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A lot of mamas have the bath as part of a bedtime routine, but I find that DH and I linger after dinner and then baby gets latched on and falls asleep before we can do a bath, so I have been giving him a bath a couple of mornings a week...anyone else do an AM bath?

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yep I do. Don't trust myself to get around to it in the evenings - am usually too tired by then. And if dd is irritable or tired, a bath usually makes her worse so evenings are best avoided in our house.
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We do morning baths all the time. Often one or both of the boys (1 & 4, respectively) end up with me in the tub while I shower. It's just worked out that adding a bath to the bedtime routine takes too much time for us. I also think afternoon baths can be fun... my 4 yo would play in the bathtub all day, I think!
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We bath whenever it's convenient, usually mid-afternoon. I find that at night dd can be too tired and bath time becomes a crying session, which I hate. So we do it when she's happy, fed and rested.
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We've always done showers in the morning. Sometimes, there will be a reason (usually DS didn't get enough time in the pool at Grandma's) to give him a bath, but I can't see doing the cleaning thing twice a day.

If I don't take him in the shower with me, he will climb in fully clothed. He loves the shower and always has liked it better than baths. he does like to spash in the tub sometimes, but ...

Anywho... yeah, we do it in the morning.
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Yep, we do baths (or showers) for the kids in the morning too. Once in a while if I take an evening bath personally, the kids will climb in but otherwise, it's all morning. My 2 yo usually just climbs in the shower with me to get clean and my 4 month old takes a bath in her tub in the mornings (or I take her in the shower when dh is home to help take her out and dry her). Anyway, in our household, taking a bath or shower tends to be more of a "get clean" thing than anything else (a lot of parents use the bath thing to help settle or relax their children, etc.) so I guess since dh and I have always done morning showers, it's just worked that way into our routine. That said, my 2 yo loves playing in the bath tub and on occassion will take a long evening bath, but generally we do the morning routine thing.
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sorry, having to remove all posts with personal info due to an online stalker.
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We do... dh works third shift so by the time we eat dinner, clean up the mess, pack his dinner etc. it's more like bedtime! Sometimes we do the baths in the evening, but most of the time it's morning.

We don't have much in the way of a routine in our house, just do it when we get a chance! :LOL
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I do morning baths as our routine but on sunday nights I fill up the tub and let kate play in it with bubbles for a while. that way she gets playtime and the rest of the week's baths are on the run!
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We did the nighttime bath routine for dd1 and she still showers mostly in the evening. She was the type that needed the bedtime routine. My new baby is too tired in the evenings and just wants to go to sleep already. She will scream if I let her get past tired, kwim? She adores showers, so she showers with me in the mornings, 2-3 times a week. My mom gives her rubdown with a washcloth if she gets messy or stinky when she has her. That's what works for us!

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