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sleepies's Avatar sleepies 08:07 PM 07-17-2003

since you are mostly new mothers....................and my youngest is 2.........................and most of you nursed.........

i want to send my friend pizza one day after she is home from hospital with baby.,

is that a bad idea if you are nursing?

i dont want to do anything to interupt it.

well, actually she is pumping, but i do not want to cause collic or something..................

any other food i could send that might be better?

I think chinese delivers!?


Elphaba's Avatar Elphaba 10:11 PM 07-17-2003
i think that would be awesome! some babies do have dairy issues, but that usually isn't identified for a few weeks (i think).
i would have loved it if someone sent me a pizza.
mamaduck's Avatar mamaduck 10:13 PM 07-17-2003
How awesome of you, Sleepies! You rock.

sylviamama's Avatar sylviamama 10:58 PM 07-17-2003
I wouldn't send pizza - my baby had issues with cheese from day one. And that's what I sent my husband out for from the hospital the day she was born.:

Go for the chinese!

Just wanted to add that food delivered to the house was one of the best things friends did for us after the birth - well, it's hard to compete with mom doing all the laundry and dishes and sis scrubbing out the tub every day so I could take a sitz bath.
village idiot's Avatar village idiot 12:22 AM 07-18-2003
What a thoughtful friend you are! My baby also has issues with dairy so maybe a pizza wouldn't be a good idea. Chinese or maybe something you homecook? Your friend is lucky to have you!
Moonqueen's Avatar Moonqueen 10:11 PM 07-18-2003
where were you when my baby was born?
lilyka's Avatar lilyka 02:55 AM 07-19-2003
We have some friend who have faithfully brought us Pizza, Coke and Oreos ater each of our children were born. We love them
Crunchier's Avatar Crunchier 05:08 AM 07-19-2003
You are a cool friend! I would find out what she loves but can't have during pg! I had gest diabetes, so had to cut out so many yummies. I would have loved a big bowl of chow mein! What ever you do don't tell her what you didn't get her because she bfing. My best friend's mom, bless her heart, kept telling me when she didn't give me chocolate- which didn't bother my baby- Because it made her daughter so sick when she was bfing. She's such a sweetheart, but did I have to keep hearing about it? meanwhile I ate her daughters' chocolates!
Momma Aimee's Avatar Momma Aimee 03:26 PM 07-19-2003
I think whatever the momma love is what you should send. I'd love pizza. But even if it is sub sandwichs.

Hey just sending food is a cool thing.

I'd not worry about the whole dairy thing. Yes it can be an issue; my youngest nephew is having that issue right now -- BUT 1) you don't know, so why worry 2) don't go looking for trouble 3) don't make the momma scared or worried "oh I didn't give you this cause....." then she is gulity about a glass of milk herself.

Some babys have that issue but % wise most dont't.

Whatever you do; pizza, coke, chips, ...... I'd vote for "junk food" she isn't likely to ask hubby to bring her.

My thoughts.

dallaschildren's Avatar dallaschildren 12:42 AM 07-21-2003
You go girl...I think your idea is EXCELLANT. Might I also suggest you send a HUGE fruit basket or something's nice and nutricious and she can snack on the fruit for more than just a day.
If you decide against the food, I'd hire a housecleaning company to come and do some of the chores.

Whatever you decide to do, I'm sure it will be MUCH APRECIATED.

joesmom's Avatar joesmom 12:57 AM 07-21-2003
i would send the pizza. joe had no problems w/ ANYTHING i ate, most babies don't. if your friend hasn't mentioned trouble specifically to you, i bet anything'd be fine!

love, jenny
LambQueen's Avatar LambQueen 01:00 AM 07-21-2003
I agree with above posts - find out what mama likes best and send that over.

Personally, I would just LOVE to get a pizza delivered to my home after having my baby.