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the ped told me to get a high chair (and start solids at 4-6 mo, my ND said wait until he can sit up on his own, I thought start solids when there's teeth, at one year, when he shows interest - aside)

anyway, it's a piece of plastic baby furniture i never considered. anyone do without or have one and not use it? what do you do?


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We have one, and Abby loves to be in it! Best thing I ever bought. She loves to sit at the table with us and play while we eat dinner. She is 7 1/2 months old now, but she started sitting in it a few months ago. It is so soft and it reclines. She is only in it while we eat dinner, but she really enjoys being in there, so some times I will move it into the kitchen with me while I cook. I like how it can be lowered to fit right at the table, so she is sitting with us.

Now that she is eating some home mashed food, it really is helpful. I can't imagine feeding her on my lap!

We don't have a swing, or many other baby equipment things, but I really do enjoy having the highchair!

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I've never used a high chair. As soon as the kids were old enough to be eating solids, or even sitting up well enough to join us at the table, I used one of those kids booster seats that straps on to a regular chair, and bellied them up to the real table to be part of the family.

Works great for us.
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For our oldest we used a clip on to the table high chair which I love because of the child being able to be right with you at the table.

Dd #2 we have never used a high chair for her unless eating out. She sits in our lap or walks from plate to plate snitching bites of food from everybody. We eats most meals in our living room. The girls do have a little table in the living room to eat off of so dd does have her own plate there.

IMO highchairs are really kind useless.

If I where to get a highchair I would buy a nice wood one, as plastic just looks so dirty after awhile and wood ones have a much longer lifespan.
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OUr highchair is very useful. Whenever I try to feed dd on my lap or the ground (picnic style)she just wants to play in it, but she really likes the highchair. When I put her in it she starts panting like a dog and kicking her legs while banging happily on the tray because she kno9ws that food is on its way. She is also at eye level with us as we eat because I think it is very important that kids eat together with the whole family. Our meal times are inclusive even if she is eating plum chunks and chickpeas and we are having tuna and asparagus.
I wouldnt worry about getting one now, however. We waitled till Dylan could sit unsupported, had teeth, drooled, and expressed an obvious desire to eat food (6 months for her.) I think these milestones show that the babe can begin experimenting with solids, and I certainly wouldnt introduce anything before this happens.
Our highchair is indespensible, it keeps the mess contained and dd likes it. Some babies are different, but I, personally recomend one.

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We have one of these things link to our seat

It's pretty versatile and doesnt take up a bunch of room in our kitchen. Havent used the 'recline' feature and dont really understand why it's there.
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I wasn't going to get one, but I got tired of wrestling my fork from the baby at dinner every night. He didn't really sit well unsupported until 7 months, and at 7.5 months, I still wouldn't put him in a booster seat. I'd be too afraid that he was going to fall over. I did break down and get the high chair at around 6 months, maybe a bit later. I'm glad I did because he loves it. He laughs when I put him in there. I think he feels "big" because he's sitting in his own chair like the rest of us. We only tried to give him solids once (yesterday), and he didn't eat anything, but I think it was because he was too busy enjoying sitting in his chair. So it's kind of worthless as far as something to feed the baby with, but it makes him happy.

It's something that I would try first. If your baby likes it and you like it, then by all means, get one. But if you don't see the need, it's definitely not a necessity.
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We just got one for dd who is 8 1/2 months old-I am REALLY happy we got one! She loves being in it and it makes dinner much nicer for dh and I because we don't have to hold her. She wanted to grab everything on our plates and it was getting really hard to eat!

Now I put her in the highchair and give her some bits of food and some toys and she sits there really happily!

We got the Fischer Price Healthy highchair, or something like is a pretty basic chair.
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Lori, if you do decide to get a high chair, there are decent wood ones out there. One example is JCPenny's Jenny Lind style high chair...which is even reasonably priced (link below). Good luck with your decision.
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we use a plastic booster seat. our dd is not eating solids yet (8 months old) but we sit her in it when we are eating. we really didn't need another piece of furniture in the kitchen
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We bought a nice wooden one from a restaurant supply store--$45. It doesn't take up a huge amount of room and doesn't have a tray so it can be pulled right up to the table. Ds likes to sit in it and be with us at the table while we eat. He's 8 mos and is still on bm. But I like the idea of him being able to eat right with us when he does begin solids. As my friend said, you have to wipe the table anyway, this makes one less surface to clean. I suppose if you want to be able to put your babe in there while you cook or clean etc. this wouldn't be a good choice.
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My mother has a "youth" chair that she loans to everyone. It's shaped like a regular chair, just small and higher. It brings the baby/tot/child upto regular height under the table.
i've used it with a scarf through the spindles when someone brought a baby that needed some assistance to sit.

I have also seen a baby-sack, like a snuggli, but designed to be buckled to a chair to help hold a baby upright. There are also plastic multi-colored boosters that clip to a regular chair. That's what my brother and sister always used. They are still ugly (primary colors), but they don't take up floor space.

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If you get a high chair consider how the tray comes off. I struggled with a high chair-an old beautiful oak one-with the tray attached. The tray lifted on arms over the back. It was terrible!!! When ds was done I had to clean the tray quickely or try to yank him out with the tray on which got difficult. It didn't have a belt or anything. My husband ended up putting one on for safety reasons. And he never fit in it correctly because there was no adjustment. Ended up using it as just a chair pushed up to the table. I've taped cool placemats for the kids to the table at times. That's fun for them.

If you get a booster consider if you need a belt for the dc. Because some boosters I've seen have straps to attach to the chair not the kido? Or maybe the one strap is for the kido and then the seat wouldn't be strapped to the chair?? I would think they would fall off or out??

Well, anyway, just another thought from a house with a great high chair that reclines for my 2 month old. Who sits in it when he isn't in my arms, the Bjorn, sling or backpack even.

BTW That's what the recline function is for-little guys to be right up by there Mommy at the breakfast bar-away from the dogs's nose and crazy silblings and after they have burped. Big rule in our house- dc are not allowed to drive the high chair around. Yes it has wheels which I love because I do drive it from room to room. He sits the thing in bathroom with me while I shower!! What a good baby and spoiled Mommy.

Do detest all the plastic in the house however. I feel like if a mudslide hit us, my house would not decompose because of all the plastic we have...Ahhhh
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We have the same seat as Aster showed in her above post.
We got ours for about $25 at Target.
It's great b/c it hooks onto your chair and doesn't take up any extra room.
Since we don't have alot of room in our home anyway, this is an excellent bonus. I really wanted a nice wooden one, but we can't afford one. I keep thinking maybe I'll come across one at a yard sale or consignment shop.
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