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late-night nan's Avatar late-night nan 03:15 AM 06-26-2003
If you have the Ergo baby carrier and got the front pouch, do you find it necessary? Is it worth the extra $16?

I'm thinking about taking advantage of the sale right now for the terracotta ones. Would appreciate your advice!

mcimom's Avatar mcimom 12:34 PM 06-26-2003
i got it and i'm undecided.

it's nice to have a zippered pouch b/c the little velcro pocket on the belt doesn't hold much and isn't really "secure" and the pocket is hard to get to if you're using the back carry position.

but the pouch doesn't really fit well on the belt or stay very well (though i do like the way it hides the "spare tire" in the front )

but i don't know that i'd spend the $ again if i had it to do over. i think probably not. though you kind of have to decide right off the bat b/c then it ships free w/your ergo, right?

if you're going to carry a purse or diaper bag anyway, skip it for sure. if you travel light (or attempt to like i do), and are thinking you'll get the pouch b/c then you won't need to take anything else, then go for it. it holds my wallet, my cell phone, wipes and a small snack. i can fit one cover and 2 snap-ins in the pouch part. so that's good enough for a couple hour outing for us.
late-night nan's Avatar late-night nan 09:26 PM 06-29-2003
thx, mcimom! I think I'll hold off on the pouch.

if others are thinking of getting the ergo, the sale at on terracotta will go on until at least this week.
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