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Laura-Ku's Avatar Laura-Ku 02:37 PM 06-13-2003
My breastfed 6 mo. old is just, for the most part, starting solids. Up until yesterday, she would just have a few teaspoons of Rice cereal and a veggie. Yesterday at daycare, she ate 1/2 jar of applesauce AND 1/2 jar of squash.

This morning, she had 4-6 bellet like poops that looked like squash. There was a decent amount of it, and I am wondering if that is normal, or is her system too immature to digest it and it all just came back out.

Up until now she had just had running or watery yellow/orange/green poops (plus one or two that looked like soft serve ice cream).

IdentityCrisisMama's Avatar IdentityCrisisMama 03:06 PM 06-13-2003
Hey, I just got to this sight a couple of months ago and have only been here for receiving help and ranting a little. I’m here today to try to help with as many threads as I can until I get interrupted – giving back! I’m not a poop or nutrition expert but my daughter has some foods got right through (raisins, nuts, orange pulp-yuck!) and I feel she is perfectly normal in the poop department.