he was a lot older)

Good luck and have fun!!! (at least a 6 month old might fit on those changing tables)


I thought leaving at night would do the trick and have my son sleeping for a lot of the trip, but he didn't sleep as well, he slept in little 2 - 4 hour naps..... the total time it took for the trip was like 30 hours, so yours should be a breeze.
goodcents's Avatar goodcents 02:02 AM 06-11-2003
Thanks Chelly - we are already planning on leaving the stroller in Egypt. Its one we dont like and have been planning on getting another anyways. I am really worried about jet lag and sleeping patterns so anyone with experience with this please respond too! Thanks!
mom at home's Avatar mom at home 02:16 AM 06-11-2003
I've travelled internationally with little ones a number of times and I've never found the jet lag thing to be a problem after a day or two. We just try to get on the local time ASAP in terms of bedtime and such and it usually resolves fairly quickly.

In terms of your stroller, usually you can gate check them. They take them as you enter the plane, put them under in cargo, and then get them out right away so it's waiting for you when you get off.

Have a great trip!
TiffanyK's Avatar TiffanyK 09:36 AM 06-11-2003
We brought my dd home from Guatemala when she was 5 months old. That's not nearly as big of a trip as Egypt but still an international flight. We had to buy a ticket for her on the flight from Guatemala to Atlanta but it did not give her a seat. It was mostly just taxes and was under $100 I think. She rode on our laps, sometimes in sling and sometimes not. She had no problem with her ears. We gave her a bottle during take off and landing and once when we were dropping in altitude. She sure took a lot of formula that day!!

Our longest flight was only 3 hours, so nothing compared to yours! Mia did wonderful. I did have to walk her up and down the isle in the sling for a while on one flight.

We didn't take a stoller. My dh was able to get most all of the luggage and I would carry Mia in the sling and still be able to handle a carryon or 2, if he needed. I was glad to not have the stroller to deal with but on a much longer trip you might want it.

Have a great trip!
behr's Avatar behr 10:44 AM 06-11-2003
Hi goodcents,
I have quite a bit of experience with intl flights.
I've always had my babes on my lap, nursing during takeoff and landing soothed us both and prevented all ear popping. My babes never complained about ear problems, even when they had colds. Flight attendants usually let you do whatever suits you.
I've always checked before boarding, at the gate of when they check your tickets, whether there where any seats open ( as in an entire free row) so we could use that for free during the flights. Even once you're on the plane you can ask the attendants to direct you towards more space. Also, upon booking, you can ask for the first row seats, there you can request a baby bed for the long nap during the flight.
Strollers can be nice during long layovers, and they make it pretty convenient for you.
Jet lag has always been much harder on us grownups than on the kids, although it takes a few days for them to completely adapt.
Have a great trip!!