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i think I'm pregnant with twins. :)

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I know I may sound crazy but heres why . . .

I can usually feel when ovualtion happens and which side it happens on and this month I felt it on both sides. I thought it was strange but didn't think anymore about it. i also had lots of very fertile quality cervical fluid which can't hurt. Then I got a really early, 10dpo and I started feeling constipated, quezzie (already threw up), hungry, REALLY tired at 3 wks. It seamed really early to me. It took a very lon time to feel all that with DS and it wasn't ever even this bad.

But what made me really start thinking was that I am young and thin, so I have a good metabolism and I eat well and exercise so I don't normally gain weight very fast. I even had a hard time gaining enough with DS. I'm 4 wks today and i've already gained 5 lbs! I look pregnant already too, it's very wierd. i was reading in the DR. Sears Pregnancy book about why I might be gaining so much weight so fast, and it said that fast, unusually weight gain in the beginning may be a sign of carrying multiples.

So I know all that could be because of different reason, I just thought it might be fun and silly to share! It's kind of a gut feeling that just won't leave me, but knowing me it's probably all in my head, one healthy baby would be plenty.

Any other mamas of multiples have any input.
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I hadn't thrown up yet but I was queezy before I tested positive and tired and cranky. I didn't have any of these with dd. I think that all pregnancies are all different. I'm pretty sure that I'm just pregnant with one
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It's certainly a possibility! Will you do doppler to hear the heartbeat(s) or an ultrasound so that you will know?
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Eeek! Twins!!
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Wow, Ashley! How about adding a little excitedment to our board! The last time I was pregnant there due date club just before me had 3 sets of twins and mine had one set. It was fun seeing so many cute pairs!

Ok, and I should note that in each of my pregnacies there have been major twin thoughts. I need you all to talk me down if I get back into that mode. I usually show early/test positive early. With Jude I was in maternity clothes full time at about 10 weeks and measured big. With Cicely I was in maternity clothes at 6 weeks and measured big for dates (at 24 weeks I was measuring 36 weeks), plus in our U/S of her profile there was another face in the darkness. It's very clear to see it in person. Turned out it was a "calcium shadow" which is commone. Also, my MW felt extra parts during one exam. But, man oh man! I don't want to go on the emotional rollar coaster of TWINS again this time. It's not always fun. There's so much excitement and nervousness about twins. Ask any twin mama and they all seem to talk about trying to "survive" that first year. It's a scary thing to have hanging over your head! And, yet exciting, too! I must say, with Cicely we opted for a second U/S because of all the mixed messages and the calcium shadow. I was dissapointed to see just one baby. I don't want to feel that dissapointment again! (I was also relieved for the record!)

Ashley do you need us to talk you down or add to your excitement? I did so much research with both pregnancies about twins. Pick an option... I'll write both...

Talk you Down-- Most twin pregnancies begin like most others. Some test positive early just like many singleton pregnancies and others do not. In most cases, the differences in measurements occurs later like around 10-12 weeks. The difference in size this time is most likely from subsequent pregnancies. U/S seems to be the most reliable way to tell if twins are present or not. The test, showing bigger and intuition are pretty common. If you go to other bigger main stream boards and look at their "Pregnant with Multiples" information, you'll find 1 out of ever 4 posts, "I think I might be having twins!" There seems to be a lot more people who think that they're having twins than who actually do.

Add to your excitement -- A huge percentage of pregancies start out with twins. So, this may be exactly what you're feeling right now. The early weight gain is really your best sign, I'd think. Ooh, and it would be SO MUCH FUN to have a twin mama on our board!!!! Oh, have twins, ok? Please? I think it would be fun to watch your belly grow!
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I can attest to the fact that Claire shows early! Generally one does not learn of a friend's pregnancy by showing up at LLL to find her wearing maternity clothes and then hear that she's not even 2 months yet!

I hope whatever you wish will come to pass, Ashley. For me, I am terrified enough of adding a second child to this house, the thought of adding 2 terrifies me.
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Originally Posted by Geofizz
I can attest to the fact that Claire shows early! Generally one does not learn of a friend's pregnancy by showing up at LLL to find her wearing maternity clothes and then hear that she's not even 2 months yet!
That is pretty wild... I think that will be the case this time around, too! This time I'm a size bigger than when I got pregnant with Cicely, I wonder if it will just look like too much Easter chocolate?
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