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Okay, so it's only been 7 weeks. . . but I haven't lost a single pound since the week ds was born! I thought nursing was supposed to take *some* of the weight off!!

I gained 50 lbs while pg, and lost 20 right away (he weighed 9). He is a big boy and nurses ALL the time. I bought a jogger right away because I couldn't wait to start running again, but it is a battle trying to get him to want to ride in it so I'm taking my time and waiting until he is ready, taking small walking trips each week, etc. I can usually sling him long enough to walk into town or the store, but not enough to get out as much as I'd like. So I know all that activity will help when the time comes that he's comfortable with it all, but it is just so depressing wanting to feel active and having all this energy/motivation. I don't *hate* my body, but I'm tired of not beign able to fit into any of my old clothes and wear basically the same thing every day. I feel frumpy.

So, when did your little one get to an age where they were more tolerant of getting out more or letting you work out? I have mom/child yoga I do that he's too young for so I do during his nap (if I can ) and I eat great food (gotta make great milk) but I just don't know when to expect being able to do more and it is frustrating.
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Well, DS is ummmm 16?wks. I've lost track - he'll be exactly 4months Sunday - and I have only recently (w/in the last month) started to notice changes. I have no idea how much (if any) weight I've lost lately, but I can wear normal clothes again, albeit in larger sizes than pre-pg : .

I gained 75 lbs w/ds (he weighed 12lbs), and at my 5wk pp visit I had already lost 50. That last 25 is hanging on, though. I haven't weighed for months now b/c I just wasn't losing. I may be trading fat for muscle now - I'm getting in better shape - so I'm not worried about my actual weight number.

I know how you're feeling, though. I didn't realize that the maternity clothes I took such pleasure in purchasing would be the bane of my existence after ds was born. Finally, I just went out and bought a pair of capris in a size 16 - even though I didn't want to spend the money on a pair of pants I (hopefully) won't be able to wear for long. They're a bit tight around the waist now, but I am able to tell a difference lately. I promised myself I wouldn't even try on my pre-pg clothes until these capris are ridiculously loose, so as to avoid disappointment.

Hang in there. I don't have any advice as far as your dc letting you get out more - every child is different. You may want to consider having your DP stay w/the baby while you go for a quick run around the neighborhood. Or maybe try to wake up early (before DC) and run then.

Good luck.
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just as a note: the jogger strollers I have seen tell you that the baby should be at least a year old before using it as a "jogging" stroller because of their lack of neck muscle control just in the case of possible bumps. (it's the same with the bike seats on the back of bikes or the bike trailers).

I lose about a pound a month (not much). I gained 50 and dd is 10 mo. I'm sure if I tried harder I could lose a bit more but until I get laundry and dishes more under control, specific exercises rate lower than chores.
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TieDyeMom, I hear you on those chores! It takes the whole day to get one thing done. If I'm making dinner, I'll start the prep stuff around 10 or 12 and hope to have it cooking when DH gets home at 5. And laundry . . . I can't do that on the same day I cook or neither will get done.

The jogging stroller I have reclines, so that the baby lies down in it and you can use it sooner. It still has a 5-point harness and I live on the trails, so I feel safer than if in traffic. Sofar I've only been able to get him to tolerate it while sleeping, but I usually succeed in waking him trying to get going. Leaving him with DH is hard too, as he's still having trouble taking a bottle. We've been trying for a month and our only success is that instead of screaming he'll tongue it now. :

Thanks everyone for suggestions and please keep them coming.
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I don't own a scale but I know I wore my maternity clothes for at least 2 mos. They were getting too big but I didn't have clothes that fit for the in between size. Now 9 mos later I can squeeze into my size 6 but wouldn't wear them I guess I am comfortabley an 8. However, I still don't have clothes that fit. my my clothes are all safety pinned. I am sure once you get truly active the weight will just fall off. BTW...I read breast feeding burns 500 calories a feeding. So I am sure you will see changes very soon.

The first rule of homeschooling: water the plants! :
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I gained roughly 20 pounds with DS. I lost that after birth, and after all the swelling went down I was about 5 pounds down from pre-pregnancy weight, now 4 months later I'm down 20 pounds, however, my belly is still bigger, my jeans are tight in the waist. That is pregnancy and genetics....all of the women in my family are apple shaped.

I would think not only does breastfeeding help you to lose weight, but when you wean you'll probably lose a few too, due to the weight in your breasts (not that that's a reason to wean)
IMO DS is well worth a spare tire, and hey, my legs look great!
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Okay, here is a sad story! I gained 40lbs with ds and he weighed 9lbs 8oz, 3 days after giving birth i was only down 6lbs!!!!! I told the nurse, no way, I had a 10lb baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, it came off very gradually, but when it was 4 months pp is when I lost the most of it. I got down to pre-pg and lost 10 more lbs!! All in month 4. Since then I hover around the same weight all the time and ds is almost 8 months.

However, I find if I try to eat a little less, I produce less milk (I pump at work), so I figure I won't worry about it, I need the milk more then I care about a few lbs.
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I gained 65 lbs in pregnancy. Right after, during the first month I took off 20lbs. Only recently, baby is 7 months, did I start to take off any additional weight like an extra 6 or 7 pounds. I am still chubby...somedays I am okay with it - somedays like when I was looking at sexy beach pics the other day it is really depressing.

And I know this smacks in the face of conventional knowledge.... but I am sorry breastfeeding helps some moms lose weight it but not for all, including me. Nor my sis who has 3 and 1 on the way. She even read an article recently that contested those findings. Remember you have to eat more calories (and thus have a naturally larger appetite) when bf.
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