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Looking for advice or someone who can relate.

From 3-6 months my husband was a SAHD and we had a fairly predictable routine of three daily naps, nurse to sleep and put in his crib ~8 wake up between 1 and 2 come into our bed and sleep/nurse the rest of the night.

Once I started staying home his sleep pattern took a nose dive and it has just been getting worse and worse. First he stopped napping. If I was lucky I would be able to get one nap a day out of him. Next he started waking up wailing each time I put him in his crib no matter how sound asleep he was when I tried. On the rare occasion he goes down in his crib he wakes up within 20 minutes and we have to start all over again. If I put him to bed early he thinks he just napped and wants to play for a few hours before going back to sleep. If I put him to bed late he is over tired and tries to crawl around and stand while I try to nurse him to sleep. I've read the NCSS and it seems like all the thing we try make him even more awake. Further, there is no drowsy but awake point where I can put him down and he doesn't start crying immediately. UGH!

At this point I struggle for an hour plus to nurse him to sleep then he wakes up every time he realizes there isn't a nipple in his mouth. Over the last two months he has slept one 4 hour stretch everything else had been 45 minutes or less. My partner and I are both really sleep deprived and our backs are killing us from holding on to the edges of the bed for dear life to make room for the little guy's acrobatics.

He's been napping for the last hour only because he is in my arms and I was ready to nurse him back to sleep the moment he started to stir. Tell me it will get better or at the very least you understand my pain.
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I am right there with you. DD has slept in her room in her crib since about 6 weeks and been a great sleeper! (Once or twice a night wakings).

At 8 months (exactly) that all went out the window! SHe would wake 4-6 times a night, SCREAM for 1-4 hours during the night (this is with us holding/rocking her or not!), finally nurse to sleep in my arms only to wake screaming as soon as I tried to stand up.

It lasted 2 weeks. And in the last 3-4 nights she has stopped the screaming and being awake for hours and getting back on track. I have had many mom's tell me it is a common thing for 8-10 month olds!
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Just want to tell you I am in the same boat, too!!! The EXACT same boat!! Except my little one slept perfectly between 3-6 months, and ever since (she is 12 months) she wakes at least 2 times a night.

I feed her during the day normally. We are on solids here and there and she eats until she is full. I know this by her starting to throw the food on the ground when she is full. But when she wakes up in the night, I try to give her a pacifier but that never works, so it's always going for the milk. Does that mean she isn't full during the day? Or has she come accustomed to "when I wake up, I know my mommy will be there"???

Let me know what you find out!!! Here's to another mama looking for sleeping help

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Same boat with my 7 month old, only he's never been a great sleeper. All I can say is tag team with your partner. If I'm at my wit's end my husband takes over and vice versa. That way we both get some sleep.

I'm sorry. It is hard! But babyhood doesn't last forever. 12 months was the magic age for my daughter. She started sleeping 8 hours or more.
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I've found with DS it goes in stages with some being better and some being worse. I think the problem is that we are constantly fed the message that as children get older, it automatically gets better--like it's a linear function. In reality I think particularly at times when developmental milestones are being reached, growth spurts are occurring, illnesses are going around, etc. sleep is going to suffer for a period of time. Unfortunately it's hard to predict when a particularly bad period will start or end.

I do feel your pain and it does get better--or so I hear

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Yes, I've been there. I found that around 10-11 months it got better for some reason way beyond my control. Until then sleep when you can!
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No advice, but I'm right there with you. Yesterday my 9 mo. old dd took one 1 hour nap. Then she stayed up until 1 a.m. and woke up at 7:15 this morning ready to play. Still hasn't taken a nap today. I don't understand how a baby needs less sleep than her mama.

Hope our babies start sleeping better soon!
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Have you tried letting him ride in a soft baby carrier like a mei tai or a wrap? My dd would fall asleep in our wrap even if she couldn't or wouldn't fall asleep nursing, and some days, she spent her naptime in it which was better than her catnapping in her crib off and on. And as they say, good sleep leads to good sleep - so getting a decent nap in the day time for a few days in a row can help them settle into a routine and make nighttime sleep a little better.

Also sometimes I use the wrap as a calming tool to enable her to wind down and nurse to sleep - taking her for a 15 min walk seems to lull her into a calm quiet state that is easier to fall asleep from.
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