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So this is the problem. I will make something in the late morning, say a delicious lentil curry in the slow cooker, and then I'll get home and the VERY IDEA of it will make me want to retch. Then we end up eating out at the local Greek restaurant.

In the day, I know I need to eat several small meals throughout the day (pref. protein) but I everything that I used to eat (i.e. Mozz cheese stick, fruit, protein shake) seems gross and inedible. I don't even really have any cravings per se, other than for fatty, spicy food at night, which is not doing me any favors when it's bedtime. I open the refrigerator for snacks and it all looks not right. I look in cookbooks and it all sounds tedious and disgusting, even the good ones that I used to love.

Has anyone found something that is quick, good, healthy ( cheetohs), and has a short prep-to-eat time so that your mind can't get repulsed by the time it's done? We can't keep eating out. I am the main food preparer in our house, but I just want my husband to cook all the time. He can't.

That curry? It's still sitting in my fridge, mocking me and my weak will.
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Are you sure we're not twins who were separated at birth? :LOL

I haven't really gotten SICK from anything yet and I don't have any really serious cravings, but I am being even more finicky than usual about what does or does not sound good to me. And I don't have a lot of energy to cook a whole lot right now. Maybe you can make something for your DH and then something you want for yourself? (Make HIM eat the lentil curry! ) I am finding that the less I eat for snacks, the less looks good for meals, and vice versa. I think if the blood sugar gets too low, it makes you feel icky and you don't want to eat anything. I noticed this sometimes before pregnancy, that if I pushed myself and went too long without eating that NOTHING would look appealing although I was starving! So I second the frequent snacks--I'm trying to eat SOMETHING every 2-3 hours. Snacks that are working for me now are: 1) cubes of cheddar cheese. Even more appealing than string cheese. Sometimes with a Triscuit or whole wheat cracker. 2) beef jerky. Hey, not the MOST healthy, but it's protein. 3) Walnuts 4) avocados 5) pumpkin seeds, the shelled kind. 6) baby carrots. A friend of mine recommended almond butter for these kinds of times, haven't tried it yet. One thing that you could try too is salting a chicken up nicely (if you're not a vegetarian) and cooking it in the crockpot. If possible have DH or someone else take it OUT of the crockpot for you, take the meat off the bones and put it in the fridge. Then you can sort of eat it throughout the day--very nutritious and easy to digest.

I'm sorry I'm not having a lot of good dinner suggestions, I struggle with that too! I had a big discussion with DH before I found out I was pregnant, and we finally decided that we would prepare some of our own food some of the time. (I'm omnivorous, he's a vegetarian and sort of picky.) I was trying to put a nice dinner on the table every night, and I just got to the place where I was feeling I couldn't do it anymore.

Good luck!! I'll be looking to see if anyone else has any good meal suggestions!!
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Sorry- not much help here, either, though I made the kids cannellini bean patties the other day and ate most of them myself (grate an onion, mush a can of beans, stir together and fry or bake.) I'm living mostly off jacket potatoes, apples, bananas, mangoes and Quakers Oat Krunchies- except that now apples are tasting funny too.

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I'm probably not much help, since I mostly fix snack-type things (yogurt, almonds/walnuts, fruit, hummus) instead of "real" meals and then just pick and choose what appeals to me at the moment....Maybe cook up a big pot of pasta and then have various toppings on hand to choose from when it's time to eat (red sauce, pesto, butter & cheese)? Same with homemade pizza crust (I make mine with whole wheat flour; you could even throw in some wheat germ for extra vitamins)....?
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whole wheat spaghetti with marinara sauce
avocado slices on whole wheat toast
baked sweet potatoes

The 1st time I was pg I quickly found that the slow cooker was my enemy - mainly because the smell of whatever food is cooking is soooooo strong, especially if you leave the house.
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cheese on whole-wheat or multi-grain crackers
lentils (they are easy and very good for you)
almonds & cranberries , or pistachios and dried apricots. YUM!
beans & rice with cheese (my all time favorite default meal)

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I always pack a Luna bar (from the makers of the Cliff nutrition bars) in my bag when I am on the go. They take care of my sweet craving while being reasonably good and organic too. They come in lots of flavors.
As for do it yourself snacks... I am as clueless as you when pg.
Raw almonds soaked in water overnight always seem to be a nice tasty treat in the morning.
I am surprised at how many women depend on dairy for quick protein. I am not a dairy person when not pg, but if I even think of eating cheese or drinking milk when pg, I get constipated and my sinuses get severely congested. Yogurt I can handle, but other dairy just makes things worse for me.
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I've been eating a lot of refried beans on whole wheat tortillas - a little bit of cheese, a little bit of salsa - it works okay for me. Not much in the way of cooking - just put the beans on the tortilla, grate some cheese, stick it under the broiler.

Probably not the most healthy choice ever, but it's okay.

SAHM to my and and due in summer 2010, married to my best friend.
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Oh man, I feel the same way! I love to cook normally and cook most everything from scratch! I just can't muster up the motivation. Maybe I'll make some soup right now. I also can't seem to find anything that sounds good. The crock is a good tool for me since I feel most energetic in the morning and least so at 3:30p when the kids get home and the babes are up from their naps!

I've been making meals for myself out of rice krispies and rice dream, but I do have four kids I should feed something more than bananas and yogurts! I am such a domestic failure right now! My husband is opening a brew house this week (he's the general contractor) and has been tapped out too. We had chinese, italian and mexican last week. We can't afford to pay to eat out when we've bought all these yummy foods in our fridge!

I also get the frugal menu mailer from That's where I'm getting tonight's soup recipe from.

For me, it's the prep. I need one good burst of energy to cut up cheese, peel and chop veggies so I have "grab and go" food. I had planned on doing that in the 2ww because I *knew* I would get to feeling this way and planned to make ahead a bunch of meals and didn't get to it. I had nesting syndrome and got the house all in order instead! :LOL I am seriously an OCD domestic diva and being sidelined like this makes me nuttier! :LOL
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i cant stomack anything! i wake up starving but nothing is appetising.. its so sad. i ate perrogies last night at 9 at night because i was ooo hungry and they were the only thing that the thought of didnt make me want to barf. the only other thing i can eat is my nourishment tea. toast and cheese sometimes, but even that i have to force down. i cant wait till this stage is over!

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Originally Posted by flapjack
Sorry- not much help here, either, though I made the kids cannellini bean patties the other day and ate most of them myself (grate an onion, mush a can of beans, stir together and fry or bake.)
just onions and mashed beans - no eggs or anything else? Do you drain the beans? I'm thinking of trying this
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Can't help ya girlie...
This is the girl who called all of her friends today trying to get a can of tomato soup and V8 juice, but MMmmMMM was it good!

(btw, TWO friends showed up with my craving! I have great friends!)

I've been so sick and nothing sounds good. I finally saw a commercial this morning for Campbells and it made me want the soup. A toasted cheese sandwich would have been nice with it, but alas, I can't open the fridge.

Just try to read a cookbook! It might make something sound good!
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Oh, my stomach is so picky right now! Just two weeks ago I made this delicious black bean dip with artichoke hearts and I ate a ton of it, it was so delicious! Now just the thought of it makes my stomach turn. I caught a glimpse of the last of it in tupperware in the fridge and started gagging. I made my husband throw away everything in our fridge.

Things that have appealed to me lately:

BLT and potato salad from the deli.
Tonight I'm having bean & rice burrito with chips and salsa. Yum.

Oddly enough, fried things and dairy food sound really good to me and all the wonderful veggie-based vegan food I had been cooking makes me want to hurl.

But, I'm giving myself a break on cooking for a couple of months. So what if we eat out a lot. It's expensive, but if you can make it last a couple of meals, then not that expensive.

Sorry I can't be of much help with the recommendations. I'll be reading, though.
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I'm on dairy too! I picked up string cheese, yogurts and ice cream! :LOL
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you could try bagel and lox: toasted bagel, cream cheese, smoked (wild) salmon, tomato and onion. I've been enjoying it lately -- it's filling and travels well, if you can't eat the whole thing just put the rest in the fridge for later and it will still be good, this is popular on the east coast but some people in the midwest haven't heard of this combo
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