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adoremybabe's Avatar adoremybabe 04:03 PM 07-20-2007
Just a quick reply as I am being pulled in many directions at the moment. I am 7 weeks tomorrow and still have spotting. I have to at least wear a pantyliner otherwise I will definately have stains. My PP check is at the 8 weeks mark and unless I feel a reason to be seen sooner I will wait until then to discuss it with my doctor.

To the mama who asked about sex - Dh and I had it once at 5 1/2 weeks but it tore part of my incision back open so we have nixed it for the time being. It hurt WAY too much to get back into the groove for a while!

dara00's Avatar dara00 05:25 PM 07-20-2007
Originally Posted by herbmama3-7 View Post
Btw dar00 what religion are you, I had never herd of one that required sex during the most fertile times, if you don't mind me asking?
I am Jewish, I can tell you more about this tradition if you want. We don't have sex during my period and for one week after and when you come back together it is at your peak fertility time.
brittneyscott's Avatar brittneyscott 05:26 PM 07-20-2007
Herbmma- I hear you on the 2 kids only. We have a boy and a girl 2 yrs apart and so now our family is perfect. We're happy with the two and I'm so terrified of the idea of having anymore. I really don't think I could handle anymore kids.

DH and I are waiting for the 6wk checkup on Wed before we try anything but after DD we only waited three weeks and I never had a problem. I also had a really easy labor with her and was up on my feet showered, dressed, and moving an hour after I had her. I only tore a little bit and had maybe 2-3 stitches. This time I was confined to the bed for 24hrs after labor because I tore so bad after all the stitches they put a guaze pack on me to stop bleeding. I was on the couch not doing much for the 1st week or two. I'm feeling much better now and hope they give the okay. I'm ready to have that part of our relationship back.

Today is much better than yesterday though. I don't know what the problem was but yesterday and last night DS was nursing almost constantly. I was going out of my mind. I was being to wonder why I don't just supplement at night so I could get some sleep or something. : I know that's awful and I'm glad I survived without doing that but the thought...

I actually managed to pump more this week too so hopefully DS will have plenty of milk tonight while I'm at work. Last weekend he almost ran out and was waiting for me to get home so he could nurse. I was afraid DH would have to give him formula before I got here but we made it without the yuck stuff.
aramat's Avatar aramat 06:05 PM 07-20-2007
RE Breastfeeding feelings: Today I was explaining to my PPD counselor how I had hated breastfeeding my older daughter for the first month or two because of the anxious/angry feeling I experienced every time she first latched-on. I eventually stopped having this feeling and went on to nurse my daughter until she was three years old, but, I am now having the exact same anxious/angry feeling every time my new little nursling latches on! She told me that it is fairly common, and it is due to the prolactin. She also said that there is a higher rate of PPD among breastfeeding moms. (Makes sense--more hormones, right?)

I'd never heard this. Haven't researched it yet, either. Just thought I'd pass it along.

More things I learned today: PPD mommies, try to take at least a few minutes of time for yourselves each day; don't be afraid to seek the support you need to get through this; and make an effort to practice positive self-talk--frequently. Work on coaxing your thoughts to spiral upward instead of down; you [we!] will get through this!
dara00's Avatar dara00 06:24 PM 07-20-2007
Tamara - my feeling of let down feels like anxiety, so I imagine that is what you may be describing!
saratchka's Avatar saratchka 01:13 AM 07-21-2007
Wow, I guess I should be grateful for my painful letdown. Anxiety would be much worse than the icky pinching feeling I get. to everyone dealing with icky let-down, touch issues, supply issues, and all other manner of BFing woes. It's so worth it, but these first few months are definitely a challenge!

On nighttime diapering, I always change Ro when she wakes and if she pees or poops during a feed I change her then, too. Both of my girls always hated being wet. The first thing I check when Ro fusses is her diaper and 90% of the time it's wet. And she won't nurse well when wet. She pops on and off and generally drives both of us crazy until I change her. Then she settles in to eat. So changing at night is a must for us.

It's funny, but I'm feeling less adamant about the no-more-kids thing than I did before Ro was born. I find myself saying "she's probably my last baby" rather than "we're not having any more kids." DH is still very disturbed by the thought of more kids, and I'm not sure it makes sense for us to have more (heck, I have no clue how we can afford to send these two to college, much less more!) but the thought has been entering my mind occasionally. That really surprises me as I really wasn't sure I wanted kids at all only a few years ago. Now I'm just not feeling sure that I'm done. So strange!

Allow me to preface this paragraph by saying that I'm not a spiritual person and I don't believe in psychic abilities. I had a little "impending baby" party with some friends and we had a henna artist and a tarot reader there for entertainment. I believe that the tarot reader is a sincere person - she really seems to believe that she is psychic, and I respect that. (I'm a non-believer, so I view her much the same way as I do clergy members. I don't agree with their beliefs, but I respect them for doing what they feel is right.) The tarot reader mentioned something about a third child. When I said that we weren't having any more, she looked sincerely shocked, then told me that I'd better be really careful in that case, as our third child had already chosen us to be its parents. For some reason that struck a chord with me at the time, but I dismissed it. Now I'm wondering if she hit on some sort of desire for more children that I didn't know I had...

Which leads into the IUD. They are completely reversible and are a good choice for women who want more children, but not right away. There's no discernible difference in fertility between women who have had IUDs removed and those who have never had one at all. As far as I've been able to find out, nobody really knows for sure precisely why IUDs work. One theory is that they simply prevent implantation, which does pose a problem for certain religious groups. I chose the ParaGuard (non-hormonal) because none of my religious/spiritual beliefs conflict with it regardless of the mechanism and I don't like hormones. But for those who are conflicted on that point, it's believed that the Mirena (hormone IUD) is believed to work mainly by causing the uterus to plug itself with a thick mucous, preventing fertilization in most cases. I know some women whose religious beliefs didn't jive with the the ParaGuard, but feel comfortable with the Mirena for that reason. So if you'd love an IUD if it weren't for the mechanism, the Mirena may be worth a look.

So far my IUD experience has been good. I'm bleeding a good bit (like a heavy menstrual period for 3 days so far) but I've had nearly no cramping. And the insertion procedure was only mildly uncomfortable. We haven't yet DTD, but I'm beginning to really look forward to it! I'm glad I've had the procedure done already. I considered waiting a few months, but went ahead and made the appointment to do it at six weeks. Now I'm really glad. Ro sleeps such long stretches at night : that I don't think I can trust BFing to keep my fertility away for long. (Trust me, I'm not complaining!)
willoLevin's Avatar willoLevin 06:45 AM 07-21-2007
The angry/anxious letdown feeling thing is interesting...

I don't feel my milk let down (ever!), but I do break out in a sweat at the start of every nursing session. It drives me nuts being sweaty all the time... But, really, I do get all crazed and anxious as my breasts fill and when it is time to nurse soon.

Fascinating stuff, huh?

I feel like A. took less supplement today. I hope that means he might wean from all the bottles... I didn't get time to pump much, but I think I could've pumped all the extra that he took, though it is possible he is removing more milk but that I may have less "left over" to pump out.

I'm having some real paranoid fear that A. doesn't like me as much as he does my mom. He gets so upset at the breast sometimes, it makes me feel terrible. DH says I'm crazy, and that, at worst, A. is responding to my tension/irritability with the BF experience...

Jilian's Avatar Jilian 01:31 PM 07-21-2007
I just started having nightmares about DS's heart defect and surgery : Last night I had some doozies and couldn't sleep. I had a dream that I was present for his surgery and saw his body laying there lifeless and I also saw them stop his heart, it was so scary. In the dream I ran to the corner of the room and started crying and begging them to let me leave the room but no one heard me. All of the scary feelings are just starting to surface now. <sigh>

I'm also another person who does not want anyone touching my breasts in any sort of sexual way. I REALLY hate that feeling. I don't like the feeling of a shirt rubbing up against my nips either. I do have some mild sexual abuse that I suffered as a child and I'm guessing that has a lot to do with it. But BF doesn't really bother me, probably because it hurts a bit and doesn't give me the same weird feeling I get when someone touches my breasts.
wombatclay's Avatar wombatclay 02:30 PM 07-21-2007
I'm so sorry Jilian... big hugs. Can you contact the hospital? I bet this sort of stress reaction is really common and they have someone you can talk to, or have some BTDT mamas you could maybe meet with to talk about what happened and how you feel now?

We went to the Potter Party last night (photos http://www.flickr.com/photos/wombatclay/ ). We only stayed an hour, and there really wasn't much going on, but it was fun to see people who didn't know about the event walk into the store and do a double take. And I got a few surprised looks when people realized I had a baby on my belly. There was one other sling babe but she was 10mo so I think Rowan won the youngest wizardling award.
torio's Avatar torio 02:57 PM 07-21-2007
AnnD, There's a really good current post about tandem nursing lying down on the MCD Parenting Multiples forum. A few women posted great photos and there's a link to Karen Gromada's website which also has photos of a few different women and their babes. Some of the positions obviously require pretty big breasts so not all of them would work for us. When my babes were tiny (6lbs each) they could lay on top of me while I was semi-reclined but their little heads had to be supported and I need help to hold them in place as each babe needed assistance latching. Now that they're latching independently and have better head control we have some new positions. Sometimes we nurse side-lying with the top babe resting her/his head on the bottom babe's chest. Interestingly my son (Mr. Bighead) won't tolerate his sister resting on him. But she doesn't mind being under his big head. (His head really is much bigger than hers!) Our current favorite, which has its pros and cons, is to support each babe in the crook of each arm while I'm on my back with pillows under my arms. Amazingly we can get into this configuration w/o help and the babes love it. It's does get sweaty and I end up having to move them because I feel stiff after being in the same position for too long.

Willo, I agree that the night time diapers depends on the child. I have one (DS) who wants to be changed the instant one drop of pee hits his diaper. I swear he'd like them changed after farting! DD, on the other hand, is a big sleeper so I could just bundle up her bubble butt and let her be, but since I'm already getting up to change DS, and DD barely wakes for the change, I figure I'll just change both of them. Besides I do love that their sweet, smooth little bottoms are completely rash free.

Saratcha, I know what you mean about not being sure about another child. My DH says we're done. I think he would've been done even with only one child even though having kids was initially his idea. And even random strangers, when they see our boy/girl twins, say "You're done" so emphatically. Actually that bugs me even if we are done. I don't necessarily want another child--taking care of twins really is plenty. But I can't bring myself to negate the possibility of another one. DH was talking about maybe getting a vasectomy, but since has seemed to change his mind. That made me happy. I think I want the possibility to remain open, crazy as that may be. Like you, we have no idea how we'll pay for college for these two.

BTW, where do you feel the pinchy sensation during letdown? I have it too and it extends all the way up into my shoulders, neck, my back--not painful, but definitely weird.

cars--When we first got pregnant neither DH nor I owned a car w/ more than two seats. My toyota pickup is 1 yr away from being an antique! DH drove a utility van. Since then we replaced the utility van with a used van that does have one back seat but can still carry loads. We'd been using that to hold the babes' carseats, however, the AC keeps going out of repair. In a vehicle in Miami it's essential. Some generous friends gave us their 97 volvo rather than trading it in when they bought a new vehicle. It was much in need of repair, but DH is the supreme handyman/mechanic. : At first I felt guilt over being a 2 driver/3 car family until DH reminded me that none of our vehicles are younger than 10 yrs old.

sex--We've managed it once, would've done it more if we could find the time. DH is convinced that DS knows when we're getting intimate and that he purposely cries to interrupt. After the c/s I don't have the same physical issues as some of you, but I do find that much of my pelvis is either numb or uncomfortably sensitive--not painful, but definitely not erogneous. I still have desire to make love though because it's such an emotional bonding experience as well as a physical one.

This week I feel yucky with kind of flu--non-stop headache, sweaty, achy and this on top of a pulled muscle in my back from double-slinging.

Best wishes for pain-free nipples, bottoms, psyches and whatever else ails ya.
willoLevin's Avatar willoLevin 05:33 PM 07-21-2007
Well, we've signed our lives (or, actually, really just our $15k) away on a new car today. I'm getting the Nissan Versa, which "felt better" to me than the Honda Fit or Mazda5 that were the other serious contenders. I insisted on a color, though (not silver/black/white), so they are getting me a car from Connecticut, so the vehicle will be driven here on Monday, we'll go finish the paperwork on Wednesday (DH is too busy Mon night or Tuesday), and the car will be mine on Thursday (since I need new plates and that apparently takes an extra day in Massachusetts. :P I'm SO RELIEVED to have it over with. Car shopping with the kids was kicking my... bum. And, I think I got a fair price on the car, which is nice.

On the way home, I told DH, "Wow, you're the guy who just bought me a new car."

herbmama3-7's Avatar herbmama3-7 06:08 PM 07-21-2007
Jilian, it was so scary what you and your ds went through, but you were/are a great mom and look how healthy and awesome he is doing now, I know that would have tore me to pieces and you handled it like a pro!

I have to say I am jealous of all you moms who get a new car. We have a 99 Toyota Corolla, and although it works great it is very small and not very practicle for having two kiddos. We still owe quite a bit on it, will actually be done paying for it next year, but I would really like to upgrade now. DH and I thought it would be better to wait until it is paid off and not go into debt or upside down. I'll try to tough it out until then, but I am always finding myself thinking of ways to get out of it.

Anyway DD has not been nursing too much today, it always worries me when they do this, I know she wont starve herself, but she is sleeping an aweful lot and not really waking to nurse, or when I offer it, she doesn't want to fininsh, I wonder if she is fighting off a bug of some sort, anyway I really hope this passes and she wants me again because it creates a lot of anxiety in me if she doesn't want to eat.

Off to try and nap, I really need it!
brittneyscott's Avatar brittneyscott 07:50 PM 07-21-2007
Congrats on the new cars. I got a new car after we had DD so I'm not getting one this time. (Well that was only 2yrs ago!) I got a used 2003 Chevy Impala (it was in 05) for mine. It only had 6000 miles on it when we got it. We really got a good deal on it. I don't plan to get another vehicle for a few more years, not til the kids hit school age probably. I think I'll go for an SUV then but we need to pay this one off first.

I'm plotting on a new house right now though. I really would like one. Ours is rundown and awful. I don't even have company much because I don't want people to come in this place. I really need a new one with 2 kids. Probably not very practical though.... but with DH's new job and raise...???:
wombatclay's Avatar wombatclay 09:34 PM 07-21-2007
herbmama- was she a boob-aholic recently? The actual "growth" in a growth spurt is done while the babe is asleep. They tank up, up the boob supply, and then crash for a bit while doing the physical growing...when they wake up your supply will have adjusted for the bigger size and they're happy campers...

ETA- a new car probably wont happen for another year or so, and it wont be "new"...just new to us But we try to do a lot of research before buying the big ticket items.
adoremybabe's Avatar adoremybabe 01:22 AM 07-22-2007
I actually has some time to catch up on the posts! DH is putting DS to bed and DD and I are waiting to go upstairs when the boys are sleeping.

I think that it is amazing that as mamas we make the decision to give our bodies over in order to grow new life. We sacrifice more than the 9/10 months that it takes for our babies to grow. Our bodies are never the same after birth as most of us can admit. Even now my own body is continuing it's downslide.

I am having terrible yeast issues. After this birth and the birth of my son I had insatiable sweet cravings and this time around I also has a round of antibiotics for GBS. I have to make a promise to myself that before I get pregnant again I will be 100%. On Monday I am going to make an appointment with a naturopath to get some help. I just can't see how I will be able to ignore my cravings!

On the baby side of things. I am really relishing in getting to know Annie. I melt when she smiles and love the way she snuggles under my chin. DS will be 2 years old on August 5th and boy is he ever a 2-year-old! He can be the sweetest boy one minute and a stubborn little monster then next. He definately knows which buttons to push! He has also started nursing his babies. Although, I think he tries to hide it from me. What a goof!

Anywho, to anyone who is struggling with anything at this time. I wish you strength to get through it and the wisdom to know how to handle it.

Today marked the 5 year anniversary of my father's unexpected, accidental death. I wish that I could share my children with him in our physical world but I know that he is still here sharing in all of our wonderful moments.
StephNelson's Avatar StephNelson 02:57 AM 07-22-2007
Thanks herbmama3-7, I am tring to go easy on myself, right now is a hard time to move... We are 1/2 way done packing!

Torio *hugs* thanks mama!

Ok, I am thinking I may have a mild case of PPD, I have had 2-3 sessions of losing it and I am a bit depressed?

Any ideas on natural things I can do/take to help out with this?

wombatclay's Avatar wombatclay 02:28 PM 07-22-2007
Originally Posted by StephNelson View Post
Ok, I am thinking I may have a mild case of PPD, I have had 2-3 sessions of losing it and I am a bit depressed?

Any ideas on natural things I can do/take to help out with this?

Hugs mama. Hang in there.

The best natural treatments for mild PPD are more sun and more physical activity. Since herbal tretments for depression are usually not good for breastfeeding mamas (avoid St John's Wort especially) the sun/activity make for the most effective and safest option. Also increase your b vitamin and vit c intake in addition to a general multi-vitamin (prenatals are perfect)...supplements are good, but also get as much fresh fruit and dark veggies as possible.

One thing I did last time was to blend lowfat yogurt, flax oil, frozen blueberries, and a frozen banana together into a slushy smoothie, pop dd into the sling, and then I would walk around and around the block...drinking smoothie from a travel mug and getting some sun. I'd had a c/s so I was walking really slowly, but it was helpful to have the sun and air and exercise.
PatchChild's Avatar PatchChild 05:45 PM 07-22-2007
As Wombat said, get outside as much as you can. Sun, and just the physical and mental act of getting out of the house, can make a huge difference. Do you have any new moms groups near you? The hospital where I had Owen organizes one and it's fantastic. Pciture a small room with 20 or so moms, each with their baby. I think the oldest was 3.5 months. It's run by the LC from the hospital who is absolutely wonderful and really promotes exclusive breast feeding. What a relief, just to hear other people going through the same things you are. Also, it's an interesting experience to spend two hours in a room where at least two people have their breasts out at any one time.

Well, I survived Owen's growth spurt this past week, just barely. I swear, all he did was eat, sleep, and scream for three days straight. He'd eat ferociously, usually both breasts rather than just one like we've been doing. He'd fall fast asleep, only to wake up an hour and a half later screaming because he was hungry. Repeat for three days straight!! My poor nipples, and my poor sanity. I really felt like I was losing it by the end. Today though, I have my wonderful, cheerful baby back again and I'm so relieved. I've missed him!
laneysprout's Avatar laneysprout 10:57 PM 07-22-2007
hey mamas,

i've been MIA lately and just starting to catch up on posts. i think i, too, have had some mild PPD issues. none of my friends IRL have children yet and my best friend just suffered a miscarriage. i'm so sad for her and it makes me feel so guilty that i have been having a tough time adjusting to mamahood.

my parents live clear across the country and while DH's parents live 5 miles away, i'm reluctant to let them do too much. his mom is an "expert" on raising babies and it just makes me feel so incompetent when she is around, always singing to DD. i just don't have it in me right now.

i've also been having some strange physical things going on - a stitch that didn;t dissolve (from a 2nd degree tear) has made DTD too painful. and i started pumping on thursday in anticipation of a wedding we had to go to last night and for the past three mornings have had spotting after pumping. is this normal?????
StephNelson's Avatar StephNelson 12:58 AM 07-23-2007
Originally Posted by wombatclay View Post
Hugs mama. Hang in there.

The best natural treatments for mild PPD are more sun and more physical activity. Since herbal tretments for depression are usually not good for breastfeeding mamas (avoid St John's Wort especially) the sun/activity make for the most effective and safest option. Also increase your b vitamin and vit c intake in addition to a general multi-vitamin (prenatals are perfect)...supplements are good, but also get as much fresh fruit and dark veggies as possible.

One thing I did last time was to blend lowfat yogurt, flax oil, frozen blueberries, and a frozen banana together into a slushy smoothie, pop dd into the sling, and then I would walk around and around the block...drinking smoothie from a travel mug and getting some sun. I'd had a c/s so I was walking really slowly, but it was helpful to have the sun and air and exercise.

Yikes I was just about to take St. John's Wort!!! Do you know why it is bad to take it while nursing?
adoremybabe's Avatar adoremybabe 01:46 AM 07-23-2007
laney-Regarding the 'help' that your mil is giving you, in my opinion, she should focus on helping you with houshold stuff so that you can focus on your babe. If you need help with babe you can ask for it but you should be free to focus on your little one. As for feeling bad about not feeling like singing to your babe, don't put yourself down. I have actually felt the same guilt. Then I remembered that a few weeks ago my baby's favorite 'song' was my heartbeat and breathing rhythm. After I remembered that, I allowed myself to enjoy my baby in silence. So my advice to you is to try and do the same.

Also remember that hormones are really crazy during the first few weeks after birth. Be aware of PPD but give your body a bit of time to level out. Lord knows I needed it this time around!
saratchka's Avatar saratchka 03:24 AM 07-23-2007
Originally Posted by torio View Post
BTW, where do you feel the pinchy sensation during letdown? I have it too and it extends all the way up into my shoulders, neck, my back--not painful, but definitely weird.
For me, it's all in the breasts. The sensation is strongest about an inch behind my nipples, but I can feel it all through the entire breast. The pain is *much* worse if she goes more than three hours between feedings, but it's there to some degree even if she just ate 30 minutes before. It's a bit awkward sometimes because I let down randomly if she goes more than a couple hours without eating, so I'll suddenly feel this intense pinching feeling in my breasts while I'm, say, talking to a mechanic about the car. I can't help wincing and I don't have a clever cover-up story for my very apparent discomfort.

Interesting that you have it outside of your breast tissue. That sounds really uncomfortable! I seem to remember it finally fading when DD1 was six months old or so. That's when my supply and her appetite finally seemed to get within range of one another, but I'm not sure about causality. Hopefully your discomfort will go away soon!
willoLevin's Avatar willoLevin 09:27 AM 07-23-2007
If you don't mind telling, ladies, how are your bosoms feeling these days? Seriously, I think finally I am not feeling engorged every 2-3 hours now. Of course, I was thrilled to have that minor discomfort this time (I didn't with my first) since it made me feel like my milk supply really was better (I think it is.)

Anyway, is everyone feeling less milk-pressure, or should I be panicking that I was mistaken in not pumping after every night feeding these past two nights?

We bought gas drops for poor little A. yesterday. DS#1 rarely even needed to be burped after a feeding, but this baby is Mr. Painful Gas. Poor baby! Naturally, DH is really bad at burping him, too, so Mom and I are responsible for easing all those pains. At least I am finally starting to know which cries mean "ouch" and which cries mean "I'm hungry" and which cries mean "Ye gads! Something wet and unpleasant has appeared in my diaper!"

I'll hear today which color car the sales guy found for me in Connecticut. Everyone think Sapphire Blue thoughts (though I agreed to take Blue Onyx or Red Alert, too, whichever he could trade the gray one on the lot for! I need a color I can find readily in a parking lot--no black, white, or gray for me!!!) My FIL has been cleared to drive (he had hernia surgery), so I'm feeling guilty for every extra day I keep his car now. I'm just lucky that my car decided to poop out when I was inconveniencing him as little as I did... I couldn't have been without a car during A's first month--too many appointments. Naturally, now that my car is coming, we have very few things on the calendar.

PatchChild's Avatar PatchChild 10:26 AM 07-23-2007
Willo, I know what you mean about the breast changes. I'm starting to finally not be aware of them 24-7. It took until almost 7 weeks to be willing to sleep without a bra, because they were so sensitive that the sheet was painful. The only time I hit the really engorged feeling now is when Owen pulls a 5-6 hour block of sleep at night. Heaven! The breast pain is worth it. I've taken to pumping before I go to sleep, just to help cut down on this. He doesn't nurse as much at night anyway so it's not a big deal.

Speaking of sleep, he's started to be more mellow at night. I usually get a 4-6 hour chunk of sleep from him to start the night. From there, it tapers into smaller lengths of time, but that first bit is so good! Anyone else with good sleep news to report?
Jilian's Avatar Jilian 02:55 PM 07-23-2007
sorry for no caps i'm nak. i'm not so full anymore either. i rarely get engorged, it looks like my body is catching on to evan's schedule. i do still leak frequently and still have to wear nursing pads all the time. i think i wore them for 5 mos with ds1. maybe i need to invest in reusables, this is getting expensive. i havent tried the lily padz i bought yet, not sure if i'm ready for them. i don;t think i could discreetly put them on while nip anyway.
Robbins0614's Avatar Robbins0614 04:01 PM 07-23-2007
I'm not feeling nearly as full either, but I do have moments that sneak up on me if it has been more than about 2 hours since Joseph's eaten. He is still eating only with the nipple shield-he screams if I try to feed him without it most of the time. I try everyday if I can and once in a while I can get him to eat but its rare. How do I get him off it? It make NIP really challenging as it is not very discreet to be fumbling with the shield with a fussy baby who is really good at knocking it off. Grrrrr.

We're getting much better sleep lately too. At first since he lost so much weight we had to wake him to feed at night, and I'm still a bit scared to not set an alarm just to make sure he gets enough to eat. I felt so bad about how much weight he lost and how hungry he must have been for the first few days when we were having so much trouble feeding. It's making it really hard for me to not watch the clock when it comes to feeding-especially at night.

Our little guy has started something new that's really frustrating. He won't let anyone else hold him but DH or myself. He cries whenever anyone else holds him. He also wants to be held all the time-day and night, so this has been really challenging. And I'm having trouble getting much done since some things are really hard to do with a little one in arms or in a sling. What to do???
herbmama3-7's Avatar herbmama3-7 06:37 PM 07-23-2007
I am feeling full sometimes more than others, Jolie hasn't seemed to want to settle into any kind of nursing pattern or schedule, it has me and my body all confused: I NIP at church yesterday, (oh bad girl, exposing myself like that ), and I had a tank top on which I attatched a nursing pad into without a bra, I am so prone to plugged ducts that I try to go without a bra as often as possible, luckily my small breasts help with that. Anyway I was nip and had to lift the shirt a bit of course which also moved the pad out of place, and I soaked the entire right side of my shirt, which I didn't even notice until it litterally dripped onto my leg: . Thank God for my Mayan Wrap sling, I adjusted DD in just right so it covered the whole accident up, I love slings, just love them!! My let down can be very painful too, I feel it in my nipples mostly, but have also experienced the tingling sensation through my shoulder and back too. I grimace when it happens as well and seriously how could you explain that to a man? I was getting really frusterated this morning because my let down is so forceful that DD chokes on it shooting her in the back of the throat, she has to gulp very fast to accomidate everthing going into her mouth, it is really too much. Does anyone know anything about forceful letdowns and how to make the experience more pleasent for the babe?
Got to go, baby waking...
wombatclay's Avatar wombatclay 06:51 PM 07-23-2007
Not much time (the girls are insane today) but..

Over supply and strong let down info/ideas http://www.kellymom.com/bf/supply/fast-letdown.html

Gotta run. argh!!!!!!!!!!
herbmama3-7's Avatar herbmama3-7 07:37 PM 07-23-2007
Thank Wombat
wombatclay's Avatar wombatclay 08:15 PM 07-23-2007
ok...a few peaceful minutes I hope!

I usually nurse leaning back a bit to slow the flow. I also have a towel or cloth of some sort close at hand...when I feel the let down and dd starts pulling back, choking, or milk is coming out the corners of her mouth I pull her off and slap the towel over the nipple (no towel= squirt milk 4-5 feet). I wait till the tingly sensation fades (a few seconds, half a minute) and then put dd back on. At night I do the same thing with a second towel tucked under dd's head and chin to catch the spillage.

Also, when nursing I stuff my "off" breast with a towel or press on it to stop the flow. Between nursings I press on my breasts when my "mommy sense is tingling". But I agree slings are ideal cover up for leaks.
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