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Today I thought it would be nice to take my 2 yr old to the park, so I put my baby in his KKAFP and we walked the 4 or 5 blocks. There were a few other moms ther with a couple of kids my son's age. He loves other kids and gravitated right toward them. I talked a bit with the other moms, even though that's hard for me, being so shy. My son had a great time with the kids, but the baby was getting fussy. I bounced around a bit as I watched my DS and patted gently on the baby's back. Soon the other moms decided it was time to leave and said goodbye. I was relieved because I knew my DS wouldn't want to leave with other kids there, and I told my DS he could have a last ride in the swing, and then it was time to go.

We headed for the swings, which is in this circular tan bark area surrounded by a cement curb. My ds jumped dramatically down into the tanbark while I carefully stepped down. All the sudden it was like I was pushed from behind and momentum kept moving me foward. I tried to almost run to catch back up to my body and to stay upright but I was going down and I knew it. I thought I had almost caught myself from falling after about ten feet, but I hadn't and I felt myself falling almost like I was moving in slow motion. I was almost to the swings and I grabbed my older ds without thinking, and went down on both him and the baby! I felt the poor baby under my chest as I hit the ground and I briefly fell on top of him and crushed him with my weight, and then I caught myslf and sat up. The poor baby started crying like he was hurt and I was so scared. I thought I'd hurt him, and I pulled him out of the pouch. My DS was also shrieking and crying, but I was more scared for the baby and hardly noticed. The baby stopped crying almost immediately and after checking him over thoroughly, he seemed and still seems fine. Tough little guy. DS was fine too, just scared and upset because I only wanted to get home and not give him his last swing.

The moms who left before me had just gotten into their cars, and I'm almost positive one of them saw me fall on the kids (I saw her looking at us), but she didn't get out to see if we were ok. After a minute or so she drove away. That's kind of one of the reasons why I'm wary of people. Maybe I was just being paranoid.

I've been shaking ever since this happened and feel like a horrible mommy. I'm very thankful this happened on semi-soft tan bark and not hard ground, like cement!
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omg how scary!! i'm sure your babe is totally fine, but i'm sure you're gonna be watching him like a hawk for the next several days for any signs of anything. and PLEASE don't feel like a bad mom!! i tumbled down the stairs while holding Rowan when he was about 6mos old. he actually laughed. this kind of thing happens to everybody. and wtf - why didn't the mom ask you if you were ok??? rude.
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Oh. My. Goodness. What a scary experience. I'm sure your baby must be fine, especially if he stopped crying right away. But like Michelle said, keep a close eye on him. If you're at all worried, you might get him checked out by a chiropractor or cranial person, because they could straighten out any less obvious issues.

This kind of thing can leave you so shaken. I felt shaky and stunned just reading about it. It could happen to anyone though. Though, geez. Why didn't anyone come to help you?
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yhat is scaey. i fell on jewely once in front of tons of people we were ok but i was embarssed. maybe the other mom was shy too. i would have watched to make sure you were ok , but probably wouldn't of had the nerve to come over.

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poor mama and baby! that is soooo scary...im glad you are all ok!

(my ds fell of my tall bed a couple of times as a baby.....they r strong lil things!)

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How scary! I'm so so sorry, mama.

I imagine it's been worse on your emotions than anything else. Little babies are incredibly resilient. Believe me... I took my first and -- please lord -- only ambulance ride when Evan was just 26 days old. I had him in the Bjorn and was leaving for my first excursion out of the house just he and I. As I was closing the rear hatch of my Forrester, I misjudged the distance between the door and myself-with-baby and slammed it down on his tiny head. It was the absolute worst moment of my life. I still haven't forgiven myself for it. He could have died.

Long long story short, except for one emotional night in the hospital for observation, Evan was fine and dandy. Barely a bruise. Can you believe that?

So, goes to show just how strong these little boogs are.
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OMG amy!!!!! your story made my stomach drop!!! Thank god everything was okay. but accidents happen even to people with babies...or especially to people with babies. Sada is so wiggle I am always afraid of dropping her. And Josie fell off the bed several times as a baby. okay- it was usually on DH's watch not mine- but still.....thats not even an accident, its more like poor planning.

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Oh, mama! How awful!

I almost fell with Will and had nightmares for days what would have happened if I had. We were walking back to the car from my chiro visit, and I had the sling on, but was carrying him outside of it, since it was such a short walk. There are some concrete stairs from an office building that jut out onto the sidewalk and I didn't see them. My foot caught the bottom stair and I lost my balance, but thankfully didn't fall. For a few moments afterward, I just stood there, sick to my stomach, trying to get my heart rate back down. I've been having dreams that I did fall and Will ejected from my arms onto the concrete. . .

Now, I'm sure to slip him all the way into the sling, even if it is a short walk.

I'm so glad in your case that it was a soft surface, and your babe was in the KKAFP!
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I had visions of my fall all day and night. My baby seems ok, but I'm keeping a close watch on him. The thing is, I don't normally fall or trip, it's very uncommon for me to lose my balance. I'm having an ear ache, and although I've never had an ear infection in my life, I'm thinking maybe I have one and it's causing me to lose my equilibrium?

I don't know why that woman didn't get out and at least see if we were ok. She didn't seem at all shy to me, but maybe she was in a hurry. It was obvious we were distressed with two little ones screaming and I probably had a look of terror on my face.
The Bay Area is not the friendliest place to be. Thanks for listening, you all really helped!
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