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PatchChild's Avatar PatchChild 11:01 AM 07-04-2007
Welcome to a new month!!

Ks Mama's Avatar Ks Mama 11:42 AM 07-04-2007
Happy Independence Day USA folks!

DS turned 6 WEEKS this week - whoa! He's smiling back at us now when we tickle his cheek or smile or talk goofy - and always smiles at his sister , holding his head well, and has developed a definite dislike of his carseat - just like his sister did as an infant, ugh! We're waiting for the first time he'll imitate us sticking our tongues out. I just love that!

How're all the other C-sec moms healing? My scar is still itching a bit, and still numb, but otherwise, looking good. Still have the lovely baggy hangover the scar tummy. Nice.
wombatclay's Avatar wombatclay 11:46 AM 07-04-2007
Happy 4th all you firework watching mamas! It's raining here, but Ithaca does fireworks on the 2nd, so it's no big deal.

I'm still feeling pretty crummy, but the plug seems to have moved closer to the nipple so thats something, right? And it's certainly keeping my mind off my bottom!

Ooops..more later, gotta run!
Jilian's Avatar Jilian 12:51 PM 07-04-2007
Hello all, happy 4th! Has anyone checked the DDC lately? Lots of mamas were possibly in labor yesterday. I hope there are a bunch of mamas holding their new babes this morning. I never knew that red streaks were a sign of mastitis, I noticed a flaming red streak really close to my nipple a few days ago - it looks like a blood blister. I haven't felt any clogged ducts or had any real breast pain just nipple pain. I hope it's nothing.

I agree that moms are really hard on themselves and I think that is why so many women suffer from PPD. I'm still beating myself up for not realizing that my son had a heart defect sooner. The people at the ER were pretty brutal with us and made us feel negligent for having a homebirth. The ignored the fact that we had a level 2 u/s that showed that everything was developing perfectly. The people in the ER were gonna send us home too - so they even missed the defect. Luckily the staff at All Children's were more than supportive. But I just keep feeling bad and feeling like I should have known sooner that something was wrong. I did feel that something was wrong, but not something that serious. I'm so happy it all worked out, if another day had gone by he could have easily died at home - that is what I keep beating myself up over :

On a happier note, does anyone want to share baby pics so we can all see how adorable everyone's babies are? I took a whole bunch of pics of DS yesterday and I'm gonna get them online to share sometime today. For those of you who are not comfortable sharing pics online I understand. I just love seeing pics of all of our little ones.
saratchka's Avatar saratchka 01:19 PM 07-04-2007
Subbing. Happy 4th, everyone!
wombatclay's Avatar wombatclay 01:35 PM 07-04-2007
I checked the DDC (to post a link here) and some of the mamas are pretty bummed out over the prodromal labor...but one or two haven't posted so finger's crossed they're holding their babes!

On a similar topic...has anyone heard from mrsalf97? Did I miss an update? Her labor stopped after hours of pushing and her mw wanted her to go to hospital?

The kellymom site has a great page that compares plugged ducts and mastitis...and treatment ideas. I'm hoping I caught things fast enough. Of course, with general pp aches, pains, and fatiguev it's hard to say what is due to the plugged duct and what is just "life".

I was thinking about the comments about getting annoyed with the pp "stuff". I think for me it's really come down to support and expectations. When Laia was born my mom came over every day to clean and bring me tea/juice/meals. So all I did for the first 2 weeks was sit on the couch or stay in bed with dd nursing and healing from the c/s. My herbal sitz baths were sort of indulgent "mini spa" moments and dh had a lot of time (as a graduate student) and energy to make store trips, rub my feet/back, and generally pamper me while I cared for dd.

But this time...my mom watched Laia for just one day, DH had to go back to work after being home just a few days, and although we had some pre-made meals no one was "taking care of me"...yes, I'm mostly just sitting on the couch but I'm still feeding/amusing a 2yo and if I want some tea I have to make it while holding Rowan and distracting Laia. When dh is home he's giving me a break by watching dd1, but there hasn't been time for us...no cuddles, mornings in bed with a sleepy newborn, or backrubs. And my "break" is looking after only one kiddo for an hour or two.

I'm not really complaining, I know I've got a lot more support than many mamas, I'm just trying to figure out why this pp period is so much more frustrating. And for me it's the fact that without someone supporting me in the day to day basics of food prep/cleaning/toddler care everything that involves caring for myself (no matter how vital) seems like a "waste" of time. I take a sitz bath every day for 10 minutes...it's important, and necessary, but instead of feeling relaxed and mini-spa I'm watching the clock and planning what still needs to be done during the day.

So a lack of support and a change in what needs to be done = annoyance at the totally normal pp events.

and having written a book I'm off to make dd1's lunch and hopefully get her to nap by noon!

ETA- http://www.flickr.com/photos/8438721@N07 has a few newish pictures...
savvybabygrace's Avatar savvybabygrace 01:58 PM 07-04-2007
savvy and i say hi! 1 handed typing isn't going well, lol!

find pics here (my blog):http://mommypromises.blogspot.com/
adoremybabe's Avatar adoremybabe 02:01 PM 07-04-2007
Wombatclay I could have written your post. Unfortunately I feel like I have a bit of PPD. I have been talking to DH and my mother about it so I know everything will be okay. This adjustment of taking care of a toddler and an infant has been harder than I imagined it would be. When I am cuddling with Annalise all I can do is think of the things that I ned to get done. I am not even giving myself the time to connect with her like I did with William. DH does help when he gets home from work but summers are really busy for us with projects that need to get done. I love DH and the fact that he is a real "go getter" but, sometimes all I want him to do is SLOW DOWN. If my family lived closer I know that my sister would give me a bit of relief but that is not the case. Hmmm.... you'd think that having my MIL live next door would be nice. But she doesn't offer any help.

Anyway, I have to make sure that I take my vitamins and supplements everyday and eat and drink well. Then I can usually manage to get through the day. Annie's baptism is this Sunday so I have a house to get ready for the mini party afterwards. Luckily I have the brains to tell myself that even if the house isn't perfect....who cares.

I have a good friend that had surgery on Tuesday to remove a mass from her breast. All I know so far is that the Doc thinks that he got everything. Tests have to be done to find out if is is cancerous. After hearing this news I felt so foolish for feeling sorry for myself. I will be calling her today or tomorrow to see how she is doing. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Jilian Please know that everything happens in it's own perfect timing. I know, easier said than done but. Maybe, if you had taken your babe into the ER sooner they really would have sent you home. My thoughts are with you as you are coping with this.
herbmama3-7's Avatar herbmama3-7 02:19 PM 07-04-2007
Wow Jilian that IS scary! I am so glad to hear everyone is ok, ESPECIALLY your little ds!!

Willo I just want to say Momma your doing great!! I mean you really are trying hard and you are giving your baby so much love and care just with the work your putting in!! He is lucky to have such a determined loving mom!! There is no shame in wanting to stop, I wouldn't call it quitting because you have given it every effort thus far, I mean I wouldn't be able to do it, I really, really wouldn't!!

Wombat so glad to hear your duct is clearing!

DD has started "waking up", having more awake time that is, I can't believe she will be 4 weeks this monday, I am already starting to forget what she was exactly like that first day! I can't help but wonder what her personality will be like as a toddler etc...Also I was completely blown away that I have a daughter to raise, that is a lot of responsibility these days, (as is a son), but it is so important to raise confident secure women! I guess this struck me because I was complaining to dh about my body and was just struck with the thought that I should never let dd hear me talk negative about my body as to not give her presumptions as what a body "should" look like, I want to her to love her body and others and view them as beautiful no matter what!! KWIM?
wombatclay's Avatar wombatclay 02:46 PM 07-04-2007
savvy- too cute!

adore- hang in there, and if you think you may be developing ppd get help soon! I waited and it just doesn't go away...check out the PPD threads/forum here at mdc for support too. There are some amazing mamas there.

I don't have ppd this time (though I wasn't officially diagnosed till 6mo pp last time) but I agree...the move from one kiddo to two is kicking my butt. Especially now that Rowan is more awake and crying more. I HAVE to put her down more in order to care for Laia and she cries...and it breaks my heart. And then Laia cries when I pick up Rowan! Ah well...every day we're closer to a new normal.

I just din't know what we'll do when my mat leave runs out. Ugh.
Keeping up's Avatar Keeping up 03:13 PM 07-04-2007
I am still in shock that it is July - what happened to the month of June (I know the answer but still shocked about that too!!!)

Here is a photo at 5 days - the poor little guy has a horrible case of acne so I don't want to take too many pictures (who wants to remember that). He is 3 wks today so I do need to take a few more.


Not to forget my other little ones


My husband went back to work today. We went out for lunch yesterday as our 'last' day together. I am really sad. While he doesn't do much on the baby care front (he actually rocked him to sleep last night while I put the older trio to bed), it is so nice not to be alone in the house. I have written a few friends emails today to kick start my social life.

The babe is doing well - so far a very calm baby so I am feeling very at ease.

Great pics Wombatclay and savvy - I love seeing the pics of the babes and their siblings.

I found one kiddo to two a HUGE leap (to three and now to four much easier). I am not sure if you have the whole 'only child' worries, not use to having absolutely no personal time (I am use to that now!), or what but I found it very difficult. I do hope everyone finds their grooves soon.

I also agree that we are too hard on ourselves. I have never been too 'natural' (but not too mainstream either as compared to my friends). But, I do find these boards, in particular, are very hard on themselves. I think of Jillian and Evan - and a happy & healthy babe is key. If you had c/section, had an epidural, supplement with formula, don't co-sleep etc. but your baby and YOU are happy & healthy, we are winning the game. A little give n'take will make it all much easier to deal. This isn't a competition.
dara00's Avatar dara00 03:19 PM 07-04-2007
hi everyone, my recent pics are at http://flickr.com/photos/dara00 ! Hope you all enjoy July 4.
Woodland's Avatar Woodland 03:52 PM 07-04-2007
My little Woodland is 2 weeks today, birth was an awesome experience and he is a great little guy...but I have developed an evil rash called puppps. It is all over my lower half and boobs and I feel like I am going to die. Usually people get puppps during pregnancy but mine didnt show up until after birth. I guess it usually lasts about 5 weeks tops after you have the baby. So I have about 3 weeks left of this, it seems to be getting worse too. There is no cure for it, I have just been taking antihistimines and applying an insane amount of calamine.

While I am whining, we have been using nipple shields for my mostly inverted nipples, and I have been working to get the baby off of using them..but now I have this rash on my boobs too, everytime he moves his little hand across my boob I pretty much die, so now I am not even trying to wean off the shields.

other than that everythng is dandy...I just love my new babe!
dara00's Avatar dara00 04:13 PM 07-04-2007
oh wow, I had that in my pg with my dd but it went away almost as soon as she was born. I feel sorry for you!
torio's Avatar torio 04:22 PM 07-04-2007
Hello all, hope all the ouch spots--wherever they might be--feel better soon. I really feel for all you mamas with a toddler to care for. I was advised that twins would be terribly difficult and that I wouldn't be able to manage w/o huge amounts of help. I'll admit it's a challenge and we can't really afford help, my family lives far away, etc. , but it's not so bad as I'd been led to believe. I think having a slightly older child to care for would be much tougher.

Obie and Tala are doing great. 6wks old today and growing fast. We've shifted into a phase where they don't poop EVERY SINGLE diaper which is nice for the washing process and we're definitely sleeping a few solid chunks of time each night. I figured we've had a good night when, after nursing, they go quietly back to sleep instead of making me sit up with them both on the boppy nurse-sleep-grump-nurse for hours on end.

Obie's rolling over, though once he's on his stomach he can't get back up again. But he seems darn proud of his ability to hold his big head up.

Oooh, both babes are sleeping soundly--I'm off to the shower!
willoLevin's Avatar willoLevin 05:31 PM 07-04-2007
Depressing day in nursing here. I just can't get A. to latch on and stay on today.

So here's what I've decided. I'm going to set myself a schedule of every three hours. I'll offer the breast to A., who can take it or leave it. Then, I will pump. I think I won't wear out on that schedule, and at least I know A. will get some breastmilk.

So far today, in four pumping sessions, I've gotten 7 oz, which is the most I've yet pumped in a day. I hope that means my supply is going in the right direction.

wombatclay's Avatar wombatclay 05:58 PM 07-04-2007
7oz is great!

What sort of pump do you have? I actually found my Isis manual pump more effective than the PIS the hospital suggested. I know it's pretty unusual that a manual worked better, but... the Isis is around 50 dollars at Target and it may be worth trying.

I think you're doing an amazing job though Willo...and I really admire your ability to balance your needs with your little one's needs. I'm still trying to find that sort of balance. Actually, writing everything out earlier led to talking with dh and we've got some ideas...he really wants to help, it's just tough figuring out what we can do in terms of taking care of "me".

I've been nursing as much as possible on my "ouch" boob today and things are getting better. Fever and joint pain gone, chills gone, lump gone. All that's left is the pain in the breast and just a little swelling. So there's hope!
brookibabe's Avatar brookibabe 06:11 PM 07-04-2007
AdInAZ's Avatar AdInAZ 06:56 PM 07-04-2007
Wow! Everyone's children are so beautiful! I've got to start taking more pictures before the newborn phase is over. I only have pictures from the birth and hospital. We'll see if we can rectify that today...

Even though I struggle with the transition from one child to two, I think I am having an easier and a more fun time with this baby. I had a painful experience breastfeeding with Maggie, with cracked nipples for 2 months, which may have done a lot for a bad mood. Things went easier once those nipples healed, but this time around, I'm generally happier, more easy going, and recovering faster as well. I'm still having challenges with Maggie, but nothing too severe. She is being more gentle with Sean and doesn't feel the need to hold him 24/7. (yay! MY baby!) I remember going grocery shopping with my first baby at 3 weeks old and both of us having a complete meltdown in the store. I also remember crying non-stop at my 6 week PP checkup. Sean turns one month old on Friday, so while we haven't passed that milestone yet, I think I'll be having a better experience. I'm guessing I had some mild baby blues last time.

Well, its 117 today. Maggie is outside splashing in the kiddie pool while dh is grilling. That just leaves me and Sean to enjoy the peace and quiet and COOL air inside. Off to nurse and nap...
willoLevin's Avatar willoLevin 07:48 PM 07-04-2007
Lighthearted comment, PAK (that's Pumping At Keyboard ):
A. has peed on both my mom and now my dad, but not yet me or DH...

Keep writing lots of posts so I have stuff to read while I pump, okay?

It really does help me to hear your supportive comments. Thanks, guys.

Jilian's Avatar Jilian 07:54 PM 07-04-2007
I have a funny (well not so funny for DS) peeing story. When DS was only a week old DH was changing him (at night in the dark) and he peed. He peed all over his face and it got into his mouth. DH was freaking out and when DS was sick DH was convinced that it was because he got pee in his mouth (this was before we knew it was a heart defect).

So since then I've been picking on DH for letting DS get pee in his mouth. Last night I was changing DS and I was at the point where I was lifing his legs so I could slide a clean diaper under his bum and he peed. He peed right in his eyes. I started yelling for DH and freaking out. So now DH is picking on me. DS is fine but we're gonna need to invest in some of those pee-pee-tee-pees because DS is pee-happy. He's still on diuretics from his heart surgery so he pees ALL THE TIME.
vannienicole's Avatar vannienicole 08:05 PM 07-04-2007
rock_dr's Avatar rock_dr 08:25 PM 07-04-2007
just subbing - I love everyone's pictures! mine are in the siggie. Can't believe she's 1 month old already - time for new photos.

Jilian - my goodness a car accident on top of everything else? Glad you're all OK and you'll have some stories to tell the LO won't you!
wombatclay's Avatar wombatclay 08:28 PM 07-04-2007
It's not pee, but dd1 urped right in dh's mouth when she was about 3 months old. She nursed and dh was goofing off with her...sort of lifting her up over his head...and URP! Right in his face and open mouth.

Jilian- one reason babes pee during dipe changes is the change in temperature on their belly. Sometimes covering the belly with a towel stops the fountain....though I doubt a towel can take on the diuretics and win!
Jilian's Avatar Jilian 08:31 PM 07-04-2007
What beautiful children everyone has!! I'm not sure if this will work or not because I just joined snapfish but here is a link to our 4 week pics:
dara00's Avatar dara00 11:17 PM 07-04-2007
Zachary's not peeing at diaper changes so much anymore. DH wanted to invent the pee pee tee pee until he saw it already exisits!

adinaz, I was the same way with my first, crying at the OB and all that. this time is going much better! btw my grandma lives in scottsdale and we have tickets for labor day weekend!

congrats vanessa!
OTMomma's Avatar OTMomma 11:43 PM 07-04-2007
Ian is now 12 days. Where he was 9 lbs at birth, I really feel like I have a one or two month old! He is such a little chunk! I've nicknamed him our "Little Bear", since he's so big and he makes so many odd little noises, sort of like a baby bear. LOL

Willo- Good for you pumping! Pumping is hard work! This time around I'm using a Harmony manual pump by medela that I really love- it works way better than any of the pumps I tried with dd. I'm fortunate that I don't have to pump, I'm just making a stock for "in case" in the freezer.

Jillian- The Pee stories are funny! We haven't had any such interesting ones with our ds, yet. I'm sure it will happen.
brittneyscott's Avatar brittneyscott 02:43 AM 07-05-2007
What kind of bottles are everyone using to give baby relief bottles? How long did you wait before trying to give a bottle of ebm to baby? I'll be going back to work in a couple of weeks and want to get ds use to a bottle before then.

What do you do when baby gets gas? would you give mylicon at 2 wks? With DD I preferred to give her a bottle of sugar water (4oz water w/ 1/2tsp of sugar). It worked great but I'm worried about nipple confusion giving him a bottle this young. What do you think? I posted this in the june thread but didn't get a response.

DS is growing so fast. I'm trying to soak up every minute of this. I don't want to forget any of it.We aren't planning on having anymore kids so I want to enjoy my last baby. It's a little sad to think I won't have anymore little ones. Oh well maybe I'll get over that feeling soon.
firefly mama's Avatar firefly mama 02:48 AM 07-05-2007
Willo -
You pumped 7 oz in half a day IN ADDITION to nursing? That is awesome! That is more than many ebfers get. I tend to get around 1 oz when I pump each time.

Speaking of pumping, I'm getting tired of doing it twice a day. It is really hard for me to fit it in during the mornings with a fussy infant who wants to nurse and a crazy toddler who wants to play. Someone is always crying by the end of the pumping session.

I had a really hard day yesterday and realized (confirmed whay I already knew actually) i'm not cut out for full-time SAHMness. Wish I was, but I think a half-time job is really great for me. Right now I've got my PhD to finish, so I think I'll be throwing me all into that over the next few months. Hopefully I'll work out some form of daycare...cause finishing school ain't going toi happen with my current mommy load. Too bad I'm not getting pais for any of this (mommy or school).

I can hear the big fireworks in the distance. Wonder when I'll get to see those live again.
willoLevin's Avatar willoLevin 03:31 AM 07-05-2007
Originally Posted by firefly mama View Post
Willo -
You pumped 7 oz in half a day IN ADDITION to nursing? That is awesome! That is more than many ebfers get. I tend to get around 1 oz when I pump each time. ...
yeah, i'm thinking more and more that my supply isn't low this time--rather A is troubled in his nursing/latch skill. In 7 nursing sessions all day yesterday (midnight-midnight), I got 13 oz!

Last time, like you said, I got typically about 1/2 oz per session (combined total!) and never more than 3 oz in one day. Huge increase, obviously.

Making a homemade "hands-free" bra has helped this time (more relaxed), plus massaging the breasts (only possible due to aforementioned bra), plus I got the "soft fit" flanges which are so much more comfortable than my old rigid ones...

I'm still struggling, but at least I know I'm making a significant amount of milk--at least half of what A. needs!

He FINALLY nursed well again just now before this pumping session. Such a relief. (He nursed a little at bedtime, too.)

Every time he rejects the breast, I get a little crazy from the full-boob-milky-hormones, plus the fear it will be the last time he ever nursed...

But we are okay right now. Must stay in the moment.

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