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TopHat's Avatar TopHat 08:16 PM 08-25-2008
I'm just curious. We UCed and DD hasn't been to a single WBV. She turns 5 months this week.

She did see a chiro at 4 months because of a breastfeeding issue- my MIL suggested seeing a chiro for it and I figured it couldn't hurt, so we did.

She hasn't had any reason to see a doctor- if she had a high temp or other sort of ailment, I'd go, but until then...

It seems like a lot of posts start with, "At our X-month checkup," and I'm wondering if I'm in the minority. Curious.

PassionateWriter's Avatar PassionateWriter 08:17 PM 08-25-2008
i dont think you are in the minority. i just dont think alot of ppl post threads titled "we dont do wbvs"...but you will see LOTS of ppl here that do not do them (including us).
Peony's Avatar Peony 08:36 PM 08-25-2008
I didn't with DD1 until she was 5y, and only did this year because we needed a referral. I have with DD2 (22 months) but she has had health issues and is on meds so I need those appointment to update her chart, etc... I don't get much out of them. Our doc is really laid back, and I like her, but if DD2 was a normal child then I wouldn't go.
PhotoJournMama's Avatar PhotoJournMama 08:43 PM 08-25-2008
I go to the WBV. All the doctor does is weight and measure him, asks if baby seems okay, and gives some advice I don't pay much heed to. But my ds is also fully vaxed (my choice, thank you for not debating it with me here). I like seeing how much he has grown so I can write it in the baby book, but don't care if it is following the chart or in the right percentile.
swimswamswum's Avatar swimswamswum 08:45 PM 08-25-2008
We go and DD has never had a vax. I like getting her weighed and measured. I love her doc and enjoy chatting with her. I also want to have a record just in case anyone ever questioned some of our non-conventional choices.
annettemarie's Avatar annettemarie 08:46 PM 08-25-2008
We go. The visits are free, and it gets me out of the house without the other three kids. We don't vax, but with homeschooling and stuff, it makes me feel "safer" to have a good medical history on the kids. I'm a little paranoid though.

It helps that out family doc rocks. She basically just tells me how wonderful the baby and I are.
TopHat's Avatar TopHat 09:00 PM 08-25-2008
We have a scale and measure her for the baby book, too. I guess since we can do that at home, I never saw the virtue.

But I do see what's great about getting out of the house!
Ruthla's Avatar Ruthla 09:08 PM 08-25-2008
I didn't take my daughters regularly when they were babies, as I saw no need. When DS was an infant, I was in a different place in my life, and I took him regularly (though we didn't do any vaccines until he was nearly 3yo.) I saw no harm in visiting the ped and it wasn't worth the battle with other adults in my life.
Blucactus's Avatar Blucactus 09:12 PM 08-25-2008
I take my DS's in for regular well baby visits, because I like knowing I have an advocate (our ped whom fortunately we love) and a paper trail of being responsible, sensible and caring people (despite some of our non-mainstream choices) and parents in the event that CPS or such ever wanted to take a closer look at us (we're a homebirth/nonvax, co sleeping etc fam).
guest9921's Avatar guest9921 09:17 PM 08-25-2008
segata's Avatar segata 09:19 PM 08-25-2008
i voted 'other'...we're no vax until we learn more and just realized how dumb it is to pay a $20 copay for them to measure him and weigh him..he's just fine so when his next appt comes up,we're gonna save our $$

ETAing the other responses has got me rethinking my answer...ah his next visit isn't for a while though and I plan on changing drs..pretty sure his doesn't like me
Collinsky's Avatar Collinsky 09:20 PM 08-25-2008
We took my first Dd for her 6 week check-up, her first WBV, and then that was pretty much it. She saw the person we were putting down as our family dr once, just to "establish care," when she was about 18 mos old. Other than that, we've only gone when there was a concern of some kind, which is rare. (She's been to a dr/ER dept 3 times for stitches, and my 2 yo has been to our family HCP for a huge swollen lymph node. The other two not at all.)
Molck's Avatar Molck 09:58 PM 08-25-2008
Originally Posted by swimswamswum View Post
We go and DD has never had a vax. I like getting her weighed and measured. I love her doc and enjoy chatting with her. I also want to have a record just in case anyone ever questioned some of our non-conventional choices.
: Plus, I like having a relationship with our doctor so in case an emergency comes up, we'll be able to go to someone we're all familiar with.
~Megan~'s Avatar ~Megan~ 10:14 PM 08-25-2008
Originally Posted by swimswamswum View Post
We go and DD has never had a vax. I like getting her weighed and measured. I love her doc and enjoy chatting with her. I also want to have a record just in case anyone ever questioned some of our non-conventional choices.
~savah~'s Avatar ~savah~ 10:29 PM 08-25-2008
I also take my DD to her wbv just to get her weight and measurements. The Doc occasionally will ask me if I've changed my mind about the vax (we haven't done any) and lets it go when I tell her no. However, on her last visit she encouraged me to start feeding her rice cereal on her 6 month b-day because might need the iron. She is now 8 months and toothless (which is one of the things we're waiting for before we jump in to solid foods) so I'm contemplating canceling her 9 month wbv so I don't have to explain myself to the doc.
FREEmom1120's Avatar FREEmom1120 10:32 PM 08-25-2008
Just quit going on a regular basis. I don't really see the point for dd. She sees the chiro regularly, and I'm going to establish her with a naturopath (sp?) in the area.
milkybean's Avatar milkybean 10:39 PM 08-25-2008
We started with regular visits with a naturopath, but then it just sort of fell by the wayside. He's even been to the ER twice, we put the ND's name (she's an hour away from here) as his regular doc, they don't care about the no-vax thing, and they take care of us. Totally OK. (I'm not an MD fan, nor a hospital fan, but the local kid's ER has been great)

His first health care was cranio sacral therapy by a massage therapist, though. And now he's seeing a chiro routinely (which is good, b/c I'm a chiro but I don't like working on family members).

I recently found out about a ped practice that might be nice to switch to, just b/c we never see the ND in Seattle.
newmama8824's Avatar newmama8824 12:32 AM 08-26-2008
I go. Mainly because I am curious about his weight & height.... They don't really do anything else.. Check his weight & height and talk to me a little, then send us on our way.
christyc's Avatar christyc 01:13 AM 08-26-2008
Not really. My twins were homebirthed, so we took them in for one checkup when they were 6 weeks old. Other than that, they only go in if something is wrong.
Code Name Mama's Avatar Code Name Mama 01:21 AM 08-26-2008
We started out doing them because ds was a little early, a lot jaundiced, and we liked seeing his weight climb
We are discontinuing because our insurance has "reached its dollar limit" for WBV's :
Shell_Ell's Avatar Shell_Ell 01:24 AM 08-26-2008
We did them with our older son, but not our younger son. He has only had one vaccination and we decided to stop with both kids over this last winter.

DS2 hasn't been for a well-visit since he was 4 months. I never saw a need. He was growing well and meeting milestones. Without the shots, there didn't seem to be much of a point.

To be honest, our Dr pissed me off at DS1's two year checkup and that was a big part of what did it for me. Neither of my kids have been to the Dr since then. It was last November. He was a big jerk to me about seeking early intervention services and now that we have a definite autism diagnosis, I know that my gut was right and the Dr was full of crap.

If either were sick enough to seek medical attention, I'd take them. But not just for the well baby stuff.
*Karen*'s Avatar *Karen* 01:43 AM 08-26-2008
Yep, we go. At the last one, they noticed that DS has a heart murmur that was never noticed before. We don't vax at all, but it is nice to have on paper how he is growing and developing.
rmzbm's Avatar rmzbm 09:42 AM 08-26-2008
We don't do WBV. I use MD's when needed & don't feel WBV are needed. My 2 yr. old has never seen a doctor and my older kids haven't gone in over 5 years. My 4 month old has had a few weight checks, as needed.
aaronsmom's Avatar aaronsmom 09:52 AM 08-26-2008
No, we do not attend WBVs. I weigh and measure my kids at home and we don't vax so there would be no point.
NiteNicole's Avatar NiteNicole 09:53 AM 08-26-2008
We did, but my daughter had a lot of doctors appointments anyway, and I actually LIKE the ped so we went. She was jaundiced in the beginning, she had reflux, and her hips were in the Pavlik harness so we did a lot of doctoring.

She cried SO MUCH in he first year, it was just nice to have someone tell me I was doing a great job, she was mostly healthy, and all the little problems would work themselves out eventually.
junipervt's Avatar junipervt 11:40 AM 08-26-2008
we do infact we had one yesterday. we really love our doc & love having the oppertunity to chat w/ her.
paquerette's Avatar paquerette 11:53 AM 08-26-2008
Not with DD since she was 9 mo.

I'm not sure what we're doing yet with new baby. The one place I had recommended to me, I found out has a 3 mo waiting list. And particularly if I have a son, I don't relish the thought of having to spend an entire visit hyper vigilant and ready to deck someone, and I have a pretty good idea the likelihood of finding anyone in PA who respects a foreskin. We'll probably just go to the chiro.
thepeach80's Avatar thepeach80 01:00 PM 08-26-2008
Originally Posted by Molck View Post
Plus, I like having a relationship with our doctor so in case an emergency comes up, we'll be able to go to someone we're all familiar with.
This is mainly why we go, especially when the kids are younger. We've been on vacation before and AJ had to be in the hospital and it sucked not feeling comfortable w/ anyone b/c you didn't know them. My kids would be at the ped anyways for illnesses even if we didn't do WBV. They all have tubes, and Evan has had his adenoids out, and just had his tonsils out this week so we have plenty of DRs we could choose to see. lol We don't vax, but I like our ped and enjoy seeing her and I want the kids to have someone they feel comfortable w/ so when they are sick they aren't so scared to the see a DR. We generally stop at 2 or 3 depending on the child. AJ went last year b/c he had to for pre-K, he doesn't this year so he's not going. We will probably go to Evan's 4yo one to check on his growth and Ilana's 2yo one, but that will probably be it for a while assuming all is well w/ both and Ilana does well off her formula.
lilylove's Avatar lilylove 02:11 PM 08-26-2008
We don't.
As long as my baby is growing and developing at a normal rate, and seem healthy and happy, I don't see the point. Plus, I think too much emphasis is placed on what scales say instead of looking at the child as a whole!
I like our doc, she is wonderful, very pro-bfing, supports our decision to not vax, knows intact care (hands off). For me it's a waste of time and co-pay to go.
We did take her in to see the doc at about 1w old, but that was for my Dh's peace of mind. He is way more mainstream and after the homebirth it made him feel better to just have a check up with a doc. So that was more of a well daddy visit
nolonger's Avatar nolonger 04:02 PM 08-26-2008
I wasn't sure how to vote and ultimately clicked on "nope".

That's not entirely true, though, because I was accustomed to doing all the weighing & measuring and researching from UPing and just continued it after the birth. I take him to a consignment store that has a baby scale and check his weight and measurement against the charts (available here among other places) and all that WBV stuff on the standard CDC schedule and wouldn't vax anyway. Ideally I'd like to establish care in case of an emergency, but ds has a lot of trouble with car seats and Humboldt County is...ah...not known for attracting the best doctors in the country. My next door neighbour and most of my other friends who can go to San Francisco for medical care.

If Dr. Schwanke, my big kids' pediatrician, is still practicing, he would be worth the trip even if I had to hitchhike or ride my bicycle!

Our old Humboldt County ped has moved on but I have heard good things about his successor and would like to establish care there when ds can handle to (shorter but still way too long) drive rather than using the family practitioner I'm taking ds1 to, who was dishonest with me about ds1's tetanus shot so I'm not about to trust him with ds2's when/if the time comes.

We do have a wonderful naturopath, but she doesn't diagnose.

Plus, I like having a relationship with our doctor so in case an emergency comes up, we'll be able to go to someone we're all familiar with.
This is how I feel, so please do as I say not as I do.
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