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xmasbaby7's Avatar xmasbaby7 06:36 AM 01-31-2006
I am playing allegery detective for my poor little dd who is really allergic to something in my diet/milk.

She just got the red ring around the butt plus a bit more blood in her diaper. I feel like I am already eating nothing!

Anyway, does anyone from past experience know how long it takes the offending food to leave the red ring around the anus? hours? days? I am trying to guess how far back I should go in my food diary.

Any help...


Jeanne_L's Avatar Jeanne_L 12:06 PM 01-31-2006
i've been wondering that, too.

also, what does the ring look like? ds sometimes has some redness just right in there but i'm not sure if that's the "ring." how far out does it go?
Geofizz's Avatar Geofizz 12:35 PM 01-31-2006
My reading indicates 2 weeks for all dairy proteins to leave your system. If the baby is super sensitive, then it could be a full two weeks.

For us, though, I cut out all dairy, caffeine and my prenatals on Monday of last week. Things were significantly better on Friday (but we've got reflux, not what you describe). I'm going to start testing which of those things is bothering him starting this coming Sunday.
mariposita's Avatar mariposita 02:11 PM 01-31-2006
we've got the ring right now with both of my kids. i'm in the middle of anelim. diet myself - wheat (this has been verified as a trigger already), dairy and soy. i have heard to eliminate for at least 3 weeks for dairy/casein and 10 days for everything else.

i think symptoms can go back for up to 4 days, so i'd trace back your food diary for that long.

but good news! once the trigger is eliminated, young babies usually get better quickly (a couple of days).

maybe all of us on elim. diets can support each other. this can be such a frustrating process.
mirlee's Avatar mirlee 02:17 PM 01-31-2006
Sam had this, but for him it wasn't a dairy issue. We treated it with a dab of hydrocortisone cream and a dab of antifungal cream and it went away. I would try this and see if it helps.
xmasbaby7's Avatar xmasbaby7 03:32 PM 01-31-2006
Jeame, Kate's ring is about an inch in diameter, centered around the opening.

I gave up dairy at birth but stpuidly forgot about butter , so now I am eating nothing but turkey, lamb, squash, pears, etc.

Anyone know if olive oil is dangerous? Seems pretty harmless, but you never know.
xmasbaby7's Avatar xmasbaby7 03:34 PM 01-31-2006
Yes! A support group for allergy detectives!!

mariposta, how did you confirm wheat was a trigger?

Are we looking for wheat or gluten? Doesn't gluten exist in all grains? It is confusing!
CuriousLion's Avatar CuriousLion 03:49 PM 01-31-2006
DS had a ring when he was younger. I thought it was an allergy at first because I'd read that. But I figured out that it was because DH wasn't cleaning him well enough on the couple days a week when he did most of the diaper changing. When they're that little they sometimes go #2 just a little many times in the day and it may not be noticed if you're not looking for it. Once I instructed DH to always check that area and to clean DS very well the ring went away. Plus I changed to cloth wipes with plain water. (BTW I now use wipes solution from Northern Essence and DS's diaper area doesn't even get any redness now) So, in our case it wasn't an allergy. So, if you haven't already...examine how often she's being changed, how you're cleaning the diapers, what kind of wipes and what you're wiping with, how thorough (sp?) people are being when they're changing her, etc. It might not be an allergy to something in your milk, but maybe an external allergy to something in the wipes you use or just not being cleaned well enough. Our pediatrician said it's very rare that he's seen a baby be allergic to something in the mama's milk, most of the time something to do with the diapering is the culprit.

Just my 2 cents.
mariposita's Avatar mariposita 06:31 PM 01-31-2006
yes, improper cleaning can cause the same type of rash, so definitely check that first.

we know that isn't our problem for two reasons. first, ds's excessive gas is a huge sign for us. this kid has sooooo much gas, like 100 farts a day and he seems to be in pain. second, we EC so he's never in a wet or dirty diaper. ds#1 has it too and he's potty trained and we always clean him really well. plus, he has the allergic red cheek thing. we never did elim. with him unfortunately. wish we had because it's so much harder with a 4yo.

i detrmined wheat as a trigger (actually gluten - you're right) by elim. all gluten for 2 weeks then reintroducing it in each meal for one day. ds went from sleeping poorly after 5am (gas) before the elim. to sleeping great during, then poorly again when i reintroduced. he also was fussy that day and the next (usually really mellow) and had lots of gas. i actually got an excruciating headache myself so i know it affects me as well. my mom is allergic to gluten too and food allergies are generally passed along maternal lines.

read "is this your child?" it's a great resource in determining allergens.

i keep feeling like i nee to do the total elim. diet you describe xmasbaby7, but have no idea how i'd eat. have you runacross any websites with recipes/menu suggestions? also, if you reintroduce a new food every 4 days, wouldn't it seem like it would take years t get to every food? i still haven't figured that part out yet.

i've heard steel cut oats (irish oats) are okay but regular rolled oats are not. and rice is okay. there are some great rice tortillas/cheese/milks available so you can get your grains.

oh and carter insists on adding...
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xmasbaby7's Avatar xmasbaby7 07:52 PM 01-31-2006
Well, today is my first true day of my version of the elimination diet.

Recipes are tough. I am just going for survival calories at this point!

I had oatmeal for breakfast, an organic turkey burger for lunch and a baked potato with salt and pepper. I am about to go eat a rice cake with pear butter.

For dinner I am making rice past with turkey meatballs, grilled zucchini, olive oil, s & p. BORING!