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Yes, always! 76 67.26%
No, Never 4 3.54%
Occasionally 33 29.20%
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darlindeliasmom's Avatar darlindeliasmom 11:53 PM 07-10-2003
I voted yes, always, because that's what I did when Del was a babe...I've written before about the calming effects of water on her spirited nature.
As she got older, sometimes I'd just pop her into the tub alone...more room for "swimming races", practicing holding her breath, etc.
DH showered with her from an early age, but only when I was around to hand her off to. Now we sometimes shower together, and very occasionally bathe (like when I have to sit with her and a tub full of conditioner to get the tangles out of her hair).

a few weeks ago the 2 of us played hokey pokey in the shower, shaking water all over like two wet dogs. She's 6.5 yrs old. I don't know when she'll stop wanting to, but I'll say yes whenever she asks until then!!

steffanie3's Avatar steffanie3 01:24 AM 07-26-2003
I said always, that is everytime he gets clean. I shower more often then he does, he is 4 weeks today, he has only had showers with mom since his cord fell off. Hopefully dad gets a turn soon, I think he will like it. I wish we had a tub big enough for us to bathe in together. We live in an RV so our tub is really small.

Sahara's Avatar Sahara 05:29 PM 07-30-2003
DH or I still bathe/shower with our 28 month old 'baby' almost every day
martiesmom's Avatar martiesmom 12:54 AM 07-31-2003
I voted occasionally. I used to soothe DD during her colicky times by taking a shower with her. I loved it, but had to have DH help me with drying her. We have a seat in the stand up shower so it was easy to shower with her. Now we bathe in out little bath tub together. I'd love to bathe with her as she gets older, but I think I'll either have to lose some more weight or move somewhere with a bigger tub. :LOL
Justice2's Avatar Justice2 01:11 AM 07-31-2003
We take showers with our ds, does that count?
Rollermommy's Avatar Rollermommy 10:05 AM 07-31-2003
I voted always, although she did get a bath in the sink once so dh could video tape it When she was newborn she would nurse the entire time and i loved it, our bodies all snuggled up together in the water And most of the time she would poop in the tub, not so much after 3 mos. But now we take showers, me, ella, tristen (5), and micah (4). It's a circus like wendylouwho said, but hey, you do what you have to do. The boys actually make it easier than taking a bath with just ella. they sit down and hold her while i bathe and wash my hair. For all you mama's who take showers alone, how do you do it: I've probably had 5 showers alone in the last 6 mos. but its not really a big deal to me, i love bathing with my babies.
DawnJ's Avatar DawnJ 08:42 PM 07-31-2003
I am craving a shower/bath alone! I always shower with my 2 little ones. I wouldn't have it any other way!

Dawn mommie to
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cinnamonamon's Avatar cinnamonamon 03:04 PM 08-01-2003
I voted yes, always -- but we didn't until he was about 9 weeks. Then I started showering with him & I love it. That baby tub that's supposed to fit in the kitchen sink didn't fit in ours & was a royal pain! That poor baby hardly got 1 bath a week those first couple months cause I hated that lil tub so much -- I usually just "spot-cleaned" him. :LOL

The last few weeks we've been putting him in the bathtub (with a towel under him as a sort of bath mat) & letting him splash & he just loves it! Today I thought "forget that, I want to have some fun too!" So I hopped in with him & we had a ball! Then I put him on his bouncy chair all wrapped in his towel & he let me have an entire extra 5 minutes to shave my legs while I made faces at him & talked!

So I guess my "yes, always" is because that's what we're going to do!

Oh - I like someone's idea about the dh wearing his swim trunks -- mine might go for it with that... *sighs* men are so sensitive about their parts, aren't they... :LOL
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