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Raven67's Avatar Raven67 09:50 PM 08-25-2003
Help, I am six months pregnant, and want to use a sling for baby. I was just given one by friends, but it feels too huge. I am only five feet tall, and the thing seems to have reams of fabric. It is called "Over the Shoulder Baby Holder" by Sling Baby. Is there an option out there that is smaller, or maybe made of stretchy material? This one makes me look like I am wrapped in a sheet. Any suggestions?

sadean's Avatar sadean 10:09 PM 08-25-2003
I am 5'2 (5'3 on a good shoe day ) and used the OTSBH with ds#2. I know it seems like a ton of fabric, but once the baby is in it and you have it cinched up snug, all of the extra fabric hangs behind you (if that makes sense...not sure it does). I haven't used any other kind of sling, so I don't have any advice about other sling systems.

I would suggest waiting until your baby is present to try out different slings and see which one works best for you.
Raven67's Avatar Raven67 10:13 PM 08-25-2003
I think I can answer my own question. I just discovered the Maya pouch, which comes in five sizes down to extra small. It does not require a ring, and it doesn't have a lot of extra fabric. I think I will give it a try.
lisamarie's Avatar lisamarie 12:47 AM 08-26-2003
I am also 5'0 and tried a padded sling with my first babe. It was o.k., but this time I have the New Native Sling in XS and it ROCKS!!! They have a website and it sounds alot like the Maya pouch.

Good luck~

CerridwenLorelei's Avatar CerridwenLorelei 01:11 AM 08-26-2003
up for sale
they don't make em anymore though
Carters sling I LOVED em
I am 5 1 and would have both boys in one any number of times ( should have seen the looks when I had a toddler on each hip)
Piglet68's Avatar Piglet68 02:38 AM 08-26-2003
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LuvMy2Kidz's Avatar LuvMy2Kidz 05:02 AM 08-26-2003
I second the new native, I am 5'4" and have a Med. For the next babe I plan to get a small, dd rides a little lower than I'd like
USAmma's Avatar USAmma 12:14 PM 08-26-2003
I had to order an Over the Shoulder Baby Holder in size small, and it fits me great. I struggled with slings for almost 12 mos. before finding one that fit me. If you have a breastfeeding supply store or LLL that sells slings, perhaps you can try one one before buying it. An experienced sling wearer could tell you if it's too big even without a baby in it.

I'm 5'4" and when not pg am around 110.

CajunMama's Avatar CajunMama 03:40 PM 08-26-2003
I am curious as well. I am 5'3" but regularly about 140. I am pregnant ( EDD 12/14/03) and have been doing some research.

I have not actually tried any slings or pouches, since there is no where here that sells them ( to my knowledge) but I have been looking every where on the web and have decided that a pouch will probably be the best bet, since I easily get overwhelmed by too much fabric. Most of the slings ( especially ring slings) seem to have way too much fabric.

I also live in Louisiana, and it is really really hot. I don't want anything extra to get me hot.

Take a look at the cotton and fleece adjustable pouches from Kangaroo Korner. There is lots of info about slings/carriers there.

remynyc's Avatar remynyc 12:15 AM 08-27-2003
i'm 5'1" and have a few different slings that i like. ds is 7 months and i have been slinging him since he was a couple of weeks old. i have to say i really didn't like the new native. it just wasn't comfortable and was quite limiting as to what positions you can put baby in. for me the maya wrap has been the real work horse. it's really comfortable and very versatile. the tail isn't too long on me and i usually just throw it over my shoulder. i also like kangaroo Korners unpadded slings.