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Peacemamalove's Avatar Peacemamalove 08:41 PM 02-25-2008
my dd is 5 weeks old today she has been nursing non stop I am nursing right now!! She has hardly slept and cries when she is not nursing.

I want to say it is a growth spurt but I am not sure. my dh can't even hold her without her wailing.

Any advice

pbjmama's Avatar pbjmama 10:59 PM 02-25-2008
No real advice but I hope tomorrow is better. It is really unpredictable when they are so little.
Jilian's Avatar Jilian 11:31 PM 02-25-2008
Both of my boys nursed nonstop at that age when they were gassy. Try bicycling her legs and rubbing her tummy a bit and see if that helps.