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lexbeach's Avatar lexbeach 11:12 PM 07-03-2003
Well, after months of excessive drool like I never imagined, one of my 4.5-month-old babies finally has the tip of a tooth poking through his gum. It is on the top, which surprised me because I thought babies always got bottom teeth first (??). Luke (tooth boy) has been really clingy, wanting to nurse a lot, not sleeping well, fussier than usual, and has a runny nose. I am wondering if this could all be due to the tooth, or if maybe he has a cold?

What other symptoms are associated with teething?



alie's Avatar alie 12:16 AM 07-04-2003
All of the symptoms you noted, also slight fever or even vomiting/spitting up more profusely in my experience. Sometimes babies get little cold sores too, maybe caused by the excessive drool.
Mariposa's Avatar Mariposa 04:06 AM 07-04-2003
just wanted to add that sometimes their poops get more acidy and they get a yucky diaper rash. abby got her first 4 with just fussiness and clinginess at 10 months. but, she is getting in some more and has been pooping a yucky green poop way more often than her normal once a day poop. it was eating her skin away no matter what i did, but is much better now.

abby definitely nursed more and woke up more at night to nurse more than she had been. right now, she is really fussy and bites on everything.

good luck with teething! i can't imagine doing everything in double!
Twinsmama's Avatar Twinsmama 02:42 AM 07-08-2003
Darcy has sprouted her first little tooth this week. Boy, is it sharp. Anyway, I have noticed similar symptoms...a lot of drooling, and increased fussiness in the late afternoon/early the point where I am having to give them Tylenol and take them for walks almost every evening, no matter how tired I am. Cold teething toys help slightly, but they can't seem to hold them in their mouths, and I get real tired of sitting there doing it for them for hours on end. Plus a lot of the teething things are just plain too big for their mouths. I do, however, recommend this thing, even though it is kind of big:
It keeps cold MUCH longer than most other gadgets that you can only stick in the fridge.