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BensMom's Avatar BensMom 04:39 PM 10-24-2005
Well, the babe is indeed breech, as far as the more experienced MW can tell. All the signs are pointing to it. She thinks the babe was vertex at one point, but I dont. I feel like the babe has been settled in the same position the whole time.

The good news is that s/he is very high still, which hopefully means that there is room to flip. I will be getting an u/s in the next day or two to confirm and then we will start trying agressive flipping stuff (pulsatilla, moxi) in addition to what I have been trying - slant board, heat, cold, swimming, etc. And probably next week a version. Ugh.

The bad news is that instead of sitting back and enjoying the fact that I am 37w and all ready for my homebirth...I have to beg this babe to stay put. I can no longer get excited about labor starting, I feel like I have to dread it until we can get this babe turned.

So that's where I am at. Trying not to stress too much.

Its frustrating. With my first pregnancy, I did everything wrong and ended up with a vaginal birth in spite of it all. With this pregnancy I have done everything "right" and might end up with a surgical birth. :

bucaye's Avatar bucaye 05:45 PM 10-24-2005
Hugs to you. Don't be hard on yourself. Here's to hoping things will work out.

Here are some flipping vibes . . .
Awaken's Avatar Awaken 05:46 PM 10-24-2005
Sorry you have this added concern.

I'm glad it looks like there is still more room for the babe to turn, and you have some more options up your sleeve for helping it to happen!

Would you try a breech homebirth, or are your mw's willing to have you try?

I know things will work out the way they're supposed to....sorry you are going through this at the very end!!
BensMom's Avatar BensMom 06:23 PM 10-24-2005
AS far as breech HB, I think it depends on the presentation. DH is not entirely comfortable, but he hasnt done any research. I think once we know more (presenation, placenta location, etc) we will sit down with the MW and hash it all out. Assuming s/he is still breech after all that I plan to on trying! At the very least, I will annoy the heck out of this babe with heat, cold, jostling, etc.

U/S will be tomorrow at the hospital. That's a tricky one! I'm planning a HB in an alegal state, have a HB friendly backup MD 2 hrs away, who is calling orders into the hospital near me (so I can save the gas $$$ driving 2 hours into the mountains!). Hopefully it will all work out and the insurance will pay!
cjbeach's Avatar cjbeach 10:19 AM 10-25-2005
HUGS Jenn...
G/L today... I'll be waiting for your update!!!
**********Turn baby,turn VIBES coming your way*************

*Amy*'s Avatar *Amy* 10:22 AM 10-25-2005
Good luck with everything, Jenn!! I'll be thinking of you and sending nice head-down vibes to you!!
neveryoumindthere's Avatar neveryoumindthere 10:50 AM 10-25-2005
this baby was breech for weeks and weeks..the day before my m/w appointment he/she turned...all of a sudden i had really bad pelvic pain and then i told dh i feel punches down low...sure enough he/she had turned..and i had booked a chiro appt for the next i got to cancel that..

have u tried the websters technique at the chiro's?
(fwiw, i did mostly just hands and knees a few times a day every day, and only once in a while did the slant board)
Gunter's Avatar Gunter 10:51 AM 10-25-2005
I really hope that the babe turns at some point soon. Am I crazy to think it may happen? I wish you all the best!!!
tryingitnatural's Avatar tryingitnatural 11:20 AM 10-25-2005
: Good Luck!
BensMom's Avatar BensMom 03:52 PM 10-25-2005

Had my u/s at the hospital today.

The bad news is that the babe in indeed breech. Kinda goes to show you that MWs tend to know what they are talking about, even without all the bells and whistles and technology. Score one point for "hands on care".

The good news is that the babe is frank breech. As in as frank as they come...feet way up above his/her head. So vaginal breech is much safer should we pursue that route. And gives me some ammunition when trying to talk DH into it.

The other good news is that the babe is measuring small. Well, actually average, which is small to me, since DS was 9+ lbs. I am 37w and the babe measured 36w5d, and just under 7lbs. So even though I am skeptical about the validity of u/s measurement, at least it did not find a 10+lber that even Ina May would balk at delivering vaginally!

My MW is optimistic because the babe is still high and not too big that s/he will turn before labor. I just need to get my ducks in a row in the meantime and decide what to do if s/he doesnt.
MelW's Avatar MelW 05:45 PM 10-25-2005
Good news (well as good as you expected, I guess).
Come on, turn baby!!!