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goodearthmama's Avatar goodearthmama 03:12 AM 09-05-2007
My 2 month old does NOT sleep without me. He sleeps fine in our bed at night snuggled right up beside me . He will not nap unless he is being held (preferably by me) or in his swing. He does not like the cradle hold in his pouch sling and I can't figure out another hold for him to sleep while I am wearing him so that I can get stuff done and he can sleep without waking easily. And he wakes almost immediately when I lay him down in his crib. (Yeah, he has a crib. A beautiful, handmade with organic everything. It is for show! )

I really want him to get his good afternoon nap in, but not in his swing (as it is the only place he will nap without me). I really want to transition him out of the swing. He is sleeping a good 3 hrs. there each afternoon and I need some free time while he is napping to clean, cook, etc. Should I let him nap in our bed alone if he will sleep there?

Where does/did your infant nap?

free2be's Avatar free2be 03:36 AM 09-05-2007
My dd has always slept in our bed with no problem. I'd say go for it. You can even try leaving a nursing bra beside him to give him some of your smell while ur gone.
bright-midnight's Avatar bright-midnight 03:41 AM 09-05-2007
the only place my dd will nap at our house is in her swing. she used to nap on our bed until she decided the swing was better.

i don't know what i'm going to do once she outgrows her swing :\
~PurityLake~'s Avatar ~PurityLake~ 03:44 AM 09-05-2007
At 2 months, both my babes only napped while velcroed to me, whether I was babywearing, cosleeping during naps, or passed out on the couch, they were in constant physical contact with me.

Even now, at 28 months and 12 months, they don't fall asleep without me holding them (except the occassional night My oldest daughter spends at my parents, but they allow her to cosleep).
farmwife's Avatar farmwife 09:59 AM 09-05-2007
At 3 months I have just begun putting my DD in a basinette for her naps. I would always hold her, but decided I needed to start getting some things done. I put her in it after she has fallen asleep on me and then maintain physical contact after she is in the basinette until I'm sure she's good and asleep. She doesn't sleep as long in it as she does when she would lay on my chest. I like free2be idea of putting a nursing bra near them.
earthgirl's Avatar earthgirl 11:52 AM 09-05-2007
DD is 9 mos and if I really want her to nap good it means she has to be in my arms.
lemurmommies's Avatar lemurmommies 12:00 PM 09-05-2007
DS napped in my arms or in a carrier until about 7 months. At that point, I started putting him down for naps on our bed, with a monitor on do I could hear when he stirred/fussed.

If your DS does not like cradle hold in the pouch sling, why not try out a wrap in which you could do a tummy-to-tummy carry? He would be more vertical, but his head would be well supported too.
turnipmama's Avatar turnipmama 12:02 PM 09-05-2007
In our arms, in our bed (with me or DH napping with her ) and in a bassinet, and on a blanket on the floor after falling asleep playing
deditus's Avatar deditus 12:22 PM 09-05-2007
At 14 mo, my dd still only naps while being held or worn (well, she'll sleep on car rides sometimes).
mamadelbosque's Avatar mamadelbosque 01:10 PM 09-05-2007
My DS naps in his pack'n play or in my lap, generally. Usually he falls asleep nursing and then I lay him down in the pack'n play sos' I don't disturb him. Its in the same room as me so I can see/hear him perfectly. I'd never dare leave him sleep upstairs in either the crib or our bed. WAY too far away!!
queen_anne78's Avatar queen_anne78 01:46 PM 09-05-2007
Originally Posted by free2be View Post
My dd has always slept in our bed with no problem. I'd say go for it. You can even try leaving a nursing bra beside him to give him some of your smell while ur gone.
yep this works. DD is 4 months and sometimes I'll nurse lying down for a nap and once she's asleep I'll roll away from her and slip a rolled up recieving blanket next to her and then I leave lots of soaked nursing pads near her head where she can smell them. Looks stupid but it generally works. She used to sleep great swaddled in her swing but I've not done that in awhile...she seemed to transition herself out of it and it stopped working so I had to come up with some new stuff.

We don't have a crib and she already is too long for the co-sleeper so she can only nap either on our bed or on the couch or while I'm holding her (which is what I did pretty much her first..2 months of life). I'm deficient at babywearing so I've never been able to wear her during her naps as much as I would be ok with that.
Momma Aimee's Avatar Momma Aimee 01:58 PM 09-05-2007
up to 6 or 7 month Theo slept on me, or physically toching me next to me on the sofa. he'd sleep and i'd just hold him, sleep, or watch TV, or try to read.

about month 6 or 7 whe he started to have more set naps vs awake time -- and not just be all over teh place -- i started to rock him to sleep in his room, and then lay down with him on his bed (a double bed) then roll him next to me, then i'd roll away -- this learning process took a long time and at 21 months it dtill doesn't always work

at night he'd go to bed on his bed, then I would take him to our bed (much taller) when i went to bed. Now he goes to sleep in his bed and comes to our bed the first time he wakes up after i have gone bed -- used to be i took him in asleep when i went to bed.

when he started to crawl, late, we took the double bed, his beed, off the rails and it is just on a boxspring on the floor.

After he could roll over he never slept alone in our bed, till just recently, now that he has well mastered climbig in and out of it alone -- this summer so since 19 or 20 months.

I still sleep him alone in his bed, he only sleeps alone in ours if i get up before him -- or if dh and i sneak out after he has come to our bed for a while (45 minutes or so maybe?).

I feel safe with him in our bed alone -- but I want him to see it as mom and dad's bad, and Theo's bed as his own -- my Dn at 4 had a hard time moving to his own bed cuz he called momma's bed HIS .,. so he had no need for that new bed. Theo is always welcome, but it is my bed. From day one i called it momma and dadddy's bed and Theo's beds .

but whe he was tiny -- he slept on me, or in the sling.... once in a GREAT whiel in the swing. Then i started transitiong him to sleep on teh bed alone. he never slept in a crib at all, maybe 3 x total, though he would -- the first month or so -- sleep in the his cradle downstairs for short times.

he has ALWAYS slept better being held. but then again, so do I

my son has taken 2 3 hours naps in his entire 21 month life .

I would say start a slow transition to the bed, lay with him, then lay him beside you, then move away a little ... just go slow and let him re-settle at each move.

the floor after falling asleep playing
i keep hearing about this -- babies and tots just falling asleep -- ??????????????? never seen it I would pay money for it.
Rylins mama's Avatar Rylins mama 03:44 PM 09-05-2007
Sometimes I will lay on the couch next to her and just watch tv for the half hour she sleeps but most of the time I put her in her bouncer.
puddle's Avatar puddle 04:27 PM 09-05-2007
My 2 1/2 month old is the same way... She doesn't sleep well in a sling, but I got a wrap and she LOVES it. She likes to be vertical. She sleeps in it when I buy groceries or do anything around the house. I would give it a shot... it's changed my life!
goodearthmama's Avatar goodearthmama 04:53 PM 09-05-2007
I have really been considering forking out some $$$ for a wrap. they seem so expensive, but I think it would be a better choice. I guess I am heading to babywearing to see if I can find an affordable one.

Thanks! It makes me feel like I am not the only holding a baby all day. Not that I mind at all because he is oh so Precious! I do just like a little "me" time to bathe, clean, etc.
Gumby's Avatar Gumby 05:47 PM 09-05-2007
I'm usually in bed w/ DD for naps (like now). If we're on the go, she sleeps wrapped on me. My sister thinks I'm crazy for napping with herb but it works well. Besides, DD nurses in her sleep. I call it nursleeping
TushasAmi's Avatar TushasAmi 07:37 PM 09-05-2007

11 mo. always naps in my arms with me in the rocking chair reading mdc on my laptop. This can't go on forever, but the second I put her down she wakes. Every day I choose happy, rested baby over tired, crabby baby.
Oliver'sMom's Avatar Oliver'sMom 10:37 PM 09-05-2007
Originally Posted by earthgirl View Post
DD is 9 mos and if I really want her to nap good it means she has to be in my arms.
my 6 mo son is the same way!
mamalibby's Avatar mamalibby 11:04 PM 09-05-2007
My co-sleeping 9 month old naps either in the swing, his crib (it took a few weeks of increasingly longer naps to get to where he'll sleep for a good nap in the crib), but when he really needs a good long sleep, I either hold him or put him in our bed, sometimes lying with him, other rimes not. When he sleeps alone in our bed, we put a wall of pillows around him so he can't roll off. They have a baby wrap at Babies 'R Us that we like. It's around 40 dollars.
muttmom92's Avatar muttmom92 10:56 AM 09-06-2007
Well, my 8 month old only gets a decent nap if he's in my arms or in the car. He used to sleep in the wrap or Ergo on the go, but now things are too interesting for him to sleep. Honestly though, I've never really put much energy into trying to get him to sleep alone. Everytime I've tried he's awake within 30 min and I'd rather him get a decent nap than learn to sleep alone at this point.
JamieBrewHa's Avatar JamieBrewHa 11:49 AM 09-06-2007
My 8 month old used to sleep in his swing (until about 5 months) and then it stopped working. Now he sleeps in our bed, his stroller, or in the car. Our bed is somewhat problematic cause I dont want him to fall... so he gets pillows stacked all around him and I can't stray far!
HerzogMamma's Avatar HerzogMamma 12:40 PM 09-06-2007
Just out of curiosity, why do you want to transition him out of the swing if it is working?
sunnymw's Avatar sunnymw 04:46 PM 09-06-2007
Originally Posted by TushasAmi View Post

11 mo. always naps in my arms with me in the rocking chair reading mdc on my laptop. This can't go on forever, but the second I put her down she wakes. Every day I choose happy, rested baby over tired, crabby baby.
That's us...

Some days... when the weather is mild in hell... I have a procedure...

Step 1: get DS to sleep, somehow, on my chest
Step 2: insert pacifier in place of breast, and wait until he is asleep again
Step 3: Lie down side by side, with arms still around him. Wait until he's out again.
Step 4: Move my arms away from him but keep body there. Wait until he's out again
Step 5: Sneak away slowly. And quietly.

nhplantlady's Avatar nhplantlady 05:22 PM 09-06-2007
Mine does not like to be flat either, unless in bed with me. I used the CAR SEAT - he liked the curve it has and I'd put it into a crib I have in the playrooom so he was safe. Now he'll do his afternoon nap in our bed but I'm always worried that he'll wake up and I won't hear him and he'll crawl out of the bed. Luckily (I guess) we are still building our house and the computer is in the bedroom so I usually spend most of his nap surfing, MDCing and paying bills etc so that I'm nearby when he wakes up.
Margot Adler's Avatar Margot Adler 08:19 PM 09-06-2007
once our swing came apart with ds in it we stopped using it altogether...
it was properly put together, it just cracked.

Originally Posted by HerzogMamma View Post
Just out of curiosity, why do you want to transition him out of the swing if it is working?

Arwyn's Avatar Arwyn 08:34 PM 09-06-2007
To answer your question, on me (or DP when he's home). Nursing, being rocked, or worn. I really recommend a wrap (I know, $$$, but it's worth it, and there are some good cheaper options out there) or a mei tai. You'll probably find she likes sleeping tummy to tummy upright, and if so, try her on your back, and then you can really get things done.

Rocking isn't working so well these days, so often I'll wear him until he sleeps, then finish up whatever I was working on, slip him off my back and into my arms, and sit in the rocker for the rest of his nap. He gets some really good sleep in that way, I get things done, and I get to sit and snuggle with him (and read a book ). It's totally win-win-win all 'round.
catchthewind's Avatar catchthewind 08:38 PM 09-06-2007
My DD sleeps on me too, though she's only a month old so that might change as she gets older. Sometimes I just hold her, usually I'll put her in our wrap though, tummy-to-tummy with her vertical. I could put her down and she would stay asleep (I think, I've never put her down for longer than a few minutes so I could grab something to eat or run to the bathroom), but I love having her cuddled up against me so I haven't actually left her down for any length of time yet. I find I can do almost anything with her in the wrap anyway. Plus she keeps me warm.

We have an Arm's Reach Cosleeper that is supposed to be good to 4 months. It's in our bedroom right now but just holds the diapers so I can find them at night, so I might bring it down here and start using it if I feel I need to put her down longer. After she outgrows that I'm not sure what we'll use. I don't like the idea of having her on our bed because it's upstairs and I'm always down. The only place down here that I feel is safe is our futon bed/couch, but I don't trust our dog enough yet to leave her there unless the dog is tied up which isn't really fair. So she may just continue being strapped to me for a good long while yet.
goodearthmama's Avatar goodearthmama 10:19 PM 09-06-2007
Originally Posted by HerzogMamma View Post
Just out of curiosity, why do you want to transition him out of the swing if it is working?

I guess because he gets kinda slumped over in the swing and situated funny. So I am being paranoid that it is not a good position for him to sleep in for a couple hours everyday. I have tried to use blankets or pf's to prop him so that he doesn't have so much wiggle room, but he always gets all crooked. That's really why.

So, I may just be over=worrying (is that even a word ), but last night he did go to sleep in our bed for the first leg of bedtime without me!!
hix's Avatar hix 10:49 PM 09-06-2007
Have you tried swaddling him? We did that for a small stretch when dd was exhausted but couldn't sleep. It sounds like a wierd thing to do--and I was opposed to it at first. But, dh tried it and dd was instantly quieted--like it was what she needed. Just a thought.
Holiztic's Avatar Holiztic 10:58 PM 09-06-2007
3 hour nap in the swing, what are you complaining about? (meant that in fun!!!)

My DS is 5 months and (still) only naps in:

Swing for up to 45 minutes, usually 30
On my breastfeeding pillow (My brest friend) after nursing (for 20 minutes tops)
In the car, for no more than 30 minutes.

Last time this child had a nap longer than 1 hour was, ummm, like at 1 month old!

Sorry, no advice here, except maybe this: don't try to get stuff done, nap/read/watch a movie (we have headphones for our tv so baby doesn't hear)
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