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DoulaLes's Avatar DoulaLes 01:48 AM 01-28-2008
Hi mama's
Got a question that I feel totally clueless on! My DS started having this red rash on his face some time last week. Its more prominent on one cheek--and gets really red with little bumps with blister like heads--but then a few hours later it can be almost invisible to see. Its really red when he wakes up from a nap or during/after nursing. ( his faces always gets splotchy while nursing-- I chalk it up to incredible sucking power!)
So when I first noticed last week, it was almost gone a few hours later so I chalked it up to dry skin--but then today it was really bad.

Also add into the equation he is teething bad right now--two teeth in the past 3 weeks ( his first!), had a cold last week and has not been sleeping for MANY weeks!!

He also was running a low fever today and slept longer today for a nap then he has slept in MONTHS! ( I thought yippee, until I realized it might have some thing to do with him not feeling well!)

Ok--and to try to answer as many questions as you might ask...
  • He is mostly exclusively breastfed--we do experiment with some self feeding foods and I am not good at the whole "one every 3 days."
  • Due to his cold last week I did give him some Tri-light herbal remedies that I had never given him.
  • I also gave him motrin a few times last week to help him sleep and stop hurting
  • I also used Hylands last week for the teething and cold ( I swear I am not trying to drug my kid with everything but we have not had a night with less then 5-10 wakings in weeks!! I was desperate!):

So my thought is to not give him any thing for a few days ( started today) and to only give him the self feeding foods we had used previously that were ok. ( apple, sweet potatoes and teething biscuit.)

So---thoughts? Do you think the fever is more related to the teething versus the rash? Could it be food related or some thing more? My instinct is that the fever is a fluke thing and the rash is reactionary based on some thing from last week ( food, meds, etc..) What does eczema look like?
I will take any thing you can think of--I am feeling very "green" as a mom right now! :

mamallama's Avatar mamallama 02:06 AM 01-28-2008
use google images to get pictures of eczema.
dantesmama's Avatar dantesmama 03:58 AM 01-28-2008
What you're describing sounds like the eczema on my baby's cheeks. It comes and goes depending on the weather, the position he slept in (it's worse if he sleeps on his cheek or with his face pressed up against my chest), and what I've eaten (flares up with dairy). I'd try a very gentle moisturizer - we've had success with Avalon Organics Baby - and slowing down on the new foods. Keeping track of what both of you eat may help pinpoint a sensitivity. Good luck!
Boot's Avatar Boot 04:04 PM 01-28-2008
I'm surprised no one has mentioned this possibility. DS gets exactly what you describe from wallowing in his own teething drool. I put calendula ointment on it and it clears up in a couple of hours. Good luck
Kavita in Krumlov's Avatar Kavita in Krumlov 08:02 AM 01-31-2008
hi there,
my daughter just turned 6 months and has had a rash around her cheeks and chin on and off too. i also wondered if it was excema (which she seems to have on her back and elbows). in our experience it was from the excess of teething slobber - her excema doesn't come and go in the same way. certainly not from hour to hour.

what i do is wipe her face with a warm damp wash cloth and then moisturize it with a calendula lotion. interestingly the excema freaks out if the calendula comes near it but the stuff on her face responds really well. i think it also acts as a bit of a moisture barrier.

re: not drugging your little one...of course you weren't you were just trying to fix the problem. i have given our daughter paracetamol when she's in pain too. and don't get me started on how many times a night she nurses when she's teething!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good luck.

forgot to mention that the fever is probably from teething and not because of the rash.
ssharon's Avatar ssharon 12:47 PM 01-31-2008
I was also going to mention the slobber. I see this with my little girl after naps. But like you I worry about other issues since I have introduced solids--it is so hard to know for sure if she could be having a reaction to a food. As far as clearing it up, I have heard good things about unrefined shea butter being awesome for any rash or eczema. I ordered some because my son (3 years old) has eczema.