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Yin Yang's Avatar Yin Yang 01:00 PM 07-15-2003
I have a good question.....
Can you tell me what do I really need and WILL use with my newborn as far as lotions, soaps, creams, diper rush ointments and such? There is so many things on the market, but when I really think about it - what will I trully use? I am going to be breastfeeding, cloth diapering, so what is it newborn can really use?
I guess some kind of gentle lotion and perhaps something to wash him with occasionaly, but I can not really think of anything else.

Eman'smom's Avatar Eman'smom 03:29 PM 07-15-2003
What do they really need, diapers, some little blankets, maybe a few onesies. As far as washing, we used, and still do Cetaphil. Some of that on a soft washcloth or piece of flannel.

If you have car or your baby in the hospital, a car seat.

Ds only ever had one diaper rash, and he was over a year at the time, we used the desitin we got as a shower gift.

Nice things would be a sling/bjorn carrier. I also loved my Avent hand pump.

But really babies don't need stuff. It's all a marketing tool.
Yin Yang's Avatar Yin Yang 03:36 PM 07-15-2003
Thank you for you post.......
I hate having house full of stuff nobody ever uses. I love throwing things away We are certainly not buying any unneccesary things for the baby. The only thing that is hard to resist is buying clothes b/c it's so cute!!
I have all diapers ready, sling, everythnig. We will co-sleep so no crib either. My mom is bringing me a beautiful pram stroller over from Europe (these cost here over $500! and are hard to find anyway).
So all I was really asking is about the "baby cosmetics"

captain optimism's Avatar captain optimism 03:49 PM 07-15-2003
In my experience, other people will buy you nice things for the baby, and in our case that included cosmetics like Weleda creme and lotion, sponges, washcloths, towels, etc. We really ddidn't have to buy him clothes or toys, either. Not because we didn't need things, because we got gifts galore.

If by some miracle no one buys you these things--it's useful to have a bathtowel with a hood and a really soft washcloth. So far the best washcloth we got was a freebie from a SAHM company when we bought diaper covers.
Yin Yang's Avatar Yin Yang 04:01 PM 07-15-2003
I am afraid but we can not count on anyone buying anything for us. My family lives in Europe, although they do their best to help - I don't have anyone here and my husband's family is bunch of....... (no complains)
But we were fortunate enough to have fantastic neighbours who have thrown us cute little baby shower I would love to thank them for that!!
And if people do buy stuff for us, it's usually plastic toys and such
I really like Weleda company and will probably buy stuff from them.........
Plus I must not forget, that I have been blessed with a great friend Marlene, who owns cloth diper business and gave us some very sweet and useful gifts! Thank you Baby Naturale
wombat's Avatar wombat 05:54 PM 07-15-2003
For a newborn, you just need water. The only thing I've bought is a gentle baby wash for a bath twice a week. dd is 5.5 months and we've never used anything other than the babywash and we've only used half a bottle so far. I use non scented baby wipes too. The peds recommended not using wipes the first month (cause of chemicals on them) and just using wet wash clothes. But we used wipes and didn't have any problems.
Cassafrass's Avatar Cassafrass 12:41 AM 07-16-2003
Well, its not a cosmetic; I guess it falls under the "toy" category..If you have a ceiling fan, turn it on even in winter. Hours of enjoyment and utter fascination...
lexbeach's Avatar lexbeach 10:25 AM 07-16-2003
We have the Weleda Calendula diaper cream, and it works really well (though only one rash so far. . . the calednula cream cleared it up in one day). We also use an organic baby wash every once in a while when the spit-up smell gets overwhleming. My babies also get a bunch of soap-free baths because they LOVE bathing, but I worry that using soap everyday (or sometimes a few times a day!) would dry out their skin. You don't need any baby lotion. When your baby is born, she/he will have really dry skin and it will all peel off. You'll wish you could put some lotion on, but don't! The skin will learn how to moisturize itself within a week. My babies never have dry skin. You may want some sort of baby massage oil, although olive oil works fine too. This is only for if you're planning to do infant massage.

Good luck!

Yin Yang's Avatar Yin Yang 10:32 AM 07-16-2003
Thank you, great advice! Now I know........
CeraMae's Avatar CeraMae 05:52 PM 07-16-2003
Pavlina~ I know what you mean about the baby cosmetics. I read up a lot before having Davis and was convinced I wouldn't use any bc from all the research I've done, "less is more." Babies are born with perfect skin and soaps, lotions, etc will only "mess" it up.
However, after having my baby I did feel that I needed to at least wash his diaper area, bc regardless of how perfect his skin is I felt that I needed to keep it clean of residue. I take a bath with him every week in just water, and use a tiny bit of Dr. Bronner's Aloe Vera Baby-Mild on that area. I don't use a washcloth but use my hands, and he loves floating around with Mamma! Also, everything I've read says that if you do use anything on your babies skin, just use pure oil because no matter how "natural" and "pure" the baby cosmetic stuff is, it still has things added that the baby doesn't need. So I have some Almond Oil and some Olive Oil that I'll rub on his bum after diaper changes or on dry skin if it hasn't cleared up after a few days. Oil on his bottom was so nice in those first days to keep that sticky merconium off, and now I use it after using my cloth wipes+solution (plenty of recepies on Diapering Forum) out of habit. I know another poster mentioned only using water and a washcloth after changes, but for me I just felt wrong not washing that place due to all the bacteria, etc.
Good luck with your new babe!!
Quirky's Avatar Quirky 09:47 PM 07-16-2003
I really like California Baby's super sensitive bodywash/shampoo and Burt's Bees diaper rash ointment, although I like the Weleda as well. Really, less is more when it comes to ointments/products.

Don't use baby powder; one, it's not necessary, and two, it can hurt baby's lungs.

As far as baby gear, I highly recommend getting a nursing pillow. It will make your life so much easier. I like the My Brest Friend much better than the Boppy. Also get yourself a tube of Lansinoh lanolin for your nipples. You will only need one, a little goes a long way!
Sofiamomma's Avatar Sofiamomma 11:09 PM 07-16-2003
Ditto the less is more. I shower with her every 2-3 days and use a little Healthy Times baby wash to get rid of any sour smells. When I change her diaper I just use washcloths with plain water. I did use some almond oil when she was very little to give her massages and to keep the meconium from sticking when she was first born. Her bum has gotten a little red and irritated on occasion and for that we use the Weleda diaper rash care cream. Sometimes I put Weleda calendula baby cream on her bum if she's going to be wearing her diaper all night, but mostly I change her at least once during the night. When she is older I will probably use the calendula cream to protect the cheeks on her face ( ) during the winter from the wind and the cold.

Oh, and not really cosmetics, but to go along with cosmetic care, I like having some sharp nail clippers, Q-tips, and a bulb syringe. I'm planning to add some teething remedies to my medicine cabinet on my next shopping trip.
Staceyhsmom1's Avatar Staceyhsmom1 11:36 PM 07-16-2003
My Baby is 4 mnths old and I use apricot oil and massage her after every bath. I am still using the same special soaps, they last a longtime!