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I've read some things in the archives, but I'm still a bit confused what to do....My ds is 7 1/2 months old, and he is exclusively BF. I haven't started solids before now partly because he hasn't shown much interest and partly out of laziness. But now I really think he'd enjoy picking up some finger foods and feeding himself.

I guess my question is can I skip straight to the chunky finger foods/table foods? I'm just afraid he'll choke on the food because he hasn't had any experience with pureed foods. What would be the best chunky food to start with? I know he can pick up a cheerio with the pincer grasp, but I'm not sure he could pick up anything slippery (eg. pieces of fruit, etc).

Sorry for rambling...I don't know what I'm doing. I wish I could just BF him for life!

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My dd never really did take to pureed baby foods or anything like that- she much preferred finrger foods that she could feed herself. Cheerios were a big hit, of course. Other things to try are bananas cut up into small slices, soft pieces of bread, crackers that he can gum to death, vegetables that are steamed until they're super-soft, rice, or noodles that are cooked until they're soft. (the bonus about some of these things is how long it takes them to figure out how to pick it up and get it in their mouths- a few strands of spaghetti without sauce on her highchair tray could keep her occupied the whole time I was preparing dinner!)

I think it's fine to skip to table/finger foods, but take things slow and introduce them one at a time, making sure there's no allergies or other problems. Sometimes taking too much solids can cause constipation. Have fun experimenting!

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Don't feel bad. My almost 11 month old is just now starting to get interested in food. He has zero interest in pureed foods. In the last month, he's taken to finger foods (crackers mostly). I guess he's just one of those kids who wants to feed little Mr. Independent.
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Breastmilk is all babies need for the first year. Anything else is just for fun. If you want to try finger foods, go for it. I'd start with bananas or avacado, or something else mushy and easy to "chew".
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Thanks for the responses.

Yeah, I know BM is all he needs until he's at least a year old, but I think he'd have fun feeding himself some chunky food. I'm also hoping it'll keep him occupied so I can get some things done (he's a very high-need baby, and he doesn't play by himself for more than 3-4 minutes at a time.)

Anyway, I guess it's best to start him on something softer, like avacado or steamed veggie chunks. I guess once I see how he handles that, I can assess if he's ready for cheerios and crackers.

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my girls all started solids at 4mo. no, of course none of them NEEDED it and i continued to BF, but they all naturally expressed an interest right around that time period.

dd1-i did your standard babyfood route. started w/cereal and BM mixed, then intro'd fruit and veggies one at a time/every few days/yada...yada...yada she had cheerios probably around 9-10mos

dd2-was drinking from a sippy cup by herself (H2O) at 4mo and ate whatever she could grab at. i started to try babyfood and she was not having ANY of it. so, b/c she was interested, but didn't want baby food and really... who has time for that when you've got a toddler on the loose? i just fed her like a bird. whatever i was eating, chewed it up, pulled it out, fed it to her w/my fingers. this grossed many people out but she ed it, so whatever! she was feeding herself by 8mos.

dd3-has been eating cheerios and crackers on her own since 5mos. she is insane! she's also been crawling and pulling up for the last 2mos so she's just out-of-control across the board :

good finger foods -
mac-n-cheese (you can get organic good stuff and over-cook it so it's mushy)
cheerios (gotta be the real thing, usually the cheap stuff or the organic alternatives are not as "melt in your mouth" and they tend to gag)
crackers/hard bread/bagels - avoid those biter biscuit things like the plague! that is, unless you love to clean up messes and have disgusting goo everywhere. if so, then by all means...
little pieces of cheese
little pieces of fruit
really cooked well carrots cut up

and i highly recommend the bird food method. easy, clean, they like it!

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Hmmmm...I'd be a little nervous to go straight to chunky foods until he showed he could handle the purees. KWIM? I would try a couple purees and see how he takes to them and then slowly try a chunkier food if you'd like.

My DS started preferring chunks around 7 1/2 mos. (he started on purees around 6 mos.).

Have fun- I like trying new things with my little guy!

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I disagree with the last poster, I see no reason why a baby should have to eat mush. Historically i highly doubt babies were fed mush, more likely nursed exclusively until they were able to handle table foods. My daughter is 7.5 months and on no solids at all. I tried pureed foods a couple of times and she hated it so now we are just going to wait until she's old enough for table food, around 9-10 months.

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There are strong suggestions that there is a link between a mother chewing a baby's food and the baby / child later developing cavities as a result of the transfer of Cavity Causing Bacteria from the mother's mouth - Mothering magazine had an excellent article about this very topic a few issues ago.

Michelle in NY - whose babies go straight from breastmilk to soft juicy fruits they can "chew" with their gums.
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We don't do baby food (yuck!). When the babe shows readiness, we mush up stuff off our plate or give finger foods...small pieces of avocado, banana, bread/toast, etc.

Obviously, since we give food off our plate, we've never done the cereal-then-only-one-veggie-at-a-time method.

Our dd is one today and only started eating solids a month ago or so. She's really taken off over the last week and is on a cheerio and oatmeal kick...she fights us for our oatmeal in the morning (we share) and she almost cries when the bowl is empty. I think I could give her oatmeal at every meal and have a happy baby :
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My dd is 7m/o and GAGS every time anything goes near her mouth. We'll be skipping to finger foods. I tried avocado and rice and even quinoa and amaranth, and plain rice but she's just not ready.

About the caries being transferred from mom to baby, what about moms with no cavities? I guess we still have yucky bacteria. It doesn't really matter because I don't want to pre chew food for dd. My instincts already told me to skip to finger foods, but dd seemed so interested in food. She just plays with it and doesn't even put it near her mouth.

I am excited about feeding her table scarps, :LOL Has anyone else had the urge to share foos with their babe since birth? I always have fought the urge to hand her a piece of what I'm eating, even when she was a newborn. :LOL
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