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CeraMae's Avatar CeraMae 07:12 PM 07-14-2003
Firts time mamma here with a question . . .

For the last couple of weeks my 1mo has become a VERY vocal sleeper. He's a very calm, mellow baby and at first used to just grunt and stretch a little before waking, but would sleep peacefully through. Except for little baby noises and stretches every once in a while, which is normal I know.

But now he just doesn't seem to be sleeping as well anymore. In his sleep he is constantly squirming and making noises, kind of like the noises an adult would make if going #2 and having a hard time about it He just seems so restless, and I can't figure out why he's so vocal and squirmy in his sleep. At first I thought that he was "backed up" but his movements are normal and he isn't gassey, so that isn't it. So now I'm wondering if it's just normal.

Anyone out there have advice??

crat19's Avatar crat19 01:01 AM 07-15-2003
Do you swaddle him up nice and tight? My little guy was getting really squirmy and keeping me from getting any kind of decent sleep. One night when he was really grumpy (growth spurt), we swaddled him up really really tight. He was fast asleep within a minute and slept real well through until his usual feeding time. Maybe try that??