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As I was schlepping around a huge diaper bag around the mall yesterday I decided I need to re organize what I take with me. I want just a small bag of things for quick errand runs where we are only gone for an hour or two. Experienced mamas help me out not being so overburdened with stuff. My lo is 11wks old.

Do you have a small bag with things for errands? If so what do you have in it?
Do you have a stash in your car for emergencies? If so what do you have in it?
Do you have an all day diaper bag? If so what do you have in it?

We cloth diaper/cloth wipe if that helps any. We EBF as well so no bottles needed.

Thanks for any input!

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I am in your same position. I have a huge diaper bag with dipes, wipes, a few extra outfits, a blanket, a receiving blanket, burp cloths, a few washcloths, and a bunch of other crap!!!
I was just thinking yesterday to get a small bag just for a few diapers, wipes, and maybe 1 extra outfit.
I get so tired of that big diaper bag.

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HI mama!

what do you carry in your diaper bag now?

Well, I have no car, so I have no stash in the car. I have 1 small backpack, which I carry with me just about everywhere.
For short outings, I usually put Ariadne (she's 7 months now) in a diaper cover and take with me: 2 flats (that's what we use) 2 liners and 1 cover and 1 change of clothes.
For day-long outings I usually take 5-8 flats, 3-5 covers and 2-3 changes of clothes.

I always usually have some wipes hanging around in the bag, something for her to chew on and salve and a bag for the dirties to go in.

My bag doesn't usually weigh me down, unless i'm out for the entire day.

It all depends on how often you change your babe and her schedule. Sometimes, if it's a certain time of day and she just went pee before we leave, I'll only take one diaper because i know she'll probably not go through more than that. You'll figure it out.

Good luck momma!
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My DD is 2.5 months old, but I learned really quickly that I didn't want to deal with the huge diaper bag. I made a little bag (kind of like a makeup bag) that's about 8x11 inches...I keep it in my purse (which is a larger one than I carried pre-baby). It holds a little changing table mat (that I also made), one of those square flannel pads, two diapers, a travel pack of wipes, an extra onesie, burp cloth, and some extra breast pads. Pretty much everything I need for a brief outing.

I should also say that we use cloth diapers and wipes at home, but when we go out, I use biodegradable disposables & chlorine-free wipes. I think you could fit a small wetbag and extra diapers in a little mini-diaper-bag like this, though.

We also have the big diaper bag, but ever since I started using the simple version, I haven't really used it. We'll probably keep it for overnights, all-day trips, etc.
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I have a huge diaper bag but it's really getting on my nerves. I'm gonna get a small backpack soon. For a basic outing (like to the store) I bring 2-3 prefolds, and extra cover and 3 pre-moistened cloth wipes. Also an extra onesie just in case. I wear the moby wrap to the store. If I am going out longer I just double the quantities. I usually never end up even using the wipes or extra covers and outfit as DD only poops like once every 4-5 days. I don't carry a purse anymore. All my stuff (money, chapstick etc..) goes in the diaper bag.

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We don't CD : but I remember those days! At that age, we took more because a diaper blowout was a real possibility as was regular spit up.

I almost always use my small(ish) bag and have a larger bag I use for daycare and all-day outings.

Small bag: burp cloth, 2-3 dipes, wipes pack, small plastic bag for dirty diapers, extra paci, onsie and babylegs for emergency change of clothes, changing pad, small toy and receiving blanket if I think I'll need it.

Big bag: 2 burp cloths, receiving blanket, onsie/babylegs, extra paci, 4-5 diapers, changing pad, wipes pack, multiple toys, snack/bib, bottles (if I'm not going to be with her), larger blanket if we're going to be somewhere that I want to put her down like a park. Can't think of anything else right now.

Car: Shopping cart/high chair cover, more toys (she's a busy girl who gets bored easily), sling.

I find I need a lot less than I think I do most of the time.

ETA - I forgot to say sunhat and sunscreen if there's any possibility of being outside.
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I can't help you at all. I have TWO kids in cloth diapers. I have the biggest diaper bag in the universe.

A happy woman
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I have a big diaper bag and a small one, but I use the small one 90% of the time.

With a little baby, I kept wipes, a couple of sposies (we change into sposies if out and about), a wetbag, and a very light receiving blanket (t-shirt material; folds up small; can be used as a changing pad, as a blanket, as a spit up rag, to swaddle, for extra clothes in case of a blow out).

In the car, I keep a shopping cart cover, sling, an extra diaper in the glove compartment, and in the early days, an extra shirt for mama. And there are always a few random toys hanging around the car.

As the days went on, I added a bib to the diaper bag, as well as snacks and a sippy cup.
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i just started to switch to a smaller bag. it easily holds a few diapers, wipes container, a rolled up small blanket to use as a changing pad, a few toys, snacks, bib, extra outfit. the front pocket holds things like tylenol, bandaids (For myself lol accident prone), Balmex, powder, ETC. side pockets hold sippy cup and bottles, and then there is a velcro pocket i put my wallet and phone in. i clip my keys to the strap.

it's worked really well!
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i got fed up with all diaper bags other than backpacks. i was SICK of them falling off my shoulder, hitting my kids in the head when i would lean down to tend to them, etc. I have a large one and a small one but the large one is only for ALL day outings. I carry:
change of clothes
changing pad
disinfecting wipes
teething tablets
burp cloth
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I have probably a mid-sized bag, but on small trips, when there's not much in it, it doesn't feel very big.

We carry:
2-3 cloth dipes (4-6 for a full day out) and 2 large ziploc type bags for dirty ones
cloth wipes (same number as dipes, plus 1, pre wetted and in a zip-loc type bag)
butt balm
spit cloth (extra for a full day- he's a SPITTER!)
extra sleeper
teething remedy (Camillia & hylands)
and then my stuff- wallet, phone, water bottle, bus schedule, small cloth grocery bag.

For a full day, i'll often take a reusable shopping bag and toss in half the diapers, extra burp rag and maybe an extra toy and just carry that seprately (or in the car).

We often use a ring sling or pouch sling, so that doubles as a blanket to lay him on if we go out. If I use the MT, i might bring along a blanket if I know we're going to be lying in the grass or something

Sandi- firmly attached mama to DS (Feb/08) cautiously expecting #2 09/10
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I have the landsend 'little tripper' for errands and out on the town etc.
its not very big at all but in it I have 2 pf, 1 fitted, 1 or 2 covers, about 6 cloth wipes and a small wet bag. my small spray bottle in a side pocket, my cell in the other side pocket and now that summer is here a little tee & sundress/romper
in an inside pocket I have extra undies for my 5 & 7 yos, crayons and notebook, nameits card game, a couple cars, a baby toy or 2 and a small box w/bandaids etc in the inside pocket as well
the front pocket holds my wallet, pens, checkbook, lipbalm and keys and store coupons
I wear the babe in a sling and sometimes twist it around the handle of the bag when not it use~ the sling, not the babe
whew.... geez, no wonder I can never find anything

oh~ i have a stash of extras and nec. in the van as well,
always a blanket, extra clothes for the kids, sunhats, sunscreen etc


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I am a total minimalist. I have used the same diaper bag, a Skip Hop Duo, for almost a year now. The bag is stored in our front hall closet and always contains a burp cloth, bib, spoon, travel wipes case, travel wet bag, changing pad and an AIO dipe. I add clothing, prefolds (rolled), dipe covers, cloth wipes, food, and beverage according to the duration of our outing. As we head out, I add the sling. LO's carseat houses a couple of toys (the Haba caterpillar and a fluffy lamb). During the winter, we used the Bundlme : (LO's lovey frog and favorite blanket generally stay at home).

Some notes:

*I generally do not pack clothing unless we will be out into the evening, in which case I will pack LO's pajamas.

*If I know that I am going to gone 2 hrs, or less, I diaper LO with a hemp doubler and forgo packing any dipes or wipes.

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I just stick a few diapers and a travel wipe case in my purse ( and a few snacks, mine is 16 months) its all just mixed in with my junk. I always carry a larger tote style purse which is not nearly as big as my diaper bag.

Married the love of my life : on 3/18/06, SAHM to Livi 3/11/07 : and Eva 10/10/09 :
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I've got 13 mos twins in CDs, though sometimes when we're out all day and especially if DH is with us, we use disposables. We own a standard diaper bag, but it's too big to carry when I'm wearing twins and doesn't fit in the cargo area of our stroller so it goes unused.

I have a small 8x10x3 in. that holds:
travel pack of wipes (I refill this even though it wasn't intended to be)
4 sposies or 4 prefolds and 2 spare covers
small wetbag for dirties
tube of Weleda diaper care creme
Hyland's teething tablets
fold-up changing pad

If we're running errands with lots of in/out of the car. I just leave the diaper bag in the car and do changes there. In the trunk of the car I keep a changing pad, stash of disposables and a big pack of wipes in case of emergency.

If we're going to be away from the car for an extended period of time I'll carry the diaper bag and will stuff my little purse inside it if I'm wearing our LOs or just stuff the diaper bag under the stroller if we're using that. I ALWAYS wear or carry our SSC.

I also have a couple of separate bags that I only schlep along when needed.

I have a small cooler bag that I use to tote water and snacks. We EBF plus some solids so no bottles. I've used this since I was pregnant and tend to bring it everywhere since I get hungry often.

I have a beach bag with swim dipes, rash guards, beach towels, sunscreen, hats and toys that's all ready to go if we're headed to the beach or splash park.

I have a bag of toys and books that lives in the car. We switch these around now and then, but it's great to keep kiddos entertained while driving and also good for visits to friends and family who don't have toys that are age-appropriate for our LOs.

Funny thing is that my own purse has shrunk since our babes were born. I now carry only my keys, wallet, cell phone, mini calendar, a pen and some cash in a little hemp pouch with a long shoulder strap.
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Originally Posted by sparkysgirl View Post
I just stick a few diapers and a travel wipe case in my purse ( and a few snacks, mine is 16 months) its all just mixed in with my junk.

Sorry ladies, but I never understood the need to carry so much baby junk around on regular errands. I change the diaper before we leave, and although I carry diaper stuff with me, I never use it unless I'm gone for more than a couple of hours, which rarely happens. We never have blowouts, but if she got poop on her clothes I think I'd just strip her and leave her naked.

(Do you really use butt cream for every diaper change? Do you really administer teething tablets every hour, so you need to have them with you at all times? I don't know, maybe you do. I don't. )

I always have:
- a sposie (we CD at home but I'd rather not deal with that while out)
- wipes
- plastic grocery bag for a wetbag
- an old prefold for miscellaneous uses

I might occasionally add:
- sunscreen and a sunhat (if we might go to a park or something)
- small toy (if we might be stuck someplace where DD would get bored)
- bib (if she's in a drooly teething phase)

In my car I have (mainly in case DH takes her out):
- extra rags
- a sposie
- receiving blanket

I have a messenger-style diaper bag but I really only use it for all-day outings. 99% of the time I just have my regular, slightly biggish purse.

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I have a plastic bin in my car that I refill with dipes/wipes/extra clothing. Currently, it has about 12 prefolds, 3 covers, a snappi, some pins, sunscreen, a few extra outfits, and a box of wipes. I have a travel wipe container and sunscreen in my purse, and I just throw in a prefold or two when I go somewhere. Unless I am going for an all day thing, (like a theme park or something like that) I don't use a diaper bag. My usual trips are to Target or the fabric store or something of that nature, so only 30-60 minutes away from the car. I generally only change babe in the car, because public rest rooms are nasty. If I HAVE to change her out, I do it in my lap or in the stroller. I'm a simple gal. Most of the time, I just have two extra diapers in my purse, or if I don't have my purse, in the pocket of my carrier. HTH
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We carry 1 outfit, 1 blanket, 1 diaper change, a few wipes. I figure that's all I will need for a quick trip out. That's all I've needed for both kids when they were little.

For longer trips I carry the above plus another outfit, two more diapers.

Depending on the weather I may have:
A hat
bug spray
an extra blanket
An extra sling (I have one heavy canvas sling and 1 gauze sling. So if the day starts out cool, I might start her out in the heavy canvas, but want to be able to switch to the lighter one as the day warms up.)

If it's a trip where I need DD1 to be busy (like a waiting room):
2-3 books

We don't use a diaper bag. We just fill up a backpack.

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I have a large, stylish diaper bag that I also use as my purse. I carry all my typical purse stuff, plus a change of clothes for each of the two little ones, an extra t-shirt for the oldest, 2-6 diapers (depending on how long we'll be out), a travel wipes package, and diaper cream.

Oh, and I got it for FIVE BUCKS on clearance at Wal-Mart.
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