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skye's mama's Avatar skye's mama 03:32 PM 06-15-2003
When new, did your maya wrap have a funny smell - maybe kind of fishy and/or metallic? I am planning to get one, but the other day was looking at a sample at the birth center. It seemed to have a kind of fishy or metallic smell. Has anyone else noticed this?

Is it due to the metal rings? Or the dye? The one I was looking at was black. Should I go for one of the color grown ones? There were other maya wraps there, but they were packaged up really well, and I didn't think I should open them to check.

I am kind of sensitive to smells. I don't wear perfume or use any perfumed household products. But I am no longer supersensitive like in the first trimester - i am back to using my shampoo, which definitely has lots of scent.

I have had some weird-smell clothes purchases lately. A few months ago I bought a knit silk maternity top. I didn't notice anything when trying it on, but the first time I wore it I definitely started smelling fishy. Took me awhile to convince myself it was the shirt. But it was!

Turns out that the gummy substance, seracin, that holds a silk cocoon together, smells like fish. If the seracin is not completely removed during processing the silk, the resulting product will smell fishy.

I have read that boiling the shirt in detergent might get rid of the smell, but since accidently cooking a pair of shoes in the oven a few years ago (another story LOL) I am avoiding combining the kitchen and clothes. Also, I don't want to boil it and then have stuff in the house pick up the smell.

Then I recently got a cotton/nylon maternity shirt that also smells funny - kind of metallic like the maya wrap. I assumed it was the nylon, because I have never noticed odd cotton smells before and rarely wear nylon, but now I am starting to wonder.

So, any other super sensitive noses out there notice anything? And if so, did the smell go away with a regular wash?

Jish's Avatar Jish 03:44 PM 06-15-2003
Never noticed that anyone's Maya smelled funny. If you are concerned and can sew, you could make your own so that you are sure that the fabric won't annoy you. It is really easy to do and the instructions are on their website.
Piglet68's Avatar Piglet68 04:30 PM 06-15-2003
I don't recall smelling anything funny. I did wash mine though, and I set the colour using vinegar as instructed. I could smell the vinegar for a while afterwards, but it went away (this was before DD was born). I practiced with it alot before DD was born so it picked up my smell. I'm sure you'll find the unpleasant smell goes away.
Spookygirl's Avatar Spookygirl 04:38 PM 06-15-2003
I sell Maya Wraps, and have never had anyone mention that they smelled funny at all. I guess it is possible that the smell of the rings passed into the fabric, or if it is a store model, someone could have gotten something on it while trying it on.
skye's mama's Avatar skye's mama 10:48 PM 06-17-2003
Thanks for the responses - very reassuring! Now I just have to decide on the color .

Sewing one would be fun, but right now don't have a sewing machine. I have thought about getting a used one, but in the past ended up with used ones that didn't work so great and were more aggravation then they were worth. Also, right now I am already fighting the clutter in our 500 sq. ft. apt.!
veganmamma's Avatar veganmamma 02:38 AM 06-18-2003
mine smelled fine once i washed it. When i opened the package it smelled kinda like moth balls.
z-girl's Avatar z-girl 02:46 AM 06-18-2003
you're not crazy! i tried one on and it really smelled bad to me! they are great slings though, and i'm sure that the smell washes off