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lcstrite's Avatar lcstrite 04:10 PM 01-14-2008
I have a three year old and we're having another baby due in august. With my son, we let him chew on whatever toys he got his hands on. Now I know that certain plastics leach chemicals out of them, and we've had a boatload of thomas toys recalled for lead paint. Does anyone have any recommendations of specific toys, or what materials they should be made of that would be safest for little ones to put in their mouths so we can do a better job with this the second time around?

delphiniumpansy's Avatar delphiniumpansy 04:15 PM 01-14-2008
here is a good website

Also, Mothering had a good article last issue

We let our current babe have wooden toys like those made by Kathe Kruse or we have a wooden fish made by a local artisan. We also found some safe toys on the above website made by fisher price. She also has a lot of cloth toys that are safe to chew on.
TeaLeaf's Avatar TeaLeaf 04:25 PM 01-14-2008
Veggies made out of organic cotton by Under The Nile. I got the veggie crate for when DS teethes.

I see they are currently sold out, but you can find it at other vendors online; google it.

You could also try
acp's Avatar acp 05:05 PM 01-14-2008
One specific toy DD loves is Sophie the Giraffe - rubber teething toy made in France:

She also loves some of the wooden Haba teethers and soft toys by Kathe Kruse. has lots of great stuff.
binky's Avatar binky 05:11 PM 01-14-2008
Sophie la girafe was a favorite!! Now that DS (6 mos) has two bottom teeth, he prefers the harder things
AdInAZ's Avatar AdInAZ 01:44 AM 01-16-2008
Thanks for the Sophie link acp! We have mostly wooden teethers but ds prefers his big sister's plastic bath toys. I'm happy to order him something a little safer for him to chew on.
miche28's Avatar miche28 05:36 AM 01-16-2008
I was shocked to discover how many recalled toys we had in the house, too, esp. since we don't have that many really. I haven't done a total "made in china" ban, but I'm sticking to North America and European companies for anything for DS (just found a nice company out of Vermont that I like).

His current fave is the the Keptin Rabby Ring - it has soft for cuddling and a good solid teething ring on it. Though, the bath letters are popular...