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oliversmum2000's Avatar oliversmum2000 05:31 PM 11-24-2005
Sophie Rosemary Malcolm arrived at 4.54pm on Monday 21st of November, weighine 6lbs1oz.

Will post all about it soohn, i think she is getting a little bored with little big brother.

Taedareth's Avatar Taedareth 05:52 PM 11-24-2005
Can't wait to read your whole story! Welcome, Sophie!! :
rapscallions's Avatar rapscallions 06:57 PM 11-24-2005
woohoo sophie! now you have to change your MDC name, mama!!! congrats, congrats and enjoy your day of giving thanks!!! (the rest of us will be giving thanks that we're almost there
DesireeH's Avatar DesireeH 06:59 PM 11-24-2005
Congratulations Vanessa! Welcome to the world baby Sophie!!
Spark's Avatar Spark 07:09 PM 11-24-2005
Happy Babymoon!!!

selazenby's Avatar selazenby 07:27 PM 11-24-2005
Yay! Welcome, Sophie!
hunnybumm's Avatar hunnybumm 08:12 PM 11-24-2005
MistyB's Avatar MistyB 09:21 PM 11-24-2005
Welcome Sophie!!!! ; )
spiralmg's Avatar spiralmg 10:59 PM 11-24-2005
Can't wait to hear the story! Congratulations!
allnaturalmama's Avatar allnaturalmama 11:28 PM 11-24-2005
Congratulations, Vanessa, and welcome, Sophie!!
darkpear's Avatar darkpear 11:35 PM 11-24-2005
Congrats! Love her name!
StarCat's Avatar StarCat 11:54 PM 11-24-2005
Congrats!!! Welcome baby Sophie!!! Can't wait to hear the whole birth story.
kofduke's Avatar kofduke 01:19 AM 11-25-2005
Welcome Sophie!
Artisan's Avatar Artisan 01:20 AM 11-25-2005
Star's Avatar Star 02:13 AM 11-25-2005
purplemama's Avatar purplemama 02:35 AM 11-25-2005
Congratulations! Welcome, Sophie!
Turtlemum's Avatar Turtlemum 03:14 AM 11-25-2005
Congratulations and welcome little Sophie!
amis2girls's Avatar amis2girls 03:22 AM 11-25-2005
Welcome Sophie! Congratulations!!
stillill's Avatar stillill 05:23 AM 11-25-2005
Yippee, babies are here... Congratulations. Sooo exciting!
Slightlycrunchymama's Avatar Slightlycrunchymama 04:07 PM 11-25-2005
Congrats! Welcome baby Sophie
beachcomber's Avatar beachcomber 04:47 PM 11-25-2005
Congrats Vanessa! Welcome Sophie!
judybean's Avatar judybean 04:52 PM 11-25-2005
Congrautlations!! Dh and I were just discussing Sophia as a girls' name last night And I the middle name of Rosemary -- it's my favorite EO scent

Can't wait to hear the whole story!!!
ljpmom's Avatar ljpmom 06:27 PM 11-25-2005
CONGRATS! I love her name!
PatchPixie's Avatar PatchPixie 08:07 PM 11-25-2005
Yay!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!! Welcome, sweet (((((((Sophie))))))!!!

Jeanne_L's Avatar Jeanne_L 09:21 PM 11-25-2005
Congrats, mama! Welcome to the world, Sophie!!!

atozmama's Avatar atozmama 12:16 AM 11-26-2005
Congrats Vanessa! Welcome Sophie! :
westernmamomma's Avatar westernmamomma 12:21 AM 11-26-2005
welcome sophie! enjoy your big brothers!
Geofizz's Avatar Geofizz 11:40 AM 11-26-2005
Yeah! Congratulations!
wawoof's Avatar wawoof 05:19 AM 11-27-2005
amelissam's Avatar amelissam 08:10 PM 11-27-2005