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welsh's Avatar welsh 12:51 AM 05-01-2008
DS has just discovered how to crawl and pull himself up on furniture (or Mama's leg!)..both in the last week.
Well he's finding it more difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep for naps and bedtime. At night, I'm getting no sleep because he's on his tummy with his knees bent, then he tries to sit, stand, then he turns around so he's horizontal across my queen bed. He's also doing all these things while nursing so my boob is getting squashed..ouch.
DH is back in the guest room to make space. I'm such a light sleeper at the best of times, this is driving me mad!
Logically I think his brain is working overtime learning these new skills...but Mamas...will it pass?!??!!
At 4 months he was sleeping 6.30pm-3.30am, quick nurse and back to sleep.
Now I'm lucky if I get a 2-3 stretch. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Yuba_River's Avatar Yuba_River 03:44 AM 05-01-2008
Just wanted to say that DS is almost 9 months and doing exactly the same thing. He also just learned to crawl, pulls up all the time, figured out how to sit up from his back--and wants to practice it all when it is time for naps/bedtime. Exhausting, isn't it? From what I've heard though, this is a normal phase that doesn't last too long. Usually I can nurse him to sleep, but tonight I gave up and put him in the mei tai and went on a walk until he was sleepy enough to conk out. Being worn seems to help him relax. Hope it gets better for us both soon!
Lady Lilya's Avatar Lady Lilya 01:19 PM 05-01-2008
Here too. DS is doing what I am calling sleep-crawling. 18 nights and counting. Just try to survive. Get any help you can. You won't remember it afterwards. I can only remember back 3 or 4 nights of this. I only know it was 18 by looking at posts I made.
CanidFL's Avatar CanidFL 01:53 PM 05-01-2008
I’m there with you. My DS started this at 7 months. We are at 8 months now and he is still sleep crawling, sitting and waking every hour. He is also teething. It’s just a whole bunch of factors making me one tired mama. I have no idea when this will pass but I assume once he starts walking it will get better.
wendyland's Avatar wendyland 02:01 PM 05-01-2008
My 9mo is doing the same. She is up at least every 3 hours for the last week and 1/2. We're taking turns getting up with her. It's exhausting. I've been trying to catch up where I can and hoping it will pass soon. She was sleeping from 8 - 6. I miss it.