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when you water breaks it doesn't feel like you have to pee does it?

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I'm thinking the answer is no.. because with my daughter it sort of leaked out with no warning.. but for the past 45 min. I've been peeing..... literally every 3-5 min! What is up with that? I haven't even drank much today. It's pee right? If it was just leaking out I'd know it was amnotic fluid but each time I feel like I have to pee.
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I have thought the same myself. My water broke at the hospital with ds#1 in a big gush and with ds#2 they broke my water and I was already numb from the epidural. So with this one I am wondering what will it be like if its trickling. I have experienced the same peeing thing and its like not even a full pee just some tinkle trickles and each time I felt like I needed to pee. It hasn't really gone away and think that is because she is pushing on my bladder more and more everyday as she is trying to come out. I am already 3-4cm dialted and my cervix is extremely soft (unsure of exact effacement I am guessing near 100% or at it) I would have to say if it was your water than it prob would come out by itself without feeling the need to pee but then again I am not too sure.

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I didn't feel the need to pee when my water broke, for what it's worth. I stood up and it came gushing out, and repeated in surges for the next couple of hours. You know how you "push" a little when you pee? Didn't have that feeling at all....
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pixiedust, it could be B/H or regular ctx. When my water has broken in the past, it didn't feel like I had to urinate, like you it just leaked out without me doing anything. However, ctx can make you want to urinate. Or the baby laying way down low. Let's say they're ctx though. That's more fun, isn't it?

Lurking from Dec.
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Well, the "what I think was peeing" finally let up so I'm thinking it was a false alarm. I have had quite a few b/h though that are starting to seem regular.. hope they turn into something!

Thanks for the input everyone!
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BH definitely make me feel like I need to pee...or the need to pee causes BH, I'm no longer sure. But I recently saw a pic of a full term baby in utero and that poor little bladder was so smushed I am not surprised that it can hold no more than a few ounces before protesting.

Ditto with why pooping is such an issue too.

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Ugh, the pooping. I have hemmorhoids now and I really haven't the whole time. It is literally a pain in the *ss!

For me, when my water broke with Sam, it felt kind of like my whole body just went "ping" and then it gushed out and trickled for a while after. No pee sensation at all.
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i wanted to add, when my water broke i was asleep, so i'm not sure what that actual moment was like, but i woke up feeling damp. i went to the bathroom, and from then on out instead of having the urge to pee, it was an odd feeling of basically peeing but not being able to control it, can't stop the flow, the liquid is VERY warm, and sometime is a trickle and may stop completely, then gush again for awhile.

just my experience.
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Mine never felt like urination, no sensation like that. Just lots of liquid dripping out then gushing out with both births.
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Originally Posted by samsmamma
For me, when my water broke with Sam, it felt kind of like my whole body just went "ping" and then it gushed out and trickled for a while after. No pee sensation at all.
This was EXACTLY the case with me.
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When my water broke with #1 i thought at first i might have peed myself somehow but then it kept gushing and gushing. I was grocery shopping i was NOT impressed.
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