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Blu Razzberri's Avatar Blu Razzberri 12:40 AM 10-14-2008
DS2 is three months and a week old. About two weeks after birth, his scalp erupted in a terrible case of baby acne (like, hundreds of pus-y whiteheads). After about three weeks, they started busting and going away on their own, and as this happened, he developed a horrible case of cradle cap. The only thing I did was put olive oil on his head, and leave it there for about 15 minutes, before tossing him into a warm bath, and gently scrubbing with the 'scratchy' side of the baby facecloth. It helped, but only a little. I otherwise left it alone. It took almost the next two months for it to go away. Then his head was clear for about a week before he started to develop cradle cap again. This time he scratches and picks at it. Maybe it's because he couldn't figure out his hands to do that before; but now he's picking at his head until it leaves little bleed spots. What's up with this? Is cradle cap itchy, or might this be something else? What do I do for him? I feel so bad, poor little guy!

Melly24's Avatar Melly24 12:43 AM 10-14-2008
My DD has exactly this. Was cradle cap that went away with olive oil, then it appears to be trying to come back. She still scratches at her head now so I have to keep her nails really short and she wears mittens when asleep.

Coconut oil has helped clear it a bit, but the itch is still there. Sorry I cant be of more help
Blu Razzberri's Avatar Blu Razzberri 11:14 AM 10-14-2008
What about Tea Tree Oil....?
matey's Avatar matey 11:17 AM 10-14-2008
Could be eczema. What we thought was severe cradle cap was actually eczema and was cleared when I eliminated dairy from my diet (EBF). I dont know if this is the case for you, but I know there are a lot of mamas who have had this problem. BTW, eczema does itch.