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lunamegn's Avatar lunamegn 03:28 AM 11-20-2007

klewaidz's Avatar klewaidz 04:42 AM 11-20-2007
Ruby Magnolia

If we ever has a DS: Noble Wolfrick
meggles's Avatar meggles 05:09 AM 11-20-2007
molly luna :

if we ever have a ds, he'll be micah.
soulyluna's Avatar soulyluna 05:27 AM 11-20-2007
Originally Posted by meggles View Post
molly luna :

if we ever have a ds, he'll be micah.

awwww, that was one of our top boys names!

My dear darling daughter sweet little bean honey bear is really named:

Loma Jane after each of our sisters.
Ninnifer's Avatar Ninnifer 07:34 AM 11-20-2007
we have

Kitty Mabel_______
Pippa Florence_________ (it was a toss up between Florence and Beatrice, i quite liked the idea of Pippa Bea!)

when i was pg we considered Oscar, Rory or Fraser for boys. If i was to have another i really like Casper, Rafferty and Hamish for boys and Scarlett, Cicely and Isabel for girls.
CorbinsMama's Avatar CorbinsMama 10:53 AM 11-20-2007
Originally Posted by Ninnifer View Post
we have

Kitty Mabel_______
Pippa Florence_________ (it was a toss up between Florence and Beatrice, i quite liked the idea of Pippa Bea!)
OMG! Another Pippa! Cool! Mine is Pippa Zooey.
granola_mom's Avatar granola_mom 01:32 PM 11-20-2007
Maaike Grace.

It took us over ten months to decide on her middle name It's hard to find something that fits with Maaike and our last name!! Maaike was the only name we could agree on, too. I liked the name Schuyler for a boy but DP hated it. I also really love the name Shiloh, but couldn't get past thinking of Angelina Jolie's baby!
Ninnifer's Avatar Ninnifer 03:48 PM 11-20-2007
Originally Posted by CorbinsMama View Post
OMG! Another Pippa! Cool! Mine is Pippa Zooey.
yes i thought that too when i read your earlier post!
star*mora's Avatar star*mora 04:09 PM 01-12-2008
callum aodhan (ay-dawn) - meaning dove and fiery - thought they balanced with each other
phathui5's Avatar phathui5 05:56 PM 01-12-2008
My kids are:

Patrick Michael

Delilah Rose

James Thoreau

Benjamin Isaac
SleepyMamaBear's Avatar SleepyMamaBear 06:59 PM 01-12-2008
Originally Posted by A Mothers Love View Post
I just named our baby Jesse Lee
I'm not sure what nicknames s/he would have had.
maybe Jess for a girl? Or say the whole name as one"JesseLee" Or "Jessly"
my cousin is Jesse Lee Lastname. growing up my lil sis said wee instead of Lee, so i always called him Jesse WeeWee. all endearing of course.
Originally Posted by Morwenna View Post
Oooh, I LOVE that!

New baby is Sulien (soo- not sull-) David Cadwallader ----------

I also have Harlan Godric Wolfgang ------------
Truman Noble Lionheart ---------------
Graydon Richard Ransom ---------------
Rowan Elizabeth Bronwyn ---------------
and Elowen Isolde Lyonesse --------------
i LOVE your childrens names!!!!
Originally Posted by DreamsInDigital View Post
Suriya Skye.
i LOVE that sweet beautiful girl!!!!!
Originally Posted by star*mora View Post
callum aodhan (ay-dawn) - meaning dove and fiery - thought they balanced with each other
beautiful. just beautiful.

dd1(3yo) is Adelaine Dahlia Lee Lastname
dd2(5mo) is Niamh Dephinium Thane Lastname

my dh has two middle names and we wanted to carry that on.
dd1 is called Addy, or Bean.
dd2 is called Niamh(pronounced Neev) or Bug.

both dds have a floral middle name first and a familial second middle name. Lee for my mom, her dad and my cousin, and Thane for DH
shelley4's Avatar shelley4 07:12 PM 01-12-2008
my monkeys are:

6 yo DS: Kaeden Thomas Joseph Lastname
4 yo DD: Ellia Jayne Ryan Lastname
2 mo DD: Athena Margaret Lauren Lastname
Fuamami's Avatar Fuamami 07:49 PM 01-12-2008
Cool thread! We have:

Ramona West (West was her great-grandpa)

Luther Nathan (Nathan's my dh)

Demar Augustus (we call him Gussy, Demar's my dad)
star*mora's Avatar star*mora 11:19 PM 01-12-2008
niamh was one of the girls names i had picked out! so you know how i feel about that one...not one you see much but when i lived in ireland during several years of my childhood one of my best friends was called niamh...
zion's Avatar zion 11:40 PM 01-12-2008
Benjamin James

Benjamin is my grandfather who passed away in 2003 and James is my dad who passed away in 99.
veryerin's Avatar veryerin 12:09 AM 01-13-2008
My dd is June Margaret. The next baby will be named Cedar, regardless of gender.

I love the names we have picked, but also love Alfie and Ramona - but DH will have none of it!!
veganone's Avatar veganone 12:38 AM 01-13-2008
How fun!

DD is Isabella Lourdes Sofia
janiecakes's Avatar janiecakes 01:04 AM 01-13-2008
Originally Posted by acp View Post
PiePie, just curious - how did you happen to settle on giving your baby your last name? I wish that wasn't so uncommon, but it is... DH was fine (mostly.. he still sometimes brings it up) with the fact that I didn't change my last name when we married, but I think he would have flipped if I wanted our baby to have my last name too. I decided it wasn't worth fighting over (though it does bug me that there's the automatic assumption babies get the father's last name), and since I'm not a fan of hyphenated last names, she got his. But I'm always intrigued to see people who buck the system...
I know this is an old post, but I just saw it now, so I'll answer the question even though it wasn't directed at me! It always bugged me too that babies always get the father's last name, and I always wanted to have my kids take my name. When I brought this up with my partner, he told me he wanted his kids to take his name, so we compromised - boy babies would have my last name as a second middle name and take his name, and girl babies would have his last name as a second middle name and take my name.

Anyway, my little man's name is Emmet Thomas Mylastname Hislastname.

There are so many awesome names in this thread!
KurumiSophia's Avatar KurumiSophia 01:55 AM 01-13-2008
Akane (pronounced Uh-con-a (long a)) Rebekka
FiddleMama's Avatar FiddleMama 02:00 AM 01-13-2008
Baby is Atticus Patrick.
Big brother is William Rayburn. He is called Liam for short.
Momma2SoSweet's Avatar Momma2SoSweet 02:05 AM 01-13-2008
My dd is Avalee Antonetta.

(Avalee is a long A)
EVC's Avatar EVC 01:24 PM 01-13-2008
Wow! This thread has some of the coolest, more original names I have ever seen!
genx77's Avatar genx77 04:34 PM 01-13-2008
Our new lo is Carys Elizabeth.
transformed 04:35 PM 01-13-2008
Marley May
Dena's Avatar Dena 05:25 PM 01-13-2008
Such cool names here - mdc mamas are so original!

Our girls are:

Sofia Rose (3) - She is not named specifically after anyone, we just loved the name. I did have an adopted grandma when I was little named Rose, and Sofie seems to have her sense of humor. Hmmm.... grandma, are you in there?

Ellen Marie (2 months) - Dh's grandma was Mary Ellen, and we have always loved the name Ellen, so we sort of flipped it. Also, my mom is Mary, and her sister's middle name was Marie, so it was a way of honoring them too. Ellen is the survivor of a twin miscarriage. We lost her sister, Amalie Joy, at 24 weeks. Amalie means "God's work," and we felt her presence in our lives, even for such a short time, was God's work and blessing to us.

If we are lucky enough to be blessed with another child, I am sure for some reason it will be a girl (maybe because I think Amalie will come back to us), and we are considering Lilly Joy or Isabella Joy. Or maybe we will shamelessly copy a name from this thread... so many beautiful ones!
mariskamom's Avatar mariskamom 05:31 PM 01-13-2008
Mariska Katherine XXX

Mariska and Katherine were two of her great grandmothers. Mariksa is an eastern european diminutive of Mary. I got pregnant on the first try at the ripe old age of 38. I had just returned from a trip with my husband to Greece. While in Athens, I went to a church reputed to be the place the Athenian women go to pray for a baby. It is called Aiya Dynamis for Mary's divine power to help childless women conceive. I lit a candle and asked for a healthy baby to love. I'm sure my Jewish husband didn't have the Holy Mother in mind when we named our baby girl, but I felt I owed her this tribute.

What beautiful names! I've enjoyed this thread.
hanno's Avatar hanno 05:36 PM 01-13-2008
Originally Posted by ziursrm View Post
we named our son Crash after one of the cymballs on a drumset since my husband is a drummer
hanno's Avatar hanno 05:39 PM 01-13-2008
Xavier Ion Odhran Lysander Auberon

everyone calls him Ion except his grandmothers who call him Xavier
StrongSingleMama's Avatar StrongSingleMama 05:40 PM 01-13-2008
I have two little girlies. Audrey Rose is 3 and Olivia Faith is 1.
Liquesce's Avatar Liquesce 05:46 PM 01-13-2008
Ziad Mahmoud Mohamed
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