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Well, three actually. Hope this is ok...
#1. Does anyone know of a website or any literature that would be considered "expert" by your average mainstream person (aka grandma) showing that babies NEED to be held a lot even past 6 weeks? That they still feel like you are part of their body, for lack of a better word?

#2., slightly related to #1. I don't know whether grandma is putting ds down crying to sleep, with a paci, during the day (I don't think so), or if he's just getting older, but he is beginning to develop an attachment to it. He doesn't prefer it to the boob, but he's starting to fall asleep on it and keep it in his mouth longer and even cry for it when I know he's not hungry, wet, etc. (and yes, I'm holding him) Should I just quit using the paci now? I was planning on quitting it over the summer while I'm off work, because I don't want him to get attached to it and ruin his teeth (both his dad and I needed braces as kids). I don't want him to be walking around at 3 years old still with the paci and not talking because he always has the darn thing stuffed in his mouth.

My mom says breastfed babies reject them anyway sooner or later, and that I never took one. Right now I mainly use it in the car when I can't pull over right away, or during worship services, things like that. But my mom gives it to him during the day. Should I quit now before it becomes a habit? And if so, what other ways can I soothe him to replace that (other than obvious, nursing him and wearing him a lot)

#3. I think he has cradle cap. It's almost irresistible to rub at the flakes til they come off (it drives me crazy) but I heard that's not good. I know the more I wash my hair, they drier it gets, so I've only been washing his hair maybe twice a week (which is still more than I wash mine). My mom put oil on his head and he broke out in acne, so we quit that. How do I get rid of it? Is brushing it bad also?

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1. http://www.hno.harvard.edu/gazette/1...enNeedTou.html
article from Harvard about the need for children to be touched. It basically says that letting a baby cry too much is a bad bad thing.

3. There's another thread that talks about that. Oil is the way to go, but you have to wash it out after combing off any softened flakes.
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I'll just write really quick:

1. I'm sure Dr. Sears has literature to back you up on your baby needing to be held.

2. I have no advice on, my DS never took one so I'm no help there.

3. For cradle cap, yeah, get some kind of oil and rub it into the scalp, then kind of comb the hair to loosen up the flaky bits. I actually did pick at my DS a bit and it didn't do any harm that I could see.
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1 sears, our babies ourselves, the vital touch

3 i would look at the oil she used

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2) My ped has said that the paci reduces the risk of sids quite a bit. I'm letting dd keep hers until she is really good at rolling over.

3) I scrub the cradle cap when I wash hair. Other than that I try not to worry about and know she'll grow out of it soon.
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1. the pp have mentioned some good ones

2. The binkie, my ds grew out of his when he was around 2 ish. He just quit one day. He also spoke very early and very clearly. He used it for nap times or bed time, or if he was very upset. Dd uses a binkie when she sleeps, never during the day. I'm not worried about it.

3. cradle cap, my dd is about to turn one and she still has some flakes on her head. Oil irritated her excema, and nothing else really worked. She has a lot of hair now so you can't see it, hopefully she grows out of it .

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1. people have given some good ones, i love dr sears

2. only dd2 took one, she gave it up on her own at 10 months, just refused it from then on. i think just let baby keep it, specially if your not home with baby during the day, babies have a strong sucking need and if breast isn't available i think a paci is good alternative, i would let her keep it.

3. i always picked at it! olive oil rubbed in worked imeditaly for dd3 i rubbed it in and used a baby brush and picked at it gently and it was gone with in a few days after months of it.

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Sapphire Chan - Thanks for the Harvard article - I'm going to send the link to quite a few folks
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