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annettemarie's Avatar annettemarie 11:11 PM 08-04-2008
I'm not sure where this belongs.

I'm reading the TSA Guidelines and I can't tell if I can take water in a sippy on an airplane for Daniel. It says breastmilk, formula, or juice, but what he drinks in his cup is water. Help?

ledzepplon's Avatar ledzepplon 11:14 PM 08-04-2008
I don't think you can bring the water through security. But once you're through, you can fill the cup with water from a drinking fountain or water you purchase once you're through. I'm sure most flight attendants would be happy to fill your cup right away on board the plane, too.
elmh23's Avatar elmh23 11:15 PM 08-04-2008
I'm pretty sure you could at least take the sippy on to the plane and then ask for some water. Can you call your airline
abc123xyz's Avatar abc123xyz 11:17 PM 08-04-2008
I have kinda bene wondering this also as I really don't trust the water for sale in the terminal...it has always tasted funny to me and I am careful to not use flouride infested water for my LO. So bump this for any help. I guess if push come to shove, I will call the TSA info number and ask them. Last time I called, they were real nice and I have had pretty good experience with TSA while flying...They never even asked about the cup. I also guess that with a colored sippy, they really would never know...especially with diluted juice! hmmm maybe it will be okay!
annettemarie's Avatar annettemarie 11:17 PM 08-04-2008
Oh that's good! The last time I flew was 8 years ago, and it was a whole different game then. I wasn't even thinking of water fountains past security!

I'm so nervous about this. I hate flying, and I am flying alone with a babe.
veganone's Avatar veganone 02:07 AM 08-05-2008
I have to say that even with my high needs girl, we had a really good trip when we flew last. I did take her sippy with water in it in her diaper bag. They didn't even ask about it. I put all of her food in one bag and put that through separately, but that was it. I'd just put the sippy with water in it and put it through; if they ask say it's juice.

Take an empty sippy just on the very off chance they take the one with water, but I can't imagine they would.
LeighB's Avatar LeighB 02:17 AM 08-05-2008
The last time I flew, they just had me put all liquids in a clear plastic bag and I could take whatever I wanted. That was about a year ago.
alegna's Avatar alegna 02:38 AM 08-05-2008
*Technically* you can't take water through : If they ask or you're honest then you have to dump it (but they let you dump it and take the empty cup IME)

runes's Avatar runes 02:47 AM 08-05-2008
we travel by plane a lot and i always bring an empty sigg bottle for me, and an empty foogo straw cup for dd in my carry on bag. never had a problem with bringing them through security.

then i fill them up once we're through security. i usually get myself a drink from starbucks and ask them for a large ice water. i pour the water into the sigg and the ice into the foogo (which has a larger mouth so the ice fits.) then dd and i have some nice cold water to stay hydrated with. also, most of the time, flight attendants will fill up your containers with the bottled water they have on the plane.

have a great trip!!
Hokulele's Avatar Hokulele 03:02 AM 08-05-2008

it depends on the security personnel wherever you get on the plane. I've traveled many times with DD#1 and some airports allowed me to take water in a sippy and others didn't. (Strangely, it was the smaller airports that often refused the most).

My tactic is to take the sippy with water in it. Show them the sippy as soon as I get to the security people and then if they won't let me take it I just open the cup and drink the water and then refill it with bottled water once I'm thru security. You can buy bottled water once you are thru security and then you can carry the water you buy in the terminal onto the plane.

Good luck! I hate flying too and I've traveled alone with DD. It went much better than I expected. People will offer to help you ... accept the help!!
~ani~'s Avatar ~ani~ 04:24 AM 08-05-2008
A few weeks ago I flew and they let me through with a bottle of water that wasn't even for my baby - just because I had a baby with me!