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MorgansMomma's Avatar MorgansMomma 09:51 AM 06-13-2003
My wee one is walking!

But the strange thing is how quickly he's done it.

He's used a walker for the last I'd say 3 months...he loves it, but he's always preferred to ride on it while we push him around...which is cool. he enjoys it, we enjoy it.

Well anyhow, he would get up on his hands and knees but never actually move.

So one week he's doing nothing but twirling on his belly.

The second, he just...starts crawling.

The third, he just gets up and walks.

He's 10 months and 1 week now and has been walking for at least 3 weeks (since about 9.5 months).

Anyones babies just suddenly decide to get up and go and conquer both crawling and walking within a week?

I was hoping to have my baby a lil longer...soon he'll be....a....toddler!

babybugmama's Avatar babybugmama 10:30 AM 06-13-2003
Wow! Our babies are doing the same thing. Just a couple of weeks ago she started crawling, then pulling up, now she's crusing - she's not walking, just creeping along stuff (and not really that far...yet!)

This meant a lot of changes and I couldn't help but dh was so sweet, "don't you want her to grow up to be a wonderful woman?" Noooo. (of course I do, but it's just going so fast...)
Clarity's Avatar Clarity 11:04 AM 06-13-2003
mine started crawing and cruising the same weekend, and liked to cruise much much more...and only two months before that wasn't even sitting up well. One or two months later at 11 mo, walking. She crawls more for fun at 20mo than she did then...