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wombatclay's Avatar wombatclay 12:16 PM 07-06-2007
They should make stickers that say "Letdown Happens!"

But yes...letdown can happen at random times, and especially if you haven't nursed in a while or you're feeling emotional. One good trigger is a crying baby...for a while I'd have letdown any time I heard a crying babe, even when it wasn't my babe. If you press against your nipples you may avoid leaking, but if you're having issues with plugged duct you may want to avoid the pressure and just make sure you've got extra breast pads.

Chinakat- Eliza has such an adorable look in that photo...sort of the wise little sage look. Was there a complication with your c/s? You should be able to do gentle stretching exercises (like hip circles, pelvic tilts, kegels, ankle/wrist circles, shoulder lifts) as soon as they feel good and gentle walks with your babe are also a good way to feel like you're returning to normal/helping your body shed pp edema while still honoring your body's need for rest and healing. I know the nursing staff had me taking 5 minute mini-walks every hour or so starting the morning after my c/s...and doing very gentle stretching exercises the morning I went home.

I know I always feel better when I feel like I'm "doing something" healthy for my body and getting a little sun/fresh air each day, and as long as you respect your healing body's needs for rest then you can probably start a gentle exercise program as soon as you feel up for it.

We all have such cute babes! Rowan is 1 month old today! Friends from Boston will be visiting for lunch today (they're stopping during a trip to see us) so today we'll be going out to lunch. We'll walk to Viva Taqueria and have "super burritos"...I'm feeling really housebound (despite our weekly coffee trip) so I'm doubly excited.

chinaKat's Avatar chinaKat 12:28 PM 07-06-2007
Originally Posted by wombatclay View Post
Chinakat- Eliza has such an adorable look in that photo...sort of the wise little sage look. Was there a complication with your c/s? You should be able to do gentle stretching exercises (like hip circles, pelvic tilts, kegels, ankle/wrist circles, shoulder lifts) as soon as they feel good and gentle walks with your babe are also a good way to feel like you're returning to normal/helping your body shed pp edema while still honoring your body's need for rest and healing. I know the nursing staff had me taking 5 minute mini-walks every hour or so starting the morning after my c/s...and doing very gentle stretching exercises the morning I went home.
No, no complications with the c/s -- in fact, I was up and about the next day and ready to go home. I've been walking and doing gentle stuff... I'm just looking forward to getting into a real exercise program, like where I actually sweat and get my heart rate up and stuff. I couldn't run (my workout of choice) for most of my pregnancy -- it was too uncomfortable -- and I really, really missed it. So I just can't wait to get active again.
brittneyscott's Avatar brittneyscott 01:28 PM 07-06-2007
Oh my! Connor has hit the "3wk" growth spurt. We were up ALL night. I didn't get to lay down at all until 1:30a. He nursed almost constantly from about 10-1 and then a couple more times in the night. I'm exhausted. How long does this last? And because of all the constant nursing the sore nipples are back. Urgh!

Well I have to go spend some time with DD before he wakes up again! Looks like I'll be taking it easy on the couch for a few days just nursing him. My LC is coming to do a home visit Monday to see how we're doing. She'll weigh him and check him out while she's here. I bet he's going to be huge after all this nursing!
Jilian's Avatar Jilian 03:03 PM 07-06-2007
I think someone asked about latch, here is a great link that really helped me get a good latch with ds: http://www.wiessinger.baka.com/bfing...latchlist.html



scroll to the bottom and there are tons of links.

Add me to the list of mamas who are less-than-thrilled with the pp body. I only have 2 pairs of jean maternity shorts that fit, even my fat pre-baby shorts won't come close to buttoning. WTH?! I only gained 27 lbs while preg and I'm sure I've lost at least half of that by now. My wedding ring does not fit either - at all. I have a hard time getting it over my knuckle...did my bones get fat too?

I forgot to add: I went to Target yesterday and their nursing bras are AWESOME! They are reasonably priced too - one was 12.99 the other was 14.99. Much better than the suck Motherhood nursing bras I have left over from DS1. They also sell nursing tanks very similar to the one I bought from expressiva.com but way less expensive. The bras and top have the plastic "click" closure which is my fave - it can be done with one hand and never pops open on its own.

I also bought some great nursing tops from expressiva that I'm very pleased with. They look like regular trendy tops and hide the pp tummy bulge. I'll post links to them later.
willoLevin's Avatar willoLevin 04:36 PM 07-06-2007
Body? What body? I'm still up at least 25 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight. I prefer not to think about it!!! I am now fitting into my maternity clothes from about halfway through the pregnancy. At least now my belly is squishy, so I can wear them a little tighter.

A. continues to be a sweet, mild-tempered baby at 3 weeks and 2 days. I'm hoping that means he'll keep on being a good sleeper! I think our family deserves that after the LOOOONG slow sleep deprivation torture his big brother put us through.

We've had some really good nursing sessions today, including two that didn't require supplementation afterwards. I'll keep my optimism cautious, having been burned before, but it feels really good to think MAYBE I'm meeting his needs, at least some of the time. (I only pumped one ounce instead of two after one of these good sessions, so I believe he really did take more.)

My Medela bottles (collection containers) are BPA free, if anyone cares about that. We just use the Dr. Brown's for formula when we run out of EBM. Considering how much burpier this kid is than his big brother, they seemed like a good idea for us. I wonder if a Dr. Brown's top would fit on a Medela bottle? Hmm... I'll experiment with formula in it, not EBM--too precious!

brittneyscott's Avatar brittneyscott 04:48 PM 07-06-2007
The pp body is awful isn't it? My pre-preg clothes are still too tight to wear. At least my maternity pants from earlier in the pregnancy aren't as tight now. I can get them on comfortably. I'm just glad I'm starting to lose some of the pregnant bulge look. Now its really just squishy fat. I really have to start doing the pp exercises to get in shape now that I'm not hurting from my tear anymore.

That's one more thing that's keeping me from going back to work. My job is very social and everyone tries to look good. Not nice for your self image when you just had a baby. I need to be back in my pre-preg clothes before I can go back to work so I can wear my work clothes. Maybe it won't take too long.

It'll be nice to be past the 6wk mark though so I can have some intimate time with DH. It'll be nice to somewhat have my body back and be able to be with hubby without the uncomfortable pregnant stuff. Oh well it's only about 3-4wks left.
wombatclay's Avatar wombatclay 04:59 PM 07-06-2007
So...lesson learned. Do not try to socialize with the friend you haven't seen in ages when both of you have toddlers who are missing their naps. And don't attempt this socializing at a funky taco shop during the lunch hour...especially if one toddler is a pick eater, one mama is pregnant, and one mama has a newborn. Sigh.

We had planned to meet around 10...plenty of time before naps and noonday crowds. But they didn't arrive till noon...and my friend's dh loves this little cantina so he didn't want my dh just picking stuff up to bring to the house. Nope, we all had to go there. Resulting in two toddler meltdowns, many nasty looks, and zero adult relaxation. By the time we got home Laia was screaming (she's asleep now but Roro isn't happy) and my friend's dd was a wreck so they left and...well...it wasn't the fun we had hoped for.

But it was funny, and made the day fly by!
PatchChild's Avatar PatchChild 05:44 PM 07-06-2007
wombat That certainly is one way to make the day fly by.

I can't believe Owen is almost 6 weeks old. Time is flying! I was sitting with him and looking at his hands and they have already grown so much. Do they have to grow up so quick?

I'd forgotten to post last weekend about his wonderful new achievement, rolling from belly to back. I blame the cloth diaper butt for allowing him to do it. Makes a nice pivot point once he's started to push himself. Fortunately, he's showing no desire to experiment from going back to front, so I don't have to worry too much yet. I thought it was a fluke when he did it, but he's pretty consistent. Apparently, hanging out on his belly is just not as much fun as hanging out on his back and looking around.

Here's my cutie at 5 weeks.
Owen Pics
jstar's Avatar jstar 06:53 PM 07-06-2007
hi everyone - i'm way behind and out of the loop. i did some skimming.

ebin is 5 weeks old tonight! but he's so big i feel like he's older. he's wearing some 9 month clothes which just makes me laugh. but you know how baby clothes are....sizes vary so much. he's super long in the torso though and every day i put on some outfit that he just wore a week or 2 ago and it is too small. they grow so fast!!!!!

ebin is still pretty mellow. he gets fussy when he gets gassy and i have been using gas drops once in a while. they help. he's spitting up a lot and i'm trying to still 'manage' the oversupply. i've changed from one-boob feedings to switching boobs before he's done with one so that i don't get painfully engorged. my 3yo has hit my boobs several times (both intentionally and not) and it HURTS SO MUCH. super ow.

my mom is here helping. we had my MIL here for the first 2 weeks and then 2 weeks alone. and now my mom is here for 2 weeks. my MIL is very baby-focused with her helping...ie won't let me change a diaper. my mom is very dinner-focused and is like 'here, he's dirty!' my mom is really keeping isaac busy though which is a great help. it is funny though how different my 'help' has been.

my mom hates it when i'm on the computer...for some reason. must be because i'm neglecting the kids so i haven't had much time to read and post! plus babe is more awake now too. easier to read and really hard to post with hands full.

babe calls....
herbmama3-7's Avatar herbmama3-7 06:54 PM 07-06-2007
PP body, I'm not even going to talk about it, it depresses me. Although I did get some great new tops at Target the other day, the kind that are "in" right now that are kind of fitted up top but flowy and longer down low, hides the fact that you have a bulge, makes me feel better as I had pretty fitted clothes pre-pregnancy and of course had to show off that bulge durring prg.

So I have a question, why is it sooo bad to bleed a little red blood still? I am almost 4 weeks pp. I use pantyliners now, about 3-4 a day, so it's not a lot, but it is RED. I feel pretty good so to speak, just tired from loss of sleep, that's to be expected. But what is the big deal to bleed for the full six weeks other than it is annoying? I don't get to rest here, Dh went back to work and life HAD to resume, so am I hurting myself by not resting up, am I not healed enough, what's the deal, anyone have any thoughts?

I will try to get a picture up, I just have to go and remember how to do it.

BTW everyones babes are just too precious and cute, they all look so well loved and healthy, good work momma's!
herbmama3-7's Avatar herbmama3-7 07:21 PM 07-06-2007
Here are some pics, I hope they work...
<a href="http://photobucket.com" target="_blank"><img src="http://i151.photobucket.com/albums/s157/turnermr3/playatmudlake-jolie1-2wksold041.jpg" border="0" alhttp://s151.photobucket.com/albums/s157/turnermr3/?action=view&current=Jolieonsheepskin028.jpgt="Pho to Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket"></a>http://s151.photobucket.com/albums/s...yalArch003.jpg

UUUggghhh They didn't work!!! Have to figure this out, sorry!!
wombatclay's Avatar wombatclay 08:16 PM 07-06-2007
Herbmama- I found flickr (http://www.flickr.com/) to be pretty user friendly in terms of loading/sharing pics. Free, fast, and easy... mmmmm....sounds like a fun time

Bleeding- my care provider describes birth as "pulling a muscle in your bottom" when she is explaining why you need to take it easy after birth. And she explains the bleeding by saying you essentially have a placenta sized/shaped "scrape/wound" in your uterus. It takes a while to heal over...and it can "tear" open pretty easily since not only is your body under stress and adjusting to wildly changing hormone levels, your blood volume is dropping and your scraped up uterus is changing shape for the first 6-8 weeks (making tissue healing a bit tougher to maintain). Unless the bleeding gets really heavy or lumpy you should be fine...the bright red color just means the blood is fresh (which would be a warning sign if you were getting HEAVY fresh bleeding).

PP bod- I'm going to see what Target has to offer. I've returned the three motherwear tops that didn't fit, and I need some nursing tanks pronto! I felt totally shlubby today walking around the Commons, and at Viva. I think part of the problem is I don't feel like I "just" had a baby...and I'm not so big that I look newly pp. If I'm not holding Rowan no one would look at me and say "Hey! A new mama!", they'd just say "hey! she shouldn't be eating that cookie!". Nothing fits right (my wedding ring doesn't fit either! that didn't happen last time and I weighed MORE so I really don't understand.) and so I feel sloppy and messy AND I feel like at this point I just look fat/jiggly.

I don't want to risk further damage to my tear, and I don't have so much energy to take dd1 & 2 to the park on my own (still wouldn't be able to chase dd if something happened), but I can't wait till I get the all clear and feel up to a more active day. I think that will do a lot to help... and in 9 months if I'm still wiggly/big it's back to South Beach I go!
torio's Avatar torio 08:20 PM 07-06-2007
We just had our 6 wks post-natal appointment with the midwives. Oberon weighs 10 lbs. 3 oz and Tolinka is 8 lbs. 14 oz. They were 5lbs.12 and 5lbs.14 at birth. I knew they were getting heavy--all that double slinging--but I had no idea. Everybody was really excited about how much they've grown. They'd like me to donate milk for a program they have with the local NICUs. I'm thinking about doing it, though I'd like to wait until my babes get just a little older before I begin messing with the supply. And both babes gave lots of cute smiles to all the midwives.

Oops. have to run. Will have to respond later.
xo to everybody.
AdInAZ's Avatar AdInAZ 02:38 AM 07-07-2007
So...I'm raising a giant! Took Sean to his one month well check today and he is 11 lbs 3 oz, and 23.5 inches long. No wonder none of his footed jammies fit anymore! Being the summer, I think I'll just cut the feet off and get a bit more use out of them.

With all this talk about PP, I decided to weigh myself today and much to my suprise, I am down to pre-preg weight. (27 lbs gone) I was shocked because I certainly don't look it. Still floppy and jiggly like everyone else. I am hoping to start up some mommy and me yoga class after I get the 6 weeks ok from my doc, but I haven't found any classes that are nearby. Anybody have a secret exercize that works well?
Corri's Avatar Corri 11:28 AM 07-07-2007
Just realized that I never updated my MDC mamas ... at first I was avoiding the DDC b/c I w so jealous that everyone was holding their babies, and then I've been so busy that posting seems like a vague memory! But Bean is sacked out on the couch beside me now, so I'm popping in to say that she arrived on her due date (the one I calculated, not the one the doctor told me - hah!), and life is good.

I went into labour at 1 am on the 25th of June, after three weeks of prodromal labour, and Bean was born at 9:40 pm same day. It was all back labour, which I wasn't entirely ready for, and with the help of my awesome doula and DH, made it through 8.5 hours of it (contrax 2 min apart) before I needed help. I got an epidural, which was heavenly, ended needing a pitocin drip and my water broken because Bean liked Inside far too much and her heartrate was starting to show some decels.

Despite my doctor getting worried and starting to talk about c-sections, however, Bean finally managed to rotate her last 1/4 turn and was born vaginally with less than an hour of pushing! I ended up with a 2nd degree tear and some stitches, but no episiotomy, no c-section, and a perfect, gorgeous, healthy (APGARS 8 & 9) daughter! I figure she heard the c-section talk, said "not in this lifetime," and rushed the exit.

Vital stats: Born June 25th, 2007 after 20.5 hours of labour. 7 lb 12 oz at birth, 20.5 inches long, lots of *blonde* hair! (both DH and I are redheads, but two of my grandparents were blonde). She's got a little stork-bite birthmark over her nose ("third eye" spot), and looks *exactly* like her dad's baby pictures.

The first few days were difficult for breastfeeding - our latch sucked, and I was bleeding and sore, but working with the public health nurse and our doulas made a huge difference and she's now eating like a total champ. Gained her birthweight back in nine days! She's got witching hour fussies that are tough to cope with sometimes, but overall she's a very well-behaved and entertaining baby. Sadly, she hates the slings with a white-hot passion, but the wrap and snugli have been deemed acceptable.

I popped a stitch last night and had some new pain and bleeding; I guess I'm trying to do too much, too soon. [sigh] I'm at that point where I feel just well enough to want to go out and be active, but not well enough to survive the trip. Grr, argh!
todavia's Avatar todavia 12:12 PM 07-07-2007
hi everyone-

it's taken me a few weeks just to read through all the posts and i haven't had time to actually write anything but i have to tell you, it's so comforting to read what everyone writes and know that we're all going through so many of the same things, good- gorgeous, thriving babies, growing confidence and not so good - fussy babies, sore nipples, body issues, pumping woes. it's a roller coaster for sure but i'm glad we're all on it together

carina is growing beautifully and starting to smile (mostly at dh). here are some pictures -


(excuse the shameless baby gap product placement, it was a gift and i try to send pix with my thank you emails.)

she likes: being held high up on my left shoulder (i know i'll need some major chiro work somewhere down the line) or in the sling (where she is right now so i can get some things done), sleeping on her stomach, laying down on her back with no diaper on staring at the pattern of the sofa, and breastmilk (from the source).

she dislikes: being put down (especially when she's awake but even when she's asleep i have to wait till she's really out and move super slow), evenings (lots of crying in the 6-10 time frame, not every night but more than enough for me), and pooping (lots of grunty crying followed by a poo explosion at least once a day).

she's on the fence about: me picking at her flaky scalp, baths (she seems to have liked a few and then screamed through a few others so who knows? she's getting over some of the baby acne though...) and bottles (she'll take it but she's not happy about it).

we're not really on much of a schedule as far as sleeping goes and on days when i can't get a nap during the day, i'm wrecked. my family was in town last week and it was great to see them and have them meet carina and play with keon but it was exhausting. and Why do people want you to go out to eat with a newborn baby? it just doesn't make sense. we're going to visit them on martha's vineyard for 10 days starting next week and i'm so anxious about it. it's a small house and the 4 of us will be in 1 room with a double bed, a pack n play, and a twin air mattress - yikes. i have the feeling i'll be doing most of my "sleeping" on the couch in the living room. oh well.

dp has been pretty good with everything. he's not a huge help with the baby but he picks up slack in other areas which helps. we actually just registered as domestic partners yesterday (the closest i think i'll ever get to being married). keon has become very attached to daddy and wants to be with him all the time which takes some of the pressure off me. he'll toss out the occasional " mama, do you love the baby best than me?" but seems to have taken it all in stride (for now, at least)

what else? not looking forward to schlepping us all to the park in the heat and humidity but i guess it beats staying inside all day (?)

hope everyone is doing well - sending love to you all.
herbmama3-7's Avatar herbmama3-7 12:18 PM 07-07-2007
Corri glad to hear your birth ended healthy and you are all doing well.

BTY I will work on those pics later, I just don't have a lot of time right now.
wombatclay's Avatar wombatclay 02:11 PM 07-07-2007
Corri- congrats! I'm glad you found us again, and yay for birth and babymoons.

violetisadora- congrats on the partnership. And Carina is adorable!

So Rowan has been swallowed alive by the monster of baby acne. She's had a few spots this week, and a scattering across her face but today...poor kiddo! Her face is covered in little bumps and even under her hair is all bumpy. I hope this is as bad as it gets and that it clears soon. Her big sis developed eczema (due to a dairy/egg sensitivity through the breastmilk) at the same time as the acne and it took months to clear so hopfully we wont go through that again!

I'm a bit sore after everything I did yesterday, but not too bad and no increased bleeding so...I'm going to go to Target after naps. Ah, the small victories and adventures. I think I'll start writing a mini series called "the mad adventures of two kids and a sling"
brittneyscott's Avatar brittneyscott 03:18 PM 07-07-2007
Corri- Congrats on a healthy baby and safe birth. I feel so much better now that I've read your birth story. I had the back labor with an epidural too. They ended up using forceps to get him out because of his heartrate dropping and I had a bad tear too. I was feeling really bad about not getting the natural childbirth I wanted and I'm just glad to hear someone had a similar experience. I wonder if the back labor is really harder on you than regular labor? My mom said it is (she had both kinds of labor) but both of mine were back labors.

Connor took a bottle today! I pumped and had DH give it to him earlier and he actually took it this time. I'm so glad. Maybe now I can get out soon and be able to go back to work in a couple of weeks. We're going to start giving him a bottle once every day or two so he can get use to it.

This growth spurt has to end though! We were up again last night. From 10-1 again he wouldn't be put down. Then up again 3 more times before I got out of bed this morning. I'm wore out and going to bed super early tonight like 4 or 6p! Only a couple of days though right? We're at 2 now. I don't think I'll live through more than about 4!

Sore nipple too. Is this just a thing or thrush or what? One is SORE! It hurts so bad I could cry. I have quit nursing on it b/c it hurts so bad. I'm pumping it every time right now. But it came out of nowhere and its just that one side. Any thoughts?
wombatclay's Avatar wombatclay 03:30 PM 07-07-2007
I'm sorry brittney! Maybe a plugged duct or milk blister? Is it swollen or red or does it feel better after pumping? Possibly a bad latch (or irritation from the pump)? I noticed my left side was more sore since I'm right handed and I was holding dd a little more loosely with my non-dominant hand. So your latch might have been off, leading to a sore nip...and the pumping is keeping the irritation going, maybe?

You can try using cool packs between feedings or a warm compress on the nip before a feeding, but I'd probably suggest nursing instead of pumping...pumping isn't as effective as nursing so you're running the risk of affecting supply in that breast as well as an increased risk of plugged ducts/mastitis since the breast isn't being drained. Is there an LC you could contact?

Either way...I'm sorry you've run into this. Breast pain is evil! Almost as bad as "I did too much, my butt hates me" torn bottom pain.
savvybabygrace's Avatar savvybabygrace 04:24 PM 07-07-2007
quickly while savannah sleeps:

went to ped. yesterday - asked about cord being infected (?) NP/LC grabbed alcohol and before i knew it, twisted the cord off and threw it out!!!! we kept emmas and it was very symbolic for me; the last part of her that had held us together for nine months. needless to say, i was heartbroken. and very pissed.

she's up! gotta go
tls's Avatar tls 05:18 PM 07-07-2007
Kiara had her 1 month appointment yesterday. She is a whopping 11lbs 13 oz, 22 3/4 inch long. AdInAZ - we'll have to get our giants together so they don't feel so big around other babies their age .

Doctor agreed with me about her acne looking more like a rash so I am cutting out different foods to see if that makes a difference. I'm starting with dairy, no more ice cream :.

I was also very impressed as I told the Dr. I want to delay vaccinations. She was supportive and gave me some information. I was expecting a fight. It was a good appointment. We don't have to go back for 2 months now.

The older kids and I have icky colds right now. I'm hoping Kiara doesn't catch anything. So far so good although she has been extra cranky for a couple days.

I hope you are all surviving the heat wave!!
Jilian's Avatar Jilian 05:37 PM 07-07-2007
Originally Posted by brittneyscott View Post
I wonder if the back labor is really harder on you than regular labor? My mom said it is (she had both kinds of labor) but both of mine were back labors.
YES! OMG back labor is so much harder and more intense. I had back labor this time around and not the first and this labor was a lot more painful. If there were an epidural at my house I probably would have gotten it! But I'm also thinking that my labor was fast and intense because DS needed to get out ASAP because with his heart defect he would not have tolerated a lengthy labor and pushing stage. He didn't come out posterior but he was posterior prior to labor and turned somewhere along the way. But my back hurt the whole entire time and still does sometimes.
wombatclay's Avatar wombatclay 05:48 PM 07-07-2007
Back labor is....oh gods, it's insane! With dd1 it was 32 hours of back labor. No breaks, no rest, no pain free moments. This time I kept waiting for labor to "get bad" and it didn't! Actually, this time I asked for an epi since I knew it would take an hour or more to be placed and I wanted to be ready for when it got bad. Thankfully my dh, doula, and nursing staff kept me going drug free and I was shocked when I started pushing since the contractions never got as strong/unrelenting as they were with the back labor.

So yeah, back labor throws the natural birth book out the window. It's NOT the way the body wants to birth and it's a heck of a lot harder on mama, babe, and support people.

Savvy- that's really rotten! I'm so sorry. Did they apologize? How is your babe's belly button?
jstar's Avatar jstar 07:29 PM 07-07-2007
we don't go in until 2 months and i'm dying to know how much ebin weighs now. he's a CHUNK. i guess i could check on our very inaccurate scale.

i *finally* ordered some birth announcements. only 5 weeks later all things in good time.

my postpartum stomach is squishy. i'm trying not to be too bummed about the stretch marks i got in the last 2 weeks around my belly button. but i keep checking and YEP...they're still there! ha.
maybe they'll look better with a tan

i had a nice 'getaway' for an eye appointment this morning. i left 3 bottles of milk and was tempted to disappear for some ME time after the appointment was over. (both boys were with grandma). too bad my eyes were dilated and driving was difficult
rock_dr's Avatar rock_dr 07:36 PM 07-07-2007
woohoo! got my new mei tai (ellaroo) and Loving it! the pouch wasn't working, ring sling was closer but not quite, but the er is juuuust right. we've been out (despite the heat) to several outdoor concerts, staying away from the speakers of course. All in all, starting to feel more human and more like a mom finally.

I am still spotting regularly at 4.5 weeks pp. bright red, sometimes with tissue but not real clots. Went through a pad just yesterday in 1 gush. I'm tired of this.

I also got a weird note today - my midwife is suddenly 'terminated' from the birth center. I haven't called her yet - am paranoid that my birth had something to do with it ('highly unusual'). gosh, I hope not I would feel horrible. Not that I really did anything but still.

Does anyone else have to 'practice' their baby's names? I know that sounds weird, but we mostly call her peanut or sweetpea so that sometimes I have to remind myself to call her by name. As a result we can't decide whether she's going to be an Ella or a Gabby. Almost like we haven't really named her yet. is that weird?!

violetisadora: your likes/dislikes list sound exactly like Gabriella! except add paci to G's list of likes. So far I haven't noticed a latch problem as a result. beware the poo explosions.
willoLevin's Avatar willoLevin 07:50 PM 07-07-2007
rock_dr, we regularly forget A.'s name. I think, if you haven't been using it during the pregnancy, that it is REALLY normal to do that. (I have to think so. We did it with both kids. )

About back labor... I don't know if that's what I had this time! My mom says it doesn't sound like how hers was, but I definitely has something going on in my back. Basically, with each contraction, my pain started in the front (where I expected it), then it radiated around and back, but DOWN into my tailbone, where I had a horrible, resonating/twanging pain that died out, but much more slowly (and less completely) than the pains in the front. (Mom said her back labor was up in her lower/mid back, not down low.)

So, was mine back labor? Or am I the world's only woman to have "butt labor"?!?

I will say this. My first birth--in a hospital, with a doctor, requiring vacuum and episiotomy, and 11 hours instead of 5 hours from water breaking to baby's appearance--was much easier. At the end of my first delivery, I was on a super high and shouted, "I can do that again!" At the end of this delivery, I found myself thinking I couldn't bear to deliver any more children and I was so thankful it was over. Hmm...

Darling little A. has been latching on and nursing MUCH better still today. Thanks be to God!!! I'm taking a bit of a pumping rest today and plan to only do three sessions total (instead of my usual 6-7.) My right nipple has been hurting. I finally see the reason why--a little... well, it looks like a paper cut! A small "slice" but not bleeding or scabby or anything. I don't know if A. did it or the pump did it. That is my "good" side, where A. nurses for twice as long and I get twice as much out when pumping, so I must figure out how to fix this owie ASAP. I can't lose the GOOD side!!!

We're going back to the LC on Tuesday. I hope it is healed/healing by then, but surely she'll be able to help.

Did I mention yet that I scheduled and Early Intervention visit for A. also? The LC suggested they could help us evaluate if he really has an oral motor issue, as I've maybe mentioned I fear due to his vice-grip tight latch-of-boobie-doom. I was trying to find a cranio-sacral therapist who works with babies, or physical or occupational therapist, but Early Intervention is free, so it is a fine place to start, I suppose. I keep wondering if his super-short trip through the birth canal with his head thwacking my sacrum may have gotten his little spine out of optimal alignment or something...

Must go check on Mom and the baby now. Oh how grateful I am for the help, even though I get grumpy about SOMETHING Mom does every day!

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I wonder if the back labor is really harder on you than regular labor? My mom said it is (she had both kinds of labor) but both of mine were back labors.
Yeah, I'd say so. Labor with DD1 was back labor. Thank goodness for my fantastic doula. I couldn't have made it through unmedicated without her expert hip-squeeze technique! This time no back labor, and I needed no support through any contractions. The last 5 were tough, but none before that required more than leaning on a wall or piece of furniture and breathing. I'm still glad I had the MW and doula, though. They were good company and, unlike DH, not worried about me when I breathed through a contraction, so they weren't adding stress to the experience.

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Why do people want you to go out to eat with a newborn baby?
what else? not looking forward to schlepping us all to the park in the heat and humidity but i guess it beats staying inside all day (?)
LOL! I love eating out with my newborn. It's eating out with my toddler that's a challenge.

As for the heat, I've been thinking about that lately. We're not supposed to put sunscreen on the new babes, so I've been dressing her in light fabrics but long sleeves and pants when we go out, and wearing her in the solarweave mei tai. I can't think how to keep her cooler (other than the stroller, which doesn't work well for us) but I still worry that she's going to overheat. Am I just paranoid? Anyone have words of wisdom or tricks for keeping baby cool?

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i *finally* ordered some birth announcements. only 5 weeks later all things in good time.
Then I'm late, too! Just got ours on Thursday and I've not yet even begun to address them!

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woohoo! got my new mei tai (ellaroo) and Loving it! ...
Does anyone else have to 'practice' their baby's names?
The mei tai is probably my favorite thing in the world right now. I've been wearing Rowan on my chest and Annalise on my back while shopping. I get some strange looks, but it keeps the newborn happy and the toddler contained - what more could a mommy want?

And we forget Rowan's name a lot. I tend to call my kids by odd nicknames (DD1 is Muffin-butt and Monkey-moo in addition to the usual "sweetie" and such) so we don't use first names often in our house either. But I try to incorporate their names into little songs and sing them regularly. Its a silly game, but helps keep my brain functioning while doing all those diaper changes, etc.

As for the pp body, I am terribly irritated by it! Nothing fits. My maternity clothes are too big and my regular clothes fit everywhere but the belly. The tush and thighs are bigger, but not enough so to keep me from wearing my clothes. But the belly is actually so big that I can't get my pants buttonned or zipped. : DH and I joke about how incredibly sexy I am (not) right now. I know it'll get better soon, but it's hard to be patient!
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DH and I joke about how incredibly sexy I am (not) right now. I know it'll get better soon, but it's hard to be patient!
I guess I'm lucky. My DH pretty much just sees how ENORMOUS my boobs are, completely ignoring the horror that is my lower body.

They got pretty impressive, considering I was a DD to start with. Of course, they ache and my nipples are so tender that I can't even hug anyone and can barely hold the baby without feeling tortured, so it isn't like DH gets to play with them, but he sure enjoys gawking.

Must go to bed right now while baby is sleeping in Grandma's lap downstairs... No nap for me today. SOOOOO exhausted...

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Home from Target...my butt hates me (mmmm, climbing into a car, bumpy ride, walking in store) but I found two nursing tank tops and a soft stretchy non-nursing bra (but it should work for nursing since I can just pull the cups out of the way. So I'm feeling good.

I mix up Laia and Rowan's names a lot...especially when one of them is crying!
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