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Monkeyfeet's Avatar Monkeyfeet 09:55 PM 11-08-2008
My one month old ds gets very congested, but only at night. He sleeps in the exact same spot, the exact same way during the day with no congestion. Any ideas on why this happens only at night and not any other time? Would a warm vaporizer or a humidifier help?

louloubean's Avatar louloubean 10:53 PM 11-08-2008
maybe it has to do with when he eats? or maybe it's quieter at night and you notice it more? hard to say!

i would try the humidifier, it can't hurt! try and get one you can adjust because the one i got makes TOO MUCH steam and the walls get wet, yikes!

good luck!
holothuroidea 10:56 PM 11-08-2008
Same thing happened to our baby. Humidifier helped tremendously. I also take a shower with her in the morning and that helps clear it out.
3pink1blue's Avatar 3pink1blue 11:40 PM 11-08-2008

my 9 week old does this too. ped says he might be refluxing a tiny bit, and it gets in the back of his throat and then up his nose a little. He's done this since about 2 weeks of age and still does it but isn't sick or anything, and doesn't have reflux, other than normal occasional spitup.