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wombatclay's Avatar wombatclay 05:37 PM 09-25-2007
Hugs Jilian... I'm glad they ruled out the super scary stuff and wish you all a germ free winter!

PatchChild's Avatar PatchChild 07:06 PM 09-25-2007
Germ free wishes to us all. Sick babies are just no fun at all. I'm keeping my fingers crossed because Owen goes for his 4 month shots on Thursday and last time he had a nasty fever afterwards. We're chatting with the Pedi about spreading out the shots more to try and avoid doing that again. DH will be home all day with him after the appointment because I have a meeting that I really can't get out of. I might be running home right after it though. Poor babe.

Owen's grandmother sent him a spoil him gift today when his Aunt came over to watch him. Owen is now the happy owner of a sheepskin of his very own. So snuggly and warm. Now, if only it wasn't almost 90 here. What happened to fall? I think grandma is trying to buy his love though. She was very grumpy that every time she holds Owen, he screams and screams. She won't listen when we tell her that he demands to face outwards and be sitting up. He's just not a cuddle kid. Oh well. We'll enjoyt the sheepskin no matter what the reason.
dara00's Avatar dara00 08:10 PM 09-25-2007
what exactly is a sheepskin? any links?
todavia's Avatar todavia 08:56 PM 09-25-2007
it's just a soft cuddly piece of sheepskin, no?

there's a ton of links but here is one on amazon:
dara00's Avatar dara00 03:39 PM 09-26-2007
interesting! thanks.
PatchChild's Avatar PatchChild 09:42 PM 09-26-2007
Yup, one big piece of sheepskin. I almost wish it was large enough for me to sleep on. It's so soft and fluffy. He had naked time on it today and was in heaven, jsut stroking the texture of the wool.
willoLevin's Avatar willoLevin 10:04 PM 09-26-2007
DS#1 has a sheepskin, and he still has it in (or near) his bed to sleep. I am a bit paranoid about SIDS, though, so I won't give A. one until he can lift his head up really well.

I feel so "on top of things" right now. It is 8 pm, and both boys got baths, A. is asleep in my bed, S. is in his pj's enjoying a bit of time with his papa who just got home, and I even got to rinse off today's 92-degree-day-sweat and re-braid my hair for bed. Pretty good--if I neglect to mention I never emptied the dishwasher so the kitchen counters are still awash in today's dirty dishes.

Am I the only one who hates school days? I mean, I enjoy the time alone with the little one, but I despise having to get up, get S. ready, and get him there.

PatchChild's Avatar PatchChild 06:44 PM 09-27-2007
Owen had his 4 month appointment today and I can't get over how much he's grown. Almost 6 inches since he was born, and he has doubled his weight. What gets me about the weight gain is how recent it is. He was at athe Dr. one week ago and got weighed, then got weighed again today. He gained 6oz. in a week! Gotta love that Mommy milk.
herbmama3-7's Avatar herbmama3-7 07:17 PM 09-27-2007
we have a sheepskin too and we LOVE it!! DD loves to feel the texture and I love to put her on it after a bath and massage her with chamomile oil, it makes it such a cozy routine before bed.
My midwife called me the other day and asked if I would be willing to donate more milk, ( I donated a ton at the beginning because I was so engorged I had to pump it), anyway I am happily pumping milk for a mamma who is having issues with her production, but I am feeling a bit worn out and very very hungry as I am upping my supply all the sudden. What are you mammas doing to improve your supply, I am drinking a mammas milk tea, dinking hoppy bear and eating oats. Anything else that really works? I feel I am really pushing my body and need to assure a good supply. I am so happy to be able to put my over abundant supply to good use, I really like having a "milk sister".
Jolie has been talking so much today, making all kinds of new noises, it is so cute, I have a feeling we have another talker just like her brother. No toe/feet grabbing yet, DS never did that either, I wonder if longer babies have a harder time doing that. I don't know, she is rolling from back to belly and holds her head up very well. I feel like she is trying to grow up so fast, she wants to watch her big brother and absolutely adores him, it is so cute to see her look all over the room for him and then get a big smile when she finally spots him.
On another topic I have been feeling so dumb lately, like I can't remember things, or I can't carry on a conversation with ease, I am always searching for the right words, etc...etc..., I feel so foggy, is this a mommy brain, is it sleep dep? I feel like I might have gone through this PP with DS, I just want my brain back.:
wombatclay's Avatar wombatclay 07:56 PM 09-27-2007
Fenugreek! I took it all the time when pumping/working after AF came back. Dosage varies (http://www.kellymom.com/herbal/milks...fenugreek.html) but basically you take it till your sweat smells like maple syrup.
herbmama3-7's Avatar herbmama3-7 09:28 PM 09-27-2007
Fenugreek, of course, I don't know why I didn'tn remember that, ( I guess it is the mommy brain again ) I have some in my herb supply and am going make it into a tea right now, Thank!
wombatclay's Avatar wombatclay 09:46 PM 09-27-2007
I'd take my fenugreek starting a few days before my cycle was due and it would help me keep my supply up during that week. DH joked that he could tell I was pre-menstrual because he'd suddenly find himself craving IHOP! I guess having a wife and babe smelling like syrup does that to a guy.
willoLevin's Avatar willoLevin 10:03 PM 09-27-2007
Fenugreek is also synergistic with another herb. I'm in a brain fog right now, too--I feel dumb almost every day after about 3 pm. (Wish I could still nap, but that isn't happening now that Mom is gone!)

I think it is Blessed Thistle. I think those are the two that seem to enhance each others' effect. I'll have to go search the archives in my breastfeeding-problem/low-milk-supply group to be sure, but I think I'm getting that right.

Of course, you may not need both to see a good result. I just know that some of us with supply problems see a major improvement only when combining the right herbs...

We've had a tummy bug in the family these past 18 hours or so (DH and DS#1 only, so far!) Now that things seem to have calmed down, and DH is rocking A. to sleep, I'm going to go collapse... I feel like hell and also found out today I have bursitis below my right knee. Isn't that something OLD PEOPLE get?!? :

Jilian's Avatar Jilian 02:52 PM 09-28-2007
Originally Posted by willoLevin View Post
We've had a tummy bug in the family these past 18 hours or so (DH and DS#1 only, so far!) Now that things seem to have calmed down, and DH is rocking A. to sleep, I'm going to go collapse...
Aiden has that right now, I hope it passes quickly. He woke up at 6 am telling me his belly hurt. Then he threw up on the carpet 3 times. Poor little guy was laying on the bathroom floor asking me when his belly would stop hurting. I kept him home from school and had him lay on the couch and watch TV (a sure way to keep him still and get him to rest). Around lunch time he called from the bathroom to tell me there was poop on the floor, I asked why and he said it just fell out of his bum when he was peeing Poor guy. It was a disaster and I was gagging while cleaning it. After he was all cleaned up he said "my belly is going grrrrrrrr" so I picked him up and ran him into the bathroom and sure enough there was more.

So now I'm trying to keep Aiden and Evan seperated. Evan has still been pooping up a storm too but I thought it was the antibiotic shot he got in the ER on Sat night. Maybe not. I hope to g-d that no one else in the house gets sick. DH is away on business and comes back tonight.
PatchChild's Avatar PatchChild 06:50 PM 09-28-2007
Jilian, best wishes to you and your boys. How is it that husbands seem to have the most amazing timing? Out of the house for illness...
herbmama3-7's Avatar herbmama3-7 07:02 PM 09-28-2007
Jillian, YIKES! Hang in there! Sounds really rough.
I thought it was funny you used the dancing banana for your DH's homecoming, is that becuase you will be exctited to see him , or just happy to get some help For all your going through I am assuming help cause that is what I would need!!
Jilian's Avatar Jilian 09:42 PM 09-28-2007
The dancing banana is because DH can help out. But he's here now and he's sleeping : His boss took the whole company out for drinks last night and they stayed out til the place closed. I want to kick him right in the leg! But he's been working really hard so I can SAH and hasn't gone out for drinks in over a year so I can't be too mad.
vannienicole's Avatar vannienicole 01:30 AM 09-29-2007
herbmama3-7's Avatar herbmama3-7 01:30 PM 10-01-2007
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