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November 2005 > Please someone reassure me..
Ryver's Avatar Ryver 01:06 AM 11-02-2005
Ok this morning, wake up liquid running down legs. Get all excited. Nope wasn't my water, probably the primrose oil I put in last night *sigh* To add insult to injury, I've had less action today than I've had in the last week!! : : :

So reassure me, no one stays pregnant forever right?

3 for me's Avatar 3 for me 01:14 AM 11-02-2005
I know I sure feel like I will be pg forever but I have to remind myself that baby will come when baby is ready. Maybe your no action is a "calm before the storm" Stay encouraged and know that you will see your lil one very soon! Big Hugs and Birth Vibes your way!
Good Luck!


Just think soon we will be reading your birth story!
MamaFern's Avatar MamaFern 01:15 AM 11-02-2005
no one stays pregnant for ever!! try to enjoy the last few days with free hands while you can.. if you can.. i remember how much i actually missed having a pregnant belly and how easily my body did everything for that baby while he was inside of me.. and then all of a sudden i was very empty and very very busy.. but your time will come soon!
Ryver's Avatar Ryver 01:18 AM 11-02-2005
Thanks mamas. I need the encouragement right now. I have to say I'm so glad I'm having a hb because I can see how easily manipulated I'd be right now (btw not talking about any other mamas only me ) I guess this is like the last leg of a race. I just need to hang in there but poop this is hard!!
flapjack's Avatar flapjack 08:47 AM 11-02-2005
98% of mamas give birth before 42 weeks. The longest I've ever heard of was 45 weeks and 3 days, and that was in the 50s. 45% (approximately) give birth before their due date.
Elephants, on the other hand, are at "full term" for a whopping 3 months... can you imagine how frustrated they must feel??
Godiva's Avatar Godiva 12:17 PM 11-02-2005
is that 98% naturally or beacuse Drs and midwives won't let you go past 42 weeks?
3for3hb's Avatar 3for3hb 12:27 PM 11-02-2005
I had the same thing happen to me last night when I sneezed. For the same reason too... EPO. Since I thought my water broke I reached down to feel how much liquid and it was all sticky so I got a little freaked out until I went to the bathroom and turned the light on and realized it was the gel capsule part of the epo that had dissolved.

At least we're not elephants (though some of us feel like we are : )
lexi2005's Avatar lexi2005 01:04 PM 11-02-2005
Wow, I sure know where you're coming from! I mean, *of course* we can't stay pregnant forever, but it sure feels like me too!

Hee Hee, I totally feel like an elephant!

Ryver's Avatar Ryver 01:31 PM 11-02-2005
You know the first time I heard that about elephants, I thought to myself, "If I ever hear about angry elephants on the rampage, I'll COMPLETELY understand."

Thanks for the stats darlin. Those actually do help.
flapjack's Avatar flapjack 02:30 PM 11-02-2005
My eldest was a wee bit late... I completely geeked out trying to stay sane. Hmm, do we see a pattern emerging here?
momma2finn's Avatar momma2finn 02:39 PM 11-02-2005
Originally Posted by bailey228
is that 98% naturally or beacuse Drs and midwives won't let you go past 42 weeks?

Maybe I'm bitter, but I was going to post the same thing!!
Godiva's Avatar Godiva 03:00 PM 11-02-2005
haha i'm defiantly bitter at this point. I no longer like anyone that has delivered their baby on or before their due date J/K! really! I love you all!