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My son is 100% breastfed and normally his stools are about the consistency of yogurt. But today when I EC him, the stools just kind of squirt and bubble out. Very liquidy. Is something wrong?
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i usually see curry colored watery almost mucus looking poo with chunks of yellow cottage cheese. i noticed that as she's getting older when she doesnt go for a couple days when she does it's yogurt consistency. if she doesn't hold back for a couple days, then it's very watery.

i'm usualy more concerned with color for breastfed babes than consistency. green is not good. sickness, foremilk/hindmilk imbaalance, allergies, etc.

excuse typeos i'm nak & just want to post before you leave.

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ava's had green poops for a few days. i guess she has had the same flu we have? what can i do?
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phew... thanks claire for the 'claire-ification' (totally lame, i know... but i laughed anyway).

lucy (or 'louie' as katherine calls her) hasn't had any supplementation at all in a while now (hooray!! all bf baby!) and her stools are almost totally watery... or what i like to call skidmarks (just a bit of poo with every change... like a little squirt ). but the color is ... curry-ish, so i guess we're all okay ... oh, and in the more significant dipes ... with more than just skidmarks, there is a bit of the mustard-seediness as well.

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i was freaked out for weeks b/c most of Ethan's poos are green, but he's gaining well (he's 10.7 right now at 5 weeks, 2.3 lbs. more than his birth weight), but my ped. told me not to worry about it as long as he has a lot of poos and pee dipes.
i know this doesnt answer your original question...but just wanted to put my 2 cents.
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