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OMG... the one word that describes the birth I experienced last night was INTENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :

My water bag sprung a little leak at about 9:30 am on the morning of november 15th. Called my mws right away all excited. I lost about a cup of pinkish fluid but that was about it. Wore a pad all day and never saw anymore, so it wasn't an official bag of waters breaking.

Anyway, DH came home from work about 11:30am and we got to cleaning and organizing all the birth stuff. I started getting contractions around 10ish that were about 3 minutes apart but they weren't strong at all. By around noon I noticed that if I sat down the contractions went away but as long as I remained standing they were coming on regular (but still not strong). DH went to the grocery store to get stuff for black bean burritoes )that's what he made me before Willem was born and they sounded soooo good. I stayed at home and took a shower (while scrubbing it out good) and then I cleaned the downstairs bathroom. Started to vaccum downstairs too but then realized I should rest and not wear myself out. I fed ds and put him down for his nap and by about 2:30 called my midwives again because the contractions were slowing down but getting stronger. I wanted my midwives to have the chance to get here before they hit major traffic (one lives 45 minutes away and the other about 1 1/2 hours without traffic). So they both left around 3pm. At about 3:30, the closer mw called to tell Chris that she was stuck in traffic just a few miles from her house (but she didn't want him to tell me so that I didn't freak out). I heard her over the phone and thought that maybe it would be a good idea to lay down and rest, especially since willem was still taking his nap.

So I lay down and started drifting to sleep, waking every so often with contractions (much less frequent and much less intense but I didn't for a second think they'd totally peter out or anything). I had the craziest lucid dreams... can't quite remember what they were but they were just out there. And I kept singing the song "I step into the flow and then I let go, I open my mind, my heart, and my soul" in my dreams... later it became my mental labor mantra.

First midwife got here around 4:30pm and I woke up. I really should have rested more. Contractions were pretty far between but as soon as I stood up I would have an intense one (I was already having to voice through them a bit). I knew it was still very early labor. Second midwife arrived (she had a little trouble on the way down with traffic and a nail in her tire) but I don't remember the time. Must have been after 5 because it was already starting to get dark. I was getting hungry and even though dh was running around taking care of ds he made me a great smoothie (yogurt, banana, mango and almond butter water down so it wasn't so thick..mmmm). We also were trying to decide what to do with Willem as my contractions, though still far apart (we weren't timing because the midwives were already there and they were intense enough that we didn't think they'd go away) were going to get closer and more intense as time went on. I had no sense of how long labor would last though I thought it was going to be a while. Anyway, we called my friend that I just met through MDC and another natural family living network in the area and she came over with her dd to play with Willem around 6:45 or 7ish. I went downstairs to say hi and get shoes on because the midwives thought it would be a good idea if DH and I went for a walk. Being up and around was really starting to get the contractions coming closer so it took a while to get my shoes and jacket on (and for dh to distract ds so he wouldn't freak out when we left). I was starting to feel that the only way I could deal with the growing intensity of the contractions was if I leaned forward on something (upstairs I had been leaning on the bed and voicing into my pillow). My midwife strongly suggested that because my belly was already hanging so low and pendulous that it would work to my advantage to lean back on someone with my arms up around their neck and have someone else support the bottom of my belly while having a contraction. It definitely made the contractions harder to deal with but I could tell that it was making the baby's head press down on my cervix better and therefore making them more effective and productive. So we experimented with positions before we left for our walk.

I don't know what happened the minute we walked out the front door but I looked around and saw people's porch lights on and windows open and suddenly felt very vulnerable (we live in a townhome community with closely spaced neighbors). I had a pillow with me to voice into but it just didn't cut it. I had a contraction as soon as we got down the steps from the front porch and I freaked out and staggered back inside. Dh followed me a little confused and we sat on the steps in the foyer, me just making these high pitched freaked out sounds. I thought I sounded like an idiot but I couldn't help it. DH was AWESOME... I felt like if I just clung to him that I was safe and could make it through each contraction. Then, before the next contraction we decided that maybe if we went out back where there were no lights that we could walk around there. We did and I had one contraction and said I'd rather be inside. Sat on the foyer steps again, had another contraction and then turned and sprinted up the stairs, and made it to the bedroom just as another one hit. Laid down on the bed and had the midwife check me because I wanted to get in the birth tub. This was at about 7:45 . She did but didn't tell me how dialated I was... I could here them whisper and decided that I probably wasn't as dialated as I was acting. Later they told me I was still at about 3 cm and not completely effaced either (the one midwife said I felt pretty much EXACTLY HOW I DID WHEN SHE DID MY INTERNAL 2 WEEKS AGO... which is why she didnt' say anything to me at the time.) It was a little discouraging but I knew they weren't telling me because they felt I was following my body and doing what I needed to do.

So I got in the tub and the bouyancy of the water on my belly was just what I needed. The water really helped lift my belly and with each surge I helped support the bottom of my belly to help the baby move in the right direction. I remembered hearing the story of the woman who took classes on the Bradley Method directly from Dr. Bradley- she was a swim instructor and when she was in labor Dr. Bradley came in to check on her and was amazed at how well she was handling her very heavy contractions. When he asked her what she was doing she told him that it was years of experience in the water. When she had a contraction all she had to do was imagine she was floating on water... you know how you hold your breath and completely relax and you get yourself to float and then as long as you take slow, long, full breaths, you'll stay afloat? Well, that's basically what I did in the tub. Imagined myself floating and just breathing way into the surges (and man, did they HURT!).

I started feeling way exhausted and a little warm so I decided to get out. Dh was finishing making the chicken soup I requested (I was sooo hungry). My midwife said that as soon as I ate she'd give me some herbs to help me relax so that I could get some rest because she was a little concerned that I was so exhausted already. I laid down on the bed and dh and her rubbed me dry with towels. I remember laying on my side and arching my back backwards and yelling into the pillows. I secretly thought my midwives were like "oh, great, she's one of those over-reacters" but I was really acting just how I needed to. Anyway, dh stayed upstairs with me through afew more contractions and between one I felt something pop. I told him it was a "go tell the midwives kind of a pop." This was at about 8:30pm. Then each contrax after that seemed much stronger and I could feel warmth leaking down my legs with each one. I told my mw I wanted to get back in the water. (she told me later that she had now idea how I was going to do that). I got up and literally ran across the room to the tub and got in. My contractions started double and triple peaking. DH had gone downstairs for a couple of minutes to finish up the soup and came upstairs to see if I still wanted any. From that time on I don't really remember much. I told DH that he HAD to get in the tub with me. The floaty feeling was too unstable for me. I needed him as solid support. And I wanted him there with me. So he got in and I clung to him, sort of on my knees hugging him. He had to put a T-shirt on because he started sweating and with the water he got slippery and I kept freaking out that I'd breathe water in during a contraction. I was acting like a WILD WOMAN. One of the midwives pressed down on the base of my spine during my contractions and the other one sat down by the tub behind dh and kept repeating affirmations to me. I was grunting and yelling low deep tones. I kept telling them I felt like I needed to poop (yeah, I know that's the baby). I kept looking at the midwife behind dh. Her face was probably a foot from my. I remember her and I just looking deep into each others' eyes during my contractions... her smiling and telling me that I was doing it, that I was chosen to birth this baby, that I was ready for this baby, that I was strong and beautiful. Oh and my favorite was "that's your baby" when I'm sure she could see the whites in the back of my eyes from how wide they were open because the intensity was just too much. Sometimes I could see her and sometimes she was just a blur. It felt, when I looked into her eyes as if I were looking into the eyes of eternity (she said the same exact thing afterwards)... seeing all my an-sisters and being able to draw on their strength. It was an incredible anchor that I could attach myself to during the mounting intensity. I realized she kept giving me many of the affirmations I had taped on the wall next to the tub. And she was so convincing I believed her. The contractions were one on top of each other, literally I had no break until I had had 3 or 4 or 5. I remember thinking that the energy I was feeling rushing down my body was like thunder and lightening. I started saying that I felt like pushing. That's when they had to fish a little poop submarine out of the tub. I asked to be checked again because I didn't want to push if I still had a cervical lip or anything. And the midwives sort of skirted around the issue and said to just follow my body... and to wait to push until I felt like I couldn't resist it anymore. That was pretty much right then. My midwife told me later on that when I asked I could start pushing she had to stop herself from telling me that she could tell that my body was already pushing. This was around 9:30ish. So I went from 3 cm and not effaced completely to 10cm and pushing in LESS THAN 2 HOURS. Like I said... INTENSE. I kept telling them how exhausted I was and how I needed to rest. Funny. I knew I had to get the baby out before I could do that.
So in the few seconds I had before the next series of contrax hit again I rolled around and leaned back on DH. I could feel his legs shaking because of the position he had to be in to support me. But he hung on. I consciously pushed about 3 or 4 times in that position, making horrendously primative wild woman noises... at some points I sounded like a wart hog snorting and gasping. It sends shivers up my back to think of how powerful we women are. Even watching the video this morning I couldn't believe that it was me doing what I needed to do to get the baby out.

Everything happened Sooooooooooooooo fast. Literally once the pop happened (which was when my bag actually broke) everything swung into high gear. All I could think of the whole time was how exhausted I was and how I just needed a break. The midwives' voices started raising in pitch the closer I got to getting the baby out. I think I let him crown about 3 times to make sure I stretched enough. Funny, I asked the midwife if she was going to do a hot compress or not... DH just laughed and said we were IN a hot compress (we were both sweating it out pretty good at that point). I could feel the baby's head and I pushed and grunted and raised my hips in the air and could feel his head slip under my pubic bone. The contraction ended and I could have beared down more and kept him there but I let him slip back and gathered strength for the next one. And that's when I decided I'd had enough. I felt one with my body as the next contraction came. I lifted my hips up a little pushed the head out but didn't stop there. I lifted a little more and pushed him all the way out. I could feel his little feet at the top of my uterus as he engaged in his last birth reflex and helped push himself out.

And suddenly, there was a wet, squirmy baby up on my chest. 9:49 pm. 8lbs.12oz, started nursing within 5 minutes of being born and hung on for an hour and a half! AMAZING. Hormones flooded my system and time just stopped. I was totally in another world. I don't look very happy in the video but it's because I just was not there yet mentally. I was still very uncomfortable until I birthed the placenta and had a chance to empty my bladder 10 or 15 minutes later.

I barely got to sleep at all last night. Those post birth hormones sure do keep you up! The afterbirth pains were unbearable and the herbal tincture that was supposed to help me feel better actually made me throw up so I opted for the meds (I plan to titrate myself off them tomorrow). No post birth complications for either of us.

SO HAPPY TO NOT BE PREGNANT ANYMORE! I'll be sending good labor vibes to all you mamas still waiting.
Much Love, Monique

exhausted but done

our new family (less than an hour after birth)

tree of life

our beautiful baby boy!!!
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im crying momma. thanks for sharing your beautiful birth story its very inspiring. you did so great!

Once in while you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right....
Country living Mama of 4 home-birthed children, 3 chickens and 2 puppies.
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I remember her and I just looking deep into each others' eyes during my contractions... her smiling and telling me that I was doing it, that I was chosen to birth this baby, that I was ready for this baby, that I was strong and beautiful. I realized she was giving me the affirmations I had taped on the wall next to the tub. And she was so convincing I believed her.
Monique, you made me cry too!! That was just beautiful. You are so awesome and I am SOO happy for you that you aren't pregnant anymore!

Congratulations mama!!!

Ever-evolving mama to my beautiful Brynn, and my little dimple-face Noah .
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What a story -- thanks so much for sharing all the details. I guess us "post-dates" are just getting more and more inspired. Wonderful photos, too!

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What a beautiful birth, you are such an amazing woman!!! Congrats on your new baby boy, Im so happy for you.

Me & dh were up all night & the next day after Gavin was born. Nothing better than baby high

I hope your getting well deserve rest now
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Soooo beautiful!!! Congrats and welcome baby!

"Guess what? It's a magical world. And when I sing, my songs are in it."
Madly in love with my 7 and 4 year old daughters

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Not from your DDC, hope you don't mind me posting!

What an amazing story, thank you so much for sharing! I got really teary-eyed (you know how those preggo hormones are ) reading it. Just absolutely beautiful. I love reading such wonderful homebirth stories, they are very inspiring to me. Congrats on your new little boy!

mama to a sweet girl , & 4 silly boys

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Awesome, awesome, awesome!! I'm so glad you posted your story, it was so inspiring to read! Incredible, you are such a strong woman. Yeah, you're not pregnant any more :

Beautiful family!

Did I miss reading what the baby's name is or haven't you decided yet?
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Wow, that was inspiring. And hard work. And its making me nervous.

Thanks so much for sharing! CONGRATS on your new addition to your family!

Jenn, perpetually tired mom to DS(9): DD(4.5): DD(2) :
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Amazing, wonderful birth story, thank you for posting it. Congratulations on your powerful birthing experience & your new family of four.

North Idaho rural living  mama to: 23 yo DD, 17 yo DS, 9 yo DS, 7 yo DS, 5 yr old DS, 3 yo DD, 2 yo DS, and our newest family member, a boy born December 2014!
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I'm so happy for you.

He is, btw, the bonniest little lad I've seen in five and a bit years, so give him a very gentle hug from me.

Helen mum to five and mistress of mess and mayhem, making merry and mischief til the sun goes down.
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Wonderful story and beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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thank you for much for sharing your beautiful birth story!!
very inspiring.. and yes, we women are powerful!

I"m having trouble accessing the pictures, but i'll keep trying
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wow, thanks for posting your amazing story! it's wild to read it after just having given birth on tuesday -- i can soooooo feel what you describe. wow. i'll get my story up soon. congratulations!!!!
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That was such a fantastic story. You did a great job, and your little boy is sooooooooo precious. A nice job goes to the coach too, you guys make a great team! Love you Both

Katie H.
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Congratulations! Great birth story - you all look so happy! xox

Handmade dress shop owner and mama of five - our littlest just born in December! ♥

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Thanks for the great story!! ; )
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Congratulations! I went from 3 to 10 centimeters in an hour with ds - I know that intense labor!
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YEEEEEAAAAAHHHH!!!!!! I'm so excited he's finally OUT!!

Beautiful birth story!
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AWESOME and INSPIRING story!!! Congratulations and many blessings to you and your growing family! I am so happy that you are not prego any more too! YOU DID IT!!! YEA!!!! BIG HUGS TO YA AND WHAT A BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!!!
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I'm so happy for you! We've all been waiting with you, and now your baby's finally here!! Congratulations!!

I am especially happy that your DH was so awesome--I remember that that was an issue with Willem's birth, and I bet that it was really very healing and wonderful for the two of you!!!

Blessings to you and your family!!!
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I loved your birth story! Thanks so much for taking the time to share it with all of us.

May your babymoon be blissful!
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Thank you for sharing the birth with us
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I love reading these birth stories - thank you and congratulations!
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That is so wonderful! Your entire family is beautiful! What a great story to share. Yay for HB!!!

doula mama to my nov 05 and my feb 08 babes who wrap me in love.
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